7Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. 

Sphere adds to 71 mirror is 17. The above verse is 1:7

There are 1086 references to the word O. The word behold, the first word in verse 7 is the 186th word in revelation.

The word Jesus adds to 74 mirror 47.

74+47= 121. Revelation adds 121. What you do is find the important words. Add them up -like revelation and if revelation adds to 121 then guess what 121 means revelation untill you can find a bigger word than revelation, or a more heartfelt word that adds to 121.

The 56 word in the bible is the first reference to the word that. 

56+65= 121

The chapters and the verses to the word cross.

Gray, wisdom, Gray is the 333 g word with references.

The chapters to the word cross add 333.

The verses to the word cross add 632.

333+632=965. The chapters and the verses to the word cross add 965.

I have been adding for 30 months trying to convince voice to skull harassers, that there is a god and they have crossed his line. 

Hundreds of hours. Perception is not good enough for them so I have to give them fear. Fear in the way of facts.

The chapters and verses to cross add 965. The word knowledge adds to 96. How do we know about the cross. Jesus. The 74, The 47. Perfection for. For perfection. 74+47= 121


God says his name is I am THAT I am.

There are 1086 references to the word O.

The word OH is the 80th O word in the concordance. 8 ate. Adam and eve ate and reasoned. To me the number 8 means reason or waters. Jeremiah 9:1, Oh that my head were waters. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. The gathering together of the waters called he seas. And the sea arose by reason of a great wind THAT blew. To me 80 means reason sphere.

There are 12914 references to the word THAT. The 12th letter of the alphabet is L. The 9th letter of the alphabet is I and AM adds to 14. EL I AM,12914. 12914 mirror image 41921 adds 54835. What! Try again. 54835 mirror image 53845 adds ……………………..108680………………………………..

My innermost being has been invaded by the floods of ungodly men. I got this use of the word floods in Psalm 18. Flood of many waters is another name for God. It means revelation.

56 are in the very midst of 1 thru 10. In chapter 9 in Genesis, where it talks about the bow in the cloud, the 156th word is IMAGE.

The super human innermost being adds  333.

Blessed is he THAT  adds 156.

Innermost is the 156 I word with references in the concordance.

Flood of m(AM) adds 86. Any waters?1086. One God waters man.

Holy Gra El adds 103. Thou Art adds 103. Morrow has 103 references. And every I adds 103.

I am the adds to 56. The first reference to heart is 6:5.

I am that I am adds to 95 mirror image 59 total 154.

Love adds 54. You can mirror image the alphabet where Z is 1 and a is 26 and Love adds to the same thing 54.

Heart is the key adds 154.

Heart is the 297th H word in the bible with references. The 3 words just before heart,Hearkenedst, Hearkeneth,Hearkening, tell you all about heart. Hearkenedst adds 110, Hearkeneth adds 95, Hearkening adds 92. 110+95+92=297. Heart IS the 297th H word with references in the concordance. 297+ 52=349. Three for Nine. 6 a sphere with a line pointing up. 9 a sphere with a line pointing down. 9 Power. 1 Hearkenedst 2 Hearkeneth, 3 Hearkening, 9 Heart. 1239 mirror image 9321 total 10560.

The 56th word in the bible is the first reference to that.

The 156th word in the bible is God.

The 56th word from the end of the bible is God.

The 156th word from the end of the bible is AM.

I am THAT I am.

Circumference adds 123.

See how neatly everything frames together. Your not suppose to invade someone elses innermost being. I am sure they have made an entire industry out of it  by now. When they can’t get you to play along, they will label you as crazy and find all kinds of people who will agree with them. Whats the matter, facts not good enough for you. Every time I have a lucky coincidence, the prince of the power of the mouth swings into fool gear. I’d love to meet the gangstalkers that were there every time I was lucky. It’s a circle. You were’nt trying to drive me insane were ya  gangstalker. Did you really think you were going to steal my every moment? Once you invade someones innermost being, gangstalker, you are subject to the second death. Did you want to make my every second a living hell, gangstalker? The more human you are the faster you will go insane. The only way, alot of targeted individuals have survived is by erasing their humanity. That way when they prompt you to think about your mother, all day, you won’t be suffering in front of sado buttmunch theatre. So this is why I am here.  To factually prove beyond coincidence, beyond chicken flapping away  that there is a God. This way all the gangstalkers, who pride themselves on their inhumanity and their ability to play others, via their technology and their psychology, will soon be scrambling to be human. And their not very good at it. Hey gangstalker how does it feel to be naked, under surveillance. You know, by invading someones innermost being, you have announced that God doesn’t exist. To God. I am the least of all the people who’s innermost beings were defiled.  They do this to men with families. They do this to women. They do this to old people. They even do this to children. Why? Because they can. So I do the things that I do in honor of all those people, whose faith was broken by gangstalkers and voice to skull harassers. Whose relationships were destroyed by gangstalkers and voice to skull harassers. Whose families were torn apart by gangstalkers and voice to skull harassers. This is what I think. Every club, organization, family unit, job etc. can be likened to a pyramid. Those at the bottom, the foundation, and those at the top. I will just bet that the gooners at the top, know that they are damned. One thing I have noticed is whoever this is likes to take credit for everything, and bases everything on this premis, life is unfair. When those at the top found out that they were damned, what to do, what to do. So now their only solace is to get as many people damned as possible. I mean after all, life is unfair, why should they be the only ones that are damned. I tried to tell the immediate gangstalkers the concept of move to where the food is. Where’s the sado. Is it here listening to their voice to skull all day. Or are their leaders crying in the backround with glee looking at the innermost beings of their gangstalkers damning themselves. Move to where the food is. Can you imagine the unraveling of being a gangstalking voice to skull harasser, there at the very moments I found what I found. And whats even worse, brace yourselves, on 929 2002, the last suday of september. Okay here goes, remember at the time I wasn’t feeling so hot.


