100 classic gangstalking examples#9

This is a continuation of post#7 and post#8. Targeted individuals,You might want to skip the crap, and scroll down to the end where it says LOOK HERE for the all time shield. So I am laying in bed, trying to ignore the voice to skull and they go ” Debbie, wiggle your feet if John is a p…o”. And she did. They would continue on Debbie, wiggle your feet if John is a blah blah blah, and she would. This happened in the very beginning of my voice to skull. Another thing they liked to do is bump the chair. Bump his chair now, and the chair would shimmy slightly. I use to stick objects on the floor and stand them up in anticipation of them bumping my chair. To see if the floor was shaking. It wasn’t. It took me awhile to figure out that my lower right back, just above the kidney was fibulating. So, I had purchased $100 worth of magnets, and had them taped in strips of 2 across ten long. I also made sure that each magnet’s polarity was opposite. One attract, one repel etc. I lay a strip on the area that was fibulating, sat back and watched tv.  After a coupla nights of tv watching, that was the end of the bumping of the chair. And now a special moment, NNNYYYYYAAAAHHH  NNNYYYYYAAAAHHH. Sorry I can’t help myself. I’m a older guy, but after listening to infant buttface all day and the infinite assholios, sometimes I feel as if  I’m still in elementary school. Basically, you will have had enough and thats it, its fruitcake time  and ,speak now if you are prostrated before me (they will) , thankyou, oh the power. Is there any way else you can diplay your low I Q (they’ll talk), thankyou! My oh my you are easily manipulated. Whats the matter? chicken of the corn not get its cornflakes today? Keep in mind this is me , berating them and I’ve had enough. Whats the matter boo boo? Missing one of the wheels to your eyeastroller, Ayatollah.  Whats the matter weebe weeall willbe, fairy  princess, still cant get the  potty training pantyhose for midgets off your face?(yeah it gets really nasty). Thats it midget get up, its all up to you. I’m a nice guy, but these idiots will turn your mouth into terret theatre. What is this? I feel like I’m driving a bus  for inflate your ego identity crisis for the developmentally diabled with terret syndrome and toilet dyslexia. Sometimes I will go , how many midgets does it take to change a light bulb anyway(they talk) and I go uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. All of them. The other day in a womens voice they threw,” I hate this” and I go , no you don’t, you hate this, how about this do you hate this, what about this, do you hate thiIIIS. Sometimes whatever they say I try to get it wrong like “They will throw why do you do anything for”And I will answer why do you fart anything five. “You better get out of here”, I’d better get more beer? But it doesn’t stop, it just goes on and on. The only time you don’t hear them is when you are thinking about something else. So much for quiet time though, thats gone. I read that people who are voiced to skull harassed have been shown to have lethal levels of electrochemical activity. But I was listening to a song Insane in the membrane and one of the lyrics was their trying to make my mind slow. Its one or the other. I see both, whatever they can get away with. I hear alot of clues in music about voice to skull. The movie catacombs is about a guy who never see’s the light of day and he has a pig on his face. He’s chained to the floor jerking around going psycho almost as if he is being goaded constantly. He chases a women through these french catacombs,  and at the end she realizes that it was all made up and it was her friends playing games with her stalking her through the catacombs. So she goes postal and after three days in paris, she  killed everyone that she had met. Thats what being voice to skull harassed is like. Like having a little pig on your face that won’t quit. And after listening to their crap all day, whatever light there is or was is gone. And now it’s payback time. Yeah I know your not suppose to start a sentence with and, who cares. So , I’m laying in bed, its sunday morning at 7:30 am. Why did I wake up? Because#46 Dip, the littlest beanstalker that has been begging me to get him, is mowing the lawn next door. The first three times I tried to talk to general a.. hole he looked really put upon and looked extremely bothered and would let out a deep breathy sigh and go yyyyeesssss John. Like I had been an oral thorn in his side for thousands of years. After the voice to skull harassment started, I was walking on the side of my house and there he was working on his fence, and he goes HIIIIIIII JoooOOOHHHNNN. In a really loud voice, like get the video camera honey its payday.#47 So its 2:30 in the morning  and I wake up. Why I don’t know and just as I am falling back to sleep, dip’s dog starts barking. Okay dog’s bark and so I start to fall back to sleep and then dips dog starts barking and then you hear dip  go good boy, good boy and then you hear the sliding porch door shut. #48 The finger flickers. So now your postal, paranoid, and pretty much everything means way more than it should. Your sitting in traffic staring sraight ahead, and you see movement coming from the right, now your brains there and then the car in front of you starts to inch worm, all the while the voice to skull  is going uh oh, John your in danger, We know every time you know fear, a quick, no sht, Isn’t he funny, and then the car in front of you, a hand sprinkling fairy dust, sticking out of the driver’s window. What are they doing? You ever see that? The guy in front of you finger flicking. I’m a cigarette  smoker and for years it was every where I went, smokin or not, people were coughing. I didn’t know anything about stalking. I thought it was just people that don’t take