I will leave names out. It all started with me working on the side of the house, digging the weeds out around the rose bushes. Suddenly, my neighbor a woman yells out from her house next door#1” See John doesn’t really like Debbie anymore”( Debbie is my wife). A week later as I walked along the same side, an older womans voice yells out #2There he is. So a bout a week later I am in my back yard and the couple from the same house comes out supposedly to work in their yard and so I asked if I could talk with them for a moment. Straightaway the guy, makes a bee line for his house and his wife kept me in play. In hindsight I got the feeling that he was getting his video camera and was recording. As a matter of fact it was probably handy and this is why they were out there in the first place. Gangstalkers, if there is any sign of weakness will be more blatant, and move forward. At any sign of strenghth they will fall back and act like you are stalking them. Remember its all about psychology. I questioned her to see if there was a problem. What do you mean? I don’t understand, were not doing anything. You could see her every once in a while look back to the house. You know like are you getting this. Then I noticed whenever I would get into the car out front, they would be on the other side of the hedge. The hedge is tall so you couldn’t see them. But you could still hear them. #3John is a nice guy but, and then you could hear them talking but you couldn’t hear what they were saying so you would try to listen harder. This happened about 3 or 4 times. Almost like they were running for office and were trying to drum me out of the neighborhood. Then after that, I was fixing the roof and the neighbor on the other side of my house comes home. Keep in mind I have lived in the same house for 17 years. I suspect that  certain people in my neighborhood are forcing people out and having their people move in using gangstalking and voice to skull harassment. Their a bunch of peeping toms and will do anything to get rid of the evidence. So my neighbor who just moved in a couple of years ago says in a loud voice thereby getting my attention#4 “If he does it again, I’ll have eric talk to him”. Does what again? The next thing you know, I am self reflecting trying to see if I did anything ,not knowing that they have new technology, and this is a form of street theatre, to garner anything that they can use against me. The Quiz at sat a rat. Who’s eric. So by this time I am starting to get paranoid and  this is beyond comprehension. The next thing you know the new guy that moved in across the street who has a wife and a couple of children starts yelling out just as I’m stepping into the house #5“You better get out or Dip (not his real name, but close) is going to nail you”.  He always said this from the inside of his opened 2 car garage. Dip is the guy that lives next door. He must of said this about 4 or 5 times untill he was working out on his driveway with his buffing machine and I walked up to him and asked him what his name was. He goes, why do you want to know. I said, just trying to be friendly, I live just right across the street. He says, you don’t come at me. You don’t step on to my property and come at me, what#6″ are you insane”! So I say well I can see your in a bad mood so I will just go. So he follows me and his voice gets louder and louder are you insane, are you crazy! So now I am standing in my yard and he in his and his mouth is just going. And he goes come here. And I go, you come here and he says okay. So he walks towards me and then goes I’m not coming on your property. The next thing you know he is all agitated ,side stepping back and forth while his mouth is going are you crazy, are you insane, old man, punk, jagoff . So at this point I am thinking that it is probably a good idea to go inside and so I turn around  and start making my way to the front door. He turns around and starts to make his way to his house and goes if you ever come at me again, you know while he’s looking up and down the street, I’ll blow you away. So I go into my house and he is still yelling for the whole neighborhood to hear. All I did was ask him his name. 2 weeks later  I decide to clip the hedges between dips and my house. Half way through it, the guy next door to the guy with the name problem, comes out, wips out his cell phone, we’ll call him Mando.ch ( not his real name but close) and starts talking within earshot. I try to mind my own business, untill he goes thanks Deb, and then hangs up and goes back into his house. Deb is my wifes name. No big deal, lots of people name Deb. So by this time I’m listening and start to hear the voice to skull harassment. I had successfully been entrained to listen.I have read about voice to skull and gangstalking for 2 and half years now. In hindsight this is what I remember, and I started to put 2 and 2 together. The following occured before I was entrained to listen. This is the 33 month of the voice to skull. I have no idea how long they were trying to get me to hear. Probably for years. When Dip the  Mason moved in shortly afterward 2001, I was in my garage and you could hear dip talking outside#7″See this area over here, he doesn’t do anything with it”. Then his wife, a coupel of months later #8” Oh looks like John is going ape on his yard again”. Harmless enough right? Then another time , while I was working on the yard, you could hear dips wife say#9“Why don’t you do it this way, thats the way John does it”, and dip replies “John’s a dumbass”. I know now that I and my wife are being spyed on somehow.#10 For about 18 months every time I would go outside, dips wife would already be there or come out shortly after. When I mowed the lawn, hi john. When I went to get the mail, hi John. When I washed the car, hi john. When I was weeding, hi john. When I was cleaning the decks, hi john. When I was cleaning the roof, hi john. When I was repairing the roof, hi john. When I was coming to and fro from the car, hi john. Anyway you get the idea. I remember thanking her one time for being so nice to me. One time I was walking towards the window in the downstairs bathroom to close it and dip was on his back deck talking into a cell phone and exclaimed#11 ” As far as I can tell all John and Debbie do is smoke pot and watch T.V.” just as I closed the window. I must be hearing things, right. Wrong, my neighborhood is riddled with gangstalkers. One day we received a bill for something, and Debbie mentioned something to the effect of whether or not we would be able to pay it. I told her that I had $300 in my wallet, we were sitting in the car out front. She is in charge of the finances and it took me like 6 months to save it up. At the time $20 is the most I had at any one time. A week and a half later I let my two cats outside. I am upstairs in my bedroom and I hear this commotion next door. To make a long story short, the next day#12 I had to give dips wife $300 because my cat beat up her cat . Two hours later, the humane society shows up and unless I promise not to let my cats outside ever again, their going to the pound. Exactly $300. Not $249.99, not $2499.99  but exactly $300. What are the odds of that. Now my animals cannot go outside. Incidently, dips cat is in my backyard all the time. His dog too. One saturday his dog was out back in my yard and so I went to get him out of there. I went out back looked around and then went to the side, and there was dip, looking evil and smarmy, standing above me on my front deck.#13 “my dogs in your back yard”. Thats okay. I replied, and went back into the house. One time I was working on the side of the house with Debbie and you could hear a male voice coming from dips, the littlest mason, #14 Hey a..hole, hey a..hole, hey a..hole over and over again. I ask Debbie, can you hear that and she goes yeah. Weird. As you can see everything is just past litigation. When dip first moved in, the first thing I noticed was his back porchlight kept coming on at all hours of the night, shining on our white bedroom blinds and#15 brightening our entire bedroom. I remember marvelling that it must be nice not to have to worry about electricity. It kept waking me up, but I didn’t know anything about gangstalking at the time. Went back to bed and tried to get some sleep. For about 4 years now dips#16 garbage cans have been on my property, where our two properties border, virtually 7 days a week. Here’s another one, after saying hi to dips wife almost every time I went outside for 18 months, then it was, every time we came home and entered the front door, dips daughter would yell out from her backyard#17″ Mmmmoooooommmm”. For 6 months every time we would walk into our house,”Mmmmoooooommmm”. I pointed this out to Debbie and she heard this as well. So your starting to see what I am talking about. So far, just dip , has used his porchlight, his garbage cans, his dog, his cat, his wife, his daughter and his mouth. And there isn’t a thing I can do except look like a paranoid schizophrenic. Jeeze , the last time I was working on the yard, you could hear dips wife from inside the house go in a low vehemently  ladened voice, #18you better get out of here right now. One day I pulled up in my driveway ,got out of the car and saw dip working on the front of his garage. #19Suddenly his wife sidesteps out from the far corner of the garage, staring right at me. Now normally you’d walk down the sidewalk, turn  look at dip first and then see me. No sidestep from around the corner and stared right at me. One time we came home on the fourth of july and they were shooting fireworks  off in their front yard, and they had company. I get out of my car, this is before being voice to skull harassed, She says#20 “ look we didn’t burn down your house”, and I replied why not it’s a perfectly good house. #21Now one thing I have noticed about the voice to skull harassment is whoever it is has a thing for the words actually and descent. For example, actually right there. If you blink, actually right there. If you move, actually right there. Remember they act as if you are being investigated and they are doing it via the brain.  If you cough, actually right there. If you look at children, actually right there. They also like to throw we know you are good with your peripheral John. Anyway, they will also throw, please John these are descent people. You know because they only want you out. One time I was working on my back deck and dip runs to the far corner of his yard and his wife yells out “how does it look. Dip turns around looks right at me and goes ” actually pretty descent. Now I don’t get out much so whatever happens I remember. I am now being voice to skull harassed and remembered this happening in hind sight. Actually descent huh.#22 One time, I noticed dips wife cleaning the roof  and she told debbie and I that dip doesn’t get on the roof. One day when I didn’t know about voice to skull and gangstalking and thought the sound was micro cameras and microphones. So I got this Idea to buy one of those sports whisles and blow it so that it would blow out their eardrums. It is the only whistle I have ever purchased my entire life. I was 50 years old at the time. And just as I was driving home past dips house, there he was on the safest part of his roof, over the back deck just waiting for me to blow my whistle. I mean out of all the days in the years, out of all the minutes of the day that I could of bought a whistle. Out of all the times I have driven past his house. He just happened to be on the safest part of his roof, just as I drove by, with my newly purchased whistle. What are the odds of that. Martyr for whistle. You know I have to listen to ” I’ll do anything to get you out of here all day. Yeah, now I believe it. One time it was summer and debbie and I were working on the back yard, and I hear woooohooo. So I look over at debbie and she is bent over, her shirt is loose and, well, no this can’t be. Maybe he is just watching a football game or something. 10 minutes later, woooohooo, so I look over at debbie and determine, nope, he aint watching football.  Now imagine you are trying to drive someone nuts via sound all day. In such a way that if you were to say anything about it , you’d look like you were nuts. What could you possibly say to someone to drive them nuts. Porky goading them with P..do every chance you get ought to work. Imagine hearing this all day. That guy aint no p..do. Or You drive like a p..do. You eat like a p..do. You sleep like a p..do. You smoke like a p..do. This is how they anchor and trigger you to children. Example, I am working out on the side of the yard, now keep in mind they are prompting you for p..do all day. Yeah we’ll call it the sword of p..do. You can say , you know you are going to hell for crossing God’s line and they will throw in a womens voice, ” please don’t be a p…….le. That will yank your chain. Anyway so I am working on the side of the house and dips daughter comes out in his backyard and exclaims #23 oooh, ooooh, a spider, and I just took a shower too!. Bing bing biiinnngg, richochet rabbit. So I run into the house grab the gun headphones, you know the ones stuffed with the temperpedic, put em on, and then go back outside with my tape recorder and all is quiet on the western front. Thank God. One time I was talking to dip and his wife and she goes,#24 “its all about what you can take” when she said that dip gave her a dirty look. So , one time as I was getting into my car, smellfree( not his real name, but close) who lives to the left across the street, Was  on his cell phone on his front deck and this is what he said,#25” well ever since we moved in, this place has smelled like a sewer, well actually it doesn’t smell so much like a sewer anymore.” Then there’s the people that live across the street. I was in the kitchen and I heard the son of the guy who owns the house across the street yell out,#26 ” Thats because he’s too busy smoking pot. Alot of this account is before I was voiced to skull harassed. It took me 2 years of reading trying to figure out what the friggin heck is going on. Voice to skull harassment and gangstalking. Thay were having problems getting me to hear the voice to skull harassment. The woman that lives on the other side of my house use to walk by, and I could hear her, sitting in my chair upstairs yell out,#27 ” because I like it”. A year and a half after that when I started to hear the voice to skull harassment, one of the things the voice to skull harassers would throw is ” I do this because I like it. Meaning she didn’t know that I could’t hear. So it’s some kind of pyramid, or damage incorporated, or organization, thats been driving people nuts for years. Here are some classics.#28 So you are sitting in traffic and the guy in front of you, picks up his cell phone and then looks in his rearview mirror right at you. After they do this 40 or 50 times, you’re pretty much starting to get really paranoid. Sometimes I like to pick up my framers hammer and act like I am talking into it. #29 Sometimes the cars coming from the opposite direction will suddenly point their car right at you. So I started pointing my car right at them. That stopped.#30Sometimes  a car from the side will be sticking out into my lane, so I would gun it and point my car at them and look like I was going to crash into them, and then veer at the last second,that stopped. Yeah having gray hair means if I eat a twinkie I might go nuts.#31 One time debbie and I were getting taco’s and every time she ordered something, a horn would honk in the parking lot.#32 9 times out of ten when we are at work a horn will honk shortly after we arrive. I always go , Honk if you can’t get it up. #33 I love the cars that inch worm. Your sitting in traffic waiting at the light, and you can tell the car in front of you is going to inch worm because he’s got four car lengths between him and the car in front of him. So you wait with your finger on the horn, waiting, and as soon as they move, you honk your horn and then look behind you.  It wasn’t me man. #34One time when I was driving around taking pictures,( my job), I was at some apartments, a couple had just gotten out of their car when her phone rang. 30 seconds on the phone, she hangs up starts laughing and yells out#35” John, please don’t beat off”. So about here, we’ll take a turn and renew gangstalking tactics, on a later post.

