100 classic gangstalking examples#8

The following post is a continuation of post #7. I am voice to skull harassed and gangstalked. One of the lines of sentencing, that they threw in the beginning that they no longer throw is, “He’s drinking water and using it as a shield.” Another one is, “He’s using smoking as a shield”. Basically, I have determined that what ever lines of sentencing that they throw at you, A. would be the ones that would bother them. B. Their handing you their profile on a silver platter. So, we now know that they have a thing for shields. What kinds of shields? Use your imagination. If I told you, I would sound like I am crazy. And making you look crazy is what they are all about. Post #3 shows you examples of the verbal extent that thay will go , they have no bounds and obviously think they are beyond the law. On youtube I saw a video of a man who had a video camera attached to the front of his house. It shows a woman with her child crouching in the woods and just after the man drove by them, they stood up and walked out of the field of the cameras view, and shortly after the police showed up. She claimed that the man tried to run her and her child over and produced several witnesses out of nowhere. And the whole thing was caught on tape.  The day before my first post of the 250 lines of their sentencing on the internet. I was backing out of my driveway, a car going left to right, down my street, went by. There are 2 exits out of the area that I live. One close to where I live, 5 houses to the left of my house. And  one far from where I live, about a mile to the right. I always go left. After the car going left to right, as I was backing out, went by I noticed dip’s ( not his real name but close )#35 Daughter on crutches with a caste on her foot, standing next to the street. If I went the way I would normally go, I would have driven right by her and there would have been one car lane separating us. But then suddenly, a car going right to left as I was backing up went by and stopped, a elderly woman rolled down her window and apparently, dip’s daughters ride was here, I guess. Anyway , I changed my mind and decided I’ll take the long way, and went the opposite direction.  It makes me wonder.  Now bear in mind, that one or two or three things , or life’s little mishaps, with the same people is nothing. But note , if you had read post#7, you’d be watching your every move outside by this time with a pair of gun headphones on, stuffed with temperpedic, a tape recorder and some kind of weapon, waiting when they were going to strike next.#36 There’s been a coupla times as I was making my way to the passenger side of the car, when I would be confronted with Dip’s dog, I think its a labrador. And it wasn’t being too friendly. You know , you just spent 45 minutes waking up with the voice to skull harassers from hell, reliving the last 33 months. In the morning while you are waking up, its vulnerable time and you remember them telling you that they are going to come at you, when you are your weakest, so they paticularily like the morning, everything being clucky fresh. You walk outside , your sweetie generally drives in the morning,  you walk around the car and…. bark. .bark bark.. bark.. bark ..bark.. some seething… some drool..bark..bark..bark.  So now when ever I get into my car I have to add to my list, watch out for dip’s dog. The voice to skull harassers make it as personal as they can. How else are you going to porky goad some guy all day with sound.    We now have two male cats, 4 years old, peanut and inky. Yeah there both completely black in color . We gave them cute names because their always cute when their little, but when they grow up and get in trouble, having really cute names helps. Okay, back to crap. One of the voice to skull lines of sentencing, that they throw is this, ” you know, we helped to kill all of your cats”. And then this, ” John, I only did this because I was just curious”. Now do you see what I mean. Can you imagine seething with rage and fury all day knowing who they are, and if you say anything about it you will look like your nuts. They were a little over confident with me. I had a foreign object lodged in my lung and got down to about 122 pounds. One day it came out. Now I weigh about 180 pounds. I didn’t know there was a foreign object in my lung. I thought I was having heart problems. They didn’t know that either. Untill it came out. Now I am stronger than I have ever been.  When I was weak , they were blatant about their gangstalking. Now their all hiding in their houses. Acting like I am crazy, and stalking them. Luucccyyyy. Mommies waiting. So I figure at the rate of 4 to 6 lines of sentencing, every ten seconds, I have had to listen to about 34,000,000 pieces of their sado crap for the last 35 months. In the beginning it was freakier than sh.t. #37One time, when I was weak and could barely walk without feeling like I was having a heart attack, I was upstairs in the chair and one of them turned on a chainsaw, just outside the window, and yelled out Tom’s commin for ya John. Tom is the only authority figure in my life being my wife’s father. They also like to throw with their voice to skull technology, ” You need to take on more responsibility”. I have a job. Their here to wish me a happy birthday. Their here because they want to know why I prefer to be by myself. Their here to teach me to shut my mouth. Their here because debbie has played me for 25 years. Their here to get me to stand up and act like a man. Their here because I am being investigated for being a p…o. Their here to give my life more meaning. Their here to steal my every moment. Their here because some of them think I know Jesus. Their here because they find it amusing. Their here to drive me insane. Their here because of the way I have treated my mother. Their here because God has cursed me. Their here because I am a a.. hole. Their here because I don’t leave anything alone. Their here because I am nothing but an embarrassment to them. Their here because they do this to everyone just before they become great. Their here to make me smarter. Their here only to take a picture of my brain. Their here to test me. “why do you think I did any of this for”. No ,your hear so I can send your asses to hell.  And I am extremely good at it. The sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew. #38Another thing they did was when I was sitting on the back deck, and from spaceys ( not her real name but close) side of the hedge, in her yard through the leaves you could see a guy walking and in a really low tone voice he says, I’m getting sick and tired of coming here every day because of this sick f.ck. Whoa. What the heck is going on?Later I found out , gangstalking.#39 One time I was cleaning the roof.  