National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/2002 17:00
Reported: 1/9/2004 2:59:33 AM 02:59
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Kent, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:6 minutes
round dark grey sphere motionless then slowly left smaller smaller till gone. as left size from seattle it was the summer of 2002 behind prudential in kent. im waiting for my sweetheart of twenty years who is working inside now the good stuff ive never seen anything and didnt expect to in forever who is to say you will meet anybody else. im standing next to the car and look at the sky to the south mostly clear with high clouds and i see this dark grey ball in the distance floating motionless just above a layer of clouds after a few what the’s i run inside grab debbie tell her what i saw and we run back out i point right at it because if you wern’t looking right at it you wouldnt see it and she says i see it i go to get the video camera out of the car have trouble findig it in the view finder look at the object itself and it is slowly movig too the left but as it is movinit is proportionatly getting smaller in size it moved 6 inches in my view and was gone.debbie was looking at aplane she drives me nuts i guess she couldnt see it because it wasnt suppose to be was at the beginnig of the week and i remember reading in the newspaper before that someone flew hot air baloon over mount ranier and at first i thought it was that but it was perfectly round darkish military grey not shiny and duration 6and a half minutest seemed like it had a square protusion travelig from one side of the globe to the other 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 when it did move it moved very slow almost sneaky like and got smaller in diameter untill it was gone it was very clearly a dark grey orb estimate it to beat least ten miles away hard to tell when it comes to sky but i would say the object was as big as a the sphere in movie sphere i really dont care about whether people believe me but ill tell you this i feel like this is alien tv and im the srar of some comedy lost in space in the outer limits of the monster barbie zone twisting turning through the least the music is good, out((NUFORC Note: Time and date are estimates. PD))    

So there you have it. Project blue beam? I don’t think so. No one else but debbie and I saw it, and when it was gone she remembered everything except for seeing it. So you can see now why I feel so compelled to fight voice to skull harassers.  The little dark thing I saw moving across the face started at the 11 oclock position down to the 5 oclock, reappeared at the 1 o clock position went  down to the 7 o clock position reappeared at the 11. So I saw a Dark Gray Sphere on 929 2002. And the 115,17 and that was all I had to work with. This is the truth, otherwise I would have left certain parts out. If I knew then , when I saw it, what I know now, I  would have died on the spot. It was done in such away that I could handle it. Now they can invade your innermost beings. Now I can prove that God exists, thereby instilling repercussions. I thought oval was round. Project blue beam. God creates man, man creates technology. Man uses technology tricking man into thinking that man sees god.  Man reads bible, proving that man sees God. God kills man. Woman is the only word in the bible that has 360 references. Does this prove that I am being technologically harassed yet. No! why not? Update: I failed to convey the significance of the fact that woman is the only word in the bible that has 360 references. The numbers are based on the most all encompassing highest fathom worthy of gods stature. If the word spirit adds 91, then 91 means holy spirit. Any other word that adds to 91 is subserviant to the fathom that spirit adds to 91. If you can think of a bigger word than spirit that adds to 91, then use it.

In the world of round 360 and 3.14 are big deals. There are big words of great gravity in the bible. example- god didnt get 360 references. Light didn’t get 360 references, remember the most all encompassing word that is the most conveyor of all others. Love  wasn’t awarded the big all encompassing 360. I would of thought for sure love would have been the big 360 winner. Or how about heart or children. Sew why is woman the most all encompassing winner of all the words of great gravity and awarded the 360. I saw a dark gray sphere. It is round. I then was voiced to skull harassed. I must have looked through all 12858, to see which one has 360 references for a reason.

I didn’t know if there was any. There is only one word in the bible that gets 360 references and that is woman. Is any body getting any clue as to the significance of this.

Bigger than the word light, love , heart, and even the big g- god, the biggest all encompassing conveyor of a word signifying and being the best representation for light love heart children and even the big g is awarded to ……………………..woman.

I will make an help meet for him. Now you see what I see. Round has 320 references and the word eve adds 32. O

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