Things I have purchased since being voiced to skull harassed.

1 temperpedic pillow $100.

1 gun headphones $30.

1 police scanner Unidem, I think thats the name $350.

Two wireless headphones $180, that didn’t work, you could still hear them.

Two portable walkie talkies $60. Nope can’t figure it out.

2 machete’s $45, I feel alot better now. And there real sharp.

Sharpening tools $30.

1 3- sectional staff, oak $30 or $40.

1 metal 3- sectional staff $30 or $40. Yeah thats right, it feels real good doinking yourself in the nuts.

100 worth of magnets. It doesn’t work but makes my head feel alot better.

1 radio electromagnetic frequency repelling cap. Yeah I tape the magnets together and in strips wear it under the cap and on top the cap. Doesn’t work, but sure makes my head feel alot better.

3 silver scarfs 100$. I wear them under the cap. The cap and the scarfs I had to order off the internet.

1 Bobs brain tuner. $180. I thought for sure this would work. Guess its not a neurophone. Those little clips on your ears sure do feel good though when you take them off.

2 vampire claws $40. Yeah they look like forked knives.

2 octagonal teak nylon strung nubchuks $40. One day I’ll  show what a real master beyond advanced is on youtube. All I need is a digital camcorder.

1 taperecorder $25.

$150 worth of ear plugs so far. Yeah, they feel real good poking into your eardrums while you are trying to sleep. Try wearing gun head phones with temperpedic stuck in them, for 6 to 8 hours. You’ll have ears  of steal.

4 mariki chains $86.   

1 keychain capstan spray. $20.

One time I went through every penny I had and pulled out all the copper ones, 200 – 300 and taped them together and tried that. That didn’t work.

You know, the only time it was quiet, is when I had 4 of those vinyl plastic bags over my head. Figures huh.

1 Super ear $50. This works but will only make you wonder why it works making you more paranoid. Do they want me to buy stuff that makes it look like I am stalking them? Uh huh. I figured out that any headphones with a volume wheel on the wire helps to lessen the voice to skull sound.

1 buzz box, $20, thought this might work picking up low frequencies, Nope.

Did I mention that the gangstalkers and the voice to skull harassers have thing for words. In Dentured servitude. Hmmmmm. The word dentures, the word In. Betcha teeth play a part. Perhaps beyond proving though. All I know is the sound follows me around wherever I go.

Numbers are facts

As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain. Adds to 564.

The 156 reference to round says his pavillion round about him were dark waters. Psalm 18 verse 11.

The Holy Gra El adds to 103.

If you count to the 103 word in Psalm 18 it is heard, again, Dark, Again, waters. Heard Dark waters adds 156.

5 and 6 are in the very midst of 1 thru 10. Midst adds 65. The mirror of 56.

The 156 word in Genesis 9, where it talks about the bow, is Image.

In the concordance, if you add the word image and the first 5 references which include the 156 word in Genesis 9 verse 6 it adds to 564.

The seven references in Genesis 9 to the word covenant, in the concordance adds to 156.

Innermost is the 156 I word in the concordance with references.

Boy it sure looks like I have put a whole lot of thought into what it means to be voice to skull harassed. I wonder if it is because I am being voice to skull harassed and gangstalked. I don’t let anything go.

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