drugs or something. You know the ones that don’t have anything else to do. Maybe if they took drugs they wouldn’t think finger flicking wasn’t so cool. I like to call gangstalkers and voice to skull harassers cult of the toilet teething ring. Yep thats right , the weak preying in numbers on anybody they think will be limited in repercussions. #49 One time I was taking pictures (my job) of the front of a house. Across the street from a park where there were children playing . I was done and  parked on the side of the road to write down the picture numbers on the job order form. A car pulls up behind me a woman gets out carrying a child and someone inside the car yells something out at me. So I put it in reverse roll down the window and said, you say something. This teenager who is driving with tinted windows wearing elton John sunglasses goes please, Please just leave, your making the children nervous. I go, I’m doing my job. He say’s ,So if I call the police their won’t be any problem? Go ahead knock yourself out. He goes, just go please, your making the children nervous. And I lost it, start calling him every dirty name in the book and then the woman, starts singing ,please just go, your swearing in front of the children. Suddenly I realized that I was swearing in front of the children and got the heck out of there. Please, PPLLLLEEEEEaaaaaSSSss. I have to listen to the voice to skull harassers, go from deviate barbie to please I just got out of church barbie all day. We’re  bad , we’re good, we’re bad, we’re good ying yang left right all day. There all over the place. One time I was taking a picture of the front of these apartments and this 75 year old looking guy comes up to me and accuses me of taking a picture of his daughter. So I look and zoom in on the digital camera window at the pictures and there are these 2 40 year old looking woman in the picture. He’s got like this heavy romanian accent and goes, you delete pictures. I go, I can’t, I don’t know how. You give me camera I delete.  I aint givin you the camera. You give me camera, and he starts reaching for it, I delete. No way man, and I roll up the window and drive off. #50 3 times now , in a 18 month period,  a car has pulled out right in front of me, once causing me to drive  into oncoming traffic, and I had to speed up, pass them , get in front of them, just as the light turns red, causing me to screech to a stop. This is when I turn bodily around and stare right at them with, if looks could kill. Yesterday, I pulled into 7-11 to get a coffee, closed the door, and realized I was talking to them, and had just locked myself out of my car. THEY GOT ME. 2 hours later the Israeli locksmith shows up. Yep thats right, he had a accent, so I asked him where he’s from. It was $40.00 to get him to come. Next thing you know, apparently I have a high security, Ford focus Zx3. And now It will cost $169. Okay, I said. So he whips out these two bags, each with a black plastic ball attached, sticks one in the top of the door, squeezes the black ball and the blue bag pumps up with air.  Separating the door away from the jam. Then he does the same thing with the other ball on the side of the door. Takes a rod with a hook and unlocks the door. Duration of door unlocking event=45 seconds. How much did it cost? $245. Now remember , if your toilet doesn’t flush it will make the voice to skull harassers very happy. Earlier while I was struggling trying to get the door unlocked, with a knife and  and some wire, I stepped back and noticed a car parked to the left of mine. I looked in the car and their was this teenager looking girly man at the wheel, looking right at me with his forefinger in his mouth up to the middle knuckle. I looked down,I squinted my eyes real tight, teeth bared in a grimace and started shaking my head.#51 This particular one puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. I am a nice guy, but after listening to their voice to skull goading for the last 35 months, First this. They like to go , after you start getting pissed off, Please don’t be evil, like they just stepped out of church. Pure evil would be righteousness getting ahold of one of these gangstalkers. So I am sitting at the light , left turn lane. It’s raining heavily out. I have my window rolled down. The camera bag is sitting on the passenger seat. This is a nikon camera. When purchased it was over $700. Suddenly I hear squealing tires. And this car that was going around the corner fast so that it could hit the puddle, thereby douching the inside of my car with water, Lost control, teenager at the wheel, sliding towards me, Up and over the center abutment and killed his car. NNNYYYYAAAHHHH, NNNYYYYAAAHHHH. Missed me! You efin missed me ,Nuhnineenerneeeeenneeer. So I go and take the picture and drive back the way I came, and there he is calling mommy on the cell phone, like he had to push his car into the gas station. Did I mention that I am 52 years old. Nuh ninerneener. Yeah I can hear the star wars music right now. So your here to give my life more meaning huh? Well, that most certainly did. Did I mention that I am the epitomy of perfect mental health. Every time I make a point to the voice to skull harassers, their running commentary, in the backround will go this guy’s insane, this guy’s crazy. Yeah it’s either that or your damned for all eternity. I wonder which it is.

LOOK HEARLOOK HERE LOOK HER LOOK HERE  Did you know, that these words all sound strangely similar. New Mirror call, New miracle, and numerical. Mystery, Midst story, Mist story. In is the first word in the bible. EPHESIANS 2
21 In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy TEMPLE in the Lord: Numbers talk and are facts past arguing. Your innermost being is for God and you, not for gooner, and butface.

The numbers 56 are in the very midst of 1 thru 10, Midