Numbers God #1

How about just the facts so there is no arguing. Did you know in the Bible God says I AM THAT I AM. Did you know the circumference of the diameter of a circle is 3.14. Some guy with the word ark in his name (Archimedes) came up with it. Did you know that I AM THAT I AM is in Chapter 3 verse 14. With your calculator, A being 1 and Z being 26,A1 B2 C3 D4 etc. from the beginning of the verse to the m in I am that I aM adds to 314. It is he THAT sitteth upon the CIRCLE of the earth. Just the facts so there is no arguing. I am a targeted individual. I am voice to skull harassed via new technology 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I posted 250 lines of there harassment on wired blog comment section army yanks voice to skull web page. I don’t know who it is. Back to the facts. Did you know the very first word in the bible, tells you the whole story. IN, the eye in. What is the every eye. See God and God sees you. Moses turned aside to see this and God turned aside and saw THAT and said HERE AM I . The mirror image of  I AM . When my innermost being was invaded by gangstalkers, I ran to God. If I can somehow convince them through facts, that there is a god they will never want to do this to anybody else ever again. I have and they will not stop because they are a bunch of self serving psycopaths and they find it amusing.  So now I will empower targeted individuals. Did you know numbers are facts. You can argue about perception of what a verse means, but numbers are facts. The gangstalkers introduce God into the mix for the greater ying yang effect. Lets call them Count Olaf and this is a series of fortunate events, ore fans. Your innermost being is the way of the Tree Of Life. The words Tree Of Life add to 101. There are two verses in the Bible in Genesis that talk about the Tree Of Life , Gen. 3:22 and Gen. 3:24. The 101 letter in each verse is O. Who would count each letter in a verse, I would, because the floods of ungodly men have invaded my innermost being and I use God as a shield. The flaming sword or S word is the Bible, Koran or any other work that magnifies God. The number one S word in the Bible is Spirit. THIS  is my opinion,  I will  use any angle that is available and makes sense.  Hear is to making it count. The numbers 5 and 6 are in the very midst of 1 thru 10. Some say that 6 is the number of man. The 56th word in the Bible is the very first reference to the word that. By God all things consist. That tree, that bird, all matter in the theatre of choice. The 156th word in the Bible is God. The 56th word from the end of the Bible is God and the 156th word from the end of the Bible is AM. I AM THAT I AM. In all the borders round about. How lucky is that count olaf. The powers that be know about facts but they are really good with misdirection and psychology. Now there is a movie called 23 about a guy who has a thing for numbers. But the problem with me is it always adds up. The very first and last word of the Bible, in and amen add to, guess what 56. Did you know that the 156th reference to round says “His pavillion round about him were Dark waters.” Sounds like a Dark Gray cloud to me, Dark Gray Sphere. Hey that adds up to, thats right count olaf, 156 on the calculator.  SPIRIT , SPHERE,  interesting. Almost as if  I was just given another way or angle to prove that God exists.  My first number was 103. This is how I got it. There are 12914 references to that in my strongs concordance 12811 words in the Bible, later I found out that there are 47 more words but who cares. The difference between 12914 references to the word That and 12811 words in the Bible is 103. In psalm 18 where the 156th reference to round is if you count to the 103 word it is heard. Huh. Lets count to 103 again Dark. 103 again Waters. The 103 word is heard, 206 word is dark, 309 word is waters. Heard Dark Waters. Hey count olaf,  guess what that adds to. Thats right 156. Two years later I found out that Holy Grael adds to 103. The secret adds to 103 and the month of September add to 103.   Hmmmm,  El Shaddi, Elohim, Holy GRA  El.  Ancient of days. The wisdom of the ages. A pillar of a cloud. His pavillion round about him were DARK WATERS. A dark gray cloud. Did you know that the word GRAY is the 333 g word with references in the concordance. Who would count every g word with references. I would because my innermost being has been invaded by the floods of ungodly men.  I found this use of  the word flood in psalm 18. Incidently the 5th word and the 6th word in psalm 18 is O Lord. I saw the phrase in all the borders round about. The word borders has 43 references in the strongs concordance. The borders of round about, rdat add to 43. That was it for me. 43 means in all the borders round about. It is easier with numbers to prove at the borders of verses, books chapters etc. The first word in chp. 1 of genesis is in, the last word is egypt. The first thing I think of when I hear the word egypt is the pyramids. Pie Ra AM ID. The circumference of the diameter for God is mans innermost being. The word pyramid means the firelight measure. Yeah thats right , some people on the planet refer to God as Ra. Every name that people have given God, guess what , its the same God. A circle, Karma. I have determined that the number one k word is knowledge. Karma is good but inevitably the whole duty of man is to see God. Lets 360 Karma and see what happens. Am RA knowledge. How lucky am I now countolaf. The words Dark Gray Sphere have the words ark Ra here in the midst of it. The word sphere adds to 71. The very borders of Dark Gray Sphere DKGYSE add to 71. How lucky am I now countolaf. 103. I have determined that the Bible Koran etc. are deep teaching tools to enlighten. You should be able to tell that God exists just by looking in the mirror. Man was made by the dust of the g  round. When the Bible says earth, a deeper meaning is man. Has it not been told you from the beginning. Can you not tell by the foundations of the Earth. Look in the mirror. You shouldnt have to dig deep to prove Gods existance. But I did because my innermost being has been invaded by the floods of ungodly men. I am a targeted individual. Now they can invade your innermost being. Well guess what countolaf. You think this is funny, goading me with your artificial intelligent re-synthesized voices all day. All I have to do is prove Gods existance factually seeing you are so hard to please. And I’m afraid thats not going to work for you since you have broken the covenant between you and God and crossed his line. The laws of God are written on the tables of mans heart. I havent been able to find that verse in the Bible. Anyone want to argue about that statement. The word of on the omega table, oh I’m sorry alphabet table  is 15 and 6. So whenever I see of I give it 156. I’m a cheater. She ate of the fruit thereof. Did you know that the sentence ” the symbol of the heart adds 360. 33+86+156+33+52.  I was born with a heart birthmark between my eyebrows and have the pictures to prove it. Some in color, some in black and white. They show me smiling in my highchair waving. I have red hair and was born in 1956. Did you know that all the references to the different words  heart, hearts etc. less hearty add to 956. How lucky is that countolaf. Who would go to such lengths, I would, I am being defiled even as I type these words ,mens ,womens, childrens voices. Did you know that at the end of the Bible it talks about the beast and the noisome and grievous sore and how in one day merchants will no longer trade in the souls of men. Did you know that the words ” In that day flood of many waters adds 314.  Did you know the words “voice to skull harassment ,a noisome and grievous sore”, add to the 56 and its mirror image the 65 or 565. Remember poltergeist ” there hear”. Sorry count olaf, but you didn’t get away with a thing. They have touched my tree of knowledge and are trying to eat it. People in the mental institutions have been complaining about hearing voices for years. Did you know that there are privatized mental institutions. Its a business. Building prisons is a business. Judges and lawyers have to earn a living. No crime , and a lot of people are out of a job. No news and alot of people are out of a job, and of course we can’t have that. “A noisome and grievous sore an agony” on the  calculator that adds to 360. What goes around comes around. How lucky is that countolaf.  I live next door to a mason and a gangstalker. Later I will post 100 classic gangstalking techniques. He prominantly displays a giant red flag over his door with a knights of the round table looking griffen with sharp claws. One day when I was driving by, a bunch of men were leaving wearing those boris karloff  planter hats with the little tassles on the side. On the internet I have learned that the masons have a thing for numbers. I suspect that they are sqeezing the charmin for hidden that. Whoever is doing this likes to take credit for everything. Likes to say things like its all about what you can take. Likes to point out that life is unfair.  And will break what can be broken. They will tell me to focus all day while they are interfering with my every thought. Hows that working for you now countolaf. Excellant. Did you know that” As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain” adds to 56for. Did you know that “As the appearance of the bow that is in the , adds to 360. Did you know that the place where it talks about the bow in Gen. 9, with the 29 verses, has 7 references to the covenant. In the concordance, 7 chapter 9’s adds to 63 (El even) 7 verses add to 93. 63+93= 156. How lucky is that countolaf. Oh he’s so ungrateful. Did you know that and god said let us make man in our image adds 325 after our likeness adds 523 a mirror imaged number. Did you know Gen. chapter 9 with the 29 verses. Numbers God adds 118 mirror 811 total 929. How lucky am I now countolaf, Selectively stupid. It must be a bummer one moment pretending to be God  and the next moment your dogmeat pal. Ive got thousands of lucky coincidences that were always there to find. Did you know that the word find in the bible has 156 references. Did you know that the 156 word after the 156 reference to find is holy. Did you know that this sentence ” the+156+word+after+ find+ is” adds to 360. Sounds round about doesn’t it. Who would go to such lengths. To see. I would because it doesn’t take genius to figure out that by invading someones innermost being your making the biggest mistake that you could ever make, ever make ever make ever make ever make. And suddenly a bright light shone round about. The 304 G word is Grace in the concordance with references. The 333 G word is Gray. The 336 G word is( GRA  ATE)  great. If you add 304 thru 336 consecutively 304+305+306 etc. all the way to 336 great, the answer is 10560. How lucky is that count olaf. Who would go to such lengths. Is this proof yet that I am being voice to skull harassed. NO, why not. I have a joke. Two bulls one young one old are standing on a hill overlooking a valley full of gangstalkers. The young one says, lets run down and kill us a gangstalker. The old bull says , NOOOooo, Lets killem all from hear.

There are 49 coicidences in post number 1. It’s not a coincidence.

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