And from dip’s upstairs bathroom window you could hear a woman yell out, ” He’s only doing it so that he can look into the bathroom window”. Now you’d think look into the bathroom window would get your attention and you would look, but not me , I’m too busy paying attention to my footing so as to not fall. Lucky huh. Smile your on candid indemitable servitude camera. #40 The plague of fleas. You know, we had 7 cats at one time for over a decade at this house. They were outside all the time and not one flea. The guy that lived in the house next door before dip, had a dog too and not one flea. We get 2 new cats. They are outside perhaps 2 times, and for 3 years, after dip moved in of course, we had the mother of all flea plagues. Three months out of the year it would die down and then start back up. I was vacumming and washing the rug every chance I would get. Everyday.  I noticed that most of the fleas were down stairs, by the back window. When we would leave I would crack the downstairs window a coupla inches before the little slider would lock. After the third year and it died down during the winter, I left the back window closed, and sure enough problem solved. Wow, we must have mutant jumping fleas. Jump right threw the window opening , while we were gone, at work . Killed the plague of fleas just by closing the back window. Now keep in mind any one of these things all by themselves would be hard to prove against. But if you read all of the post #7 and #8, you will see that we have gone way over the line of a series of unfortunate events. Way over the life’s little mishap line. Beyond coincidence. And were just getting started. BEANSTALKERS ON PARADE. They better sht some magic beans before I go away.#41 The plague of flies. You know for 2 years we periodically had a fly problem. In the house. About the second year I noticed where they were coming from. The downstairs bathroom exhaust fan. I looked at the fan and saw a bunch  crawling out . As soon as I realized this a few days later, it stopped. The bathroom exhaust fan leads to a, covered opening, outside, on the side of our house. It has a plastic covering that is light weight and opens outward with the force of air.# 42 One time about 6 months ago, it was evening, I went into my bedroom, turned on the light. The bedroom window was opened, blinds closed, and you could hear dip’s daughter say to someone outside there’s John, come on lets go, hurry, cmon. Remember at the beginning if this post I mentioned that the gangstalkers have a thing for shields. Like what? There was a sentence here but after rereading it I thought it was too much and edited it, April 30th.These people are crack weasels. They hide under the law and have somehow weaseled into all the cracks. And they are proud of it. Think everything has been done already. All that is left are the things that no one cared to do. Because it was beneath them, and everyone else. Not these people. If you even try to explain what they are doing, all you will do is make yourself out to look like your nuts. Because no one does this kind of stuff. Gangstalking and voice to skull harassment, its good for you and good for society too. It’s unheard of. Did you know that there are privatized mental institutions these days. The more patients they get, the more money they make. The more crime’s committed, the greater demand for law enforcement. More money for lawyers, more money for judges, more money spent on security. Depression, more drugs sold. More news for the newspapers to print. Fear, polarization.  They have been doing this to people for decades. Charles Manson on the witness stand exclaimed, It was you that made me. I wonder if he was voice to skull harassed all day. Snipers, serial killers, mass murderers, every time I think of a crime committed now , after hearing the voice to skull harassment, people saying that they are hearing voices. People saying they did it because they were  influenced by telepathy from the passing cars. People saying they did it because God told them too. Did I mention that when they first started to voice to skull harass me one of them was pretending to be God. Yeah ” the arora borealis is made up of the tears of God when he looked down and saw you.” It only spoke on the inhale and the exhale, through the nose. I would try to fake it out ( not knowing that they were using a super computer ) by stopping half way through the breath and the voice would stop, and then following through completely with the breath and the voice would continue . Exactly timed to my inhaling and exhaling, no faking it out. Later typing hearing voices on the internet and it aint harvey the rabbit, a world of information and disinformation all about gangstalking and voice to skull. The real Eye popper was reading a excerpt from Dorothy Burdicks book Such things are known. When she talked about how they are there when you are on the toilet, I knew that she knew what she was talking about. Yes thats right. They goad you even when you are using the bathroom. It’s a machine that does all the work with a human monitor. It doesn’t stop for anything, not even the bathroom. You can see the beauty of the ying yang. Imagine trying to explain that someone is throwing audible sound via new technology into your inner ear, while you are using the bathroom. Maybe you should leave that part out. It can’t be huh? Well it is. These people have crossed God’s line and broken the covenant between them and God. I tried explaining to them that there is no Satan, that it was just a character introduced for the theatre of choice. If you read posts #1 thru #6 you will see a mountain of numerical facts that are designed to keep the way of the tree of life. All the facts do is kill your evil. If you can’t let your evil go, then you will die. Forever is forever. The numerical facts are a flood of many waters.  No one has more God than another. Every persons innermost being is equally precious.  When you see God you will see indeed. In God there is no spot. This means that he will not see your sin. He will not shine a light on you and go aha. It is you that will see indeed. This is my own personal opinion. The numbers are not. I post these trivial gangstalking things to hold as leverage against my gangstalkers. Now there is a record of what happened. In a minute I will go postal and press the send button. Was this all part of your great master plan. You realize gangstalkers, all one must do is post your names and your addresses. Alot of targeted individuals don’t know who there gangstalkers are. I’m pretty sure they would love to get their hands on some real bonafide gangstalkers. I don’t know the names of all my gangstalkers. But I know who some of them are. Don’t I Dip, clucky, and Snot. Maybe one day I will go postal and print their names, and addresses. By then everyone including osama ben ladens dog will be after your ass. Oh, and did I mention, I don’t have to explain a thing, but I like to play with my food before I , hhmmm, what am I going to say, shoot I forgot where I am at.

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