Now that I have your attention, you might want to consider this. Did you read post 1 thru 3. Numbers are facts. When they invaded my innermost being, they introduced God into the mix so that it will have a greater ying yang effect. They said read your bible it will help you out. Of course if you look at post #3, you will see that alot of their sentencing has to do with me getting out. “We only want you out”. “I want you out right now and I mean it”. So I read my Bible and now I have a thing for numbers. Holy Gra el adds 103, Ark adds 30. The first reference to Ark is 6:14 mirror 416 total 1030. The last reference to token is 3:17 mirror 713 total 1030. The first reference to away has this in the verse “and all that he had”. Remember God says his name is that.” By God all things consist”. THAT, and the freedom to choose. Not so anymore. Now they will influence and choose for you. Now they can invade your innermost being. They can do it so that you know they are there. Or they can do it at the base of your brain so you will think its your own idea. Now you can prove that God exists. Choose. And all that he had adds, 119 mirror 911 total 1030. The A WAY. I am the first and the last. Figure it out. There is only one God. Holy Koran adds 119 mirror 911 total 1030. Every one on the planet has God.

What are the odds. Luke 22:44 and 7 words. And being in an agony he prayed. This verse talks about blood.

What are the odds. There are 447 references to blood in the concordance.

What are the odds. There is an Ezekial 44:7, within the 447 references to blood.

What are the odds. That it should say these words. “In that ye have brought into my sanctuary”. I am voice to skull harrassed.

What are the odds. The word root has 44 references, and the word brain adds 44.

What are the odds. In that ye have brought into my sanctuary adds 447

What are the odds that I should count the first 44 and 7 chapters to blood. That I should count the first 44 and 7 verses to blood.

What are the odds that the first 44 and 7 chapters and verses should add to 1447.

They just threw in a man’s voice ” please john this is all about your smoking”. They are trying to interfere with my every thought. Thats right, an audible mans voice. Not a thought there is a difference. Sound.

The word faith adds to 44. When I see the number 447, I see this meaning, I am the root of perfection. Ezekial 44:7, adds to 447 at the end of sanctuary. Not strangers. Why is this. Well, if it would have added up to 447 at the end of strangers then what about family. It must mean family in someone else’s  innermost being (sanctuary) is okay. Doctors, lawyers, the pope, your favorite movie star. The cutoff is at the end of the word sanctuary. No one is suppose to be in there. I am the root of perfection. Not gangstalkers, voice to skull harassers, angels left of my behind, not stoolee’s on parade, or anybody else. Not the government, not your exwife, etc. The very fact that someone IS invading someone else’s innermost being is a prime indicator that they are uncircumsized in the heart and uncircumsized in the flesh, just like the verse says. Even to the dividing. This is what God is all about. Ezekial 44:7 says, “EVEN MY HOUSE” . And why are gangstalkers there voice to skull harassing people via their innermost being. To pollute it, just like Ezekial 44:7 says. I have a general health book that devotes an entire chapter on the harmful effects negativity can do to your system. Its covert slow kill via sound with no fear of repercussions. Thats why I am here. I am here to prove that there is a God. The sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew. The see. I understand. Whats the difference between a miracle and a coincidence. I don’t understaaannnndddd. REPERCUSSIONS. You would think the horror of horrors would be having your innermost being invaded. The real horror is invading someones innermost being and seeing that God is in there. They have been hear for every lucky coincidence. Can you imagine how lucky they are. Its a circle. Sir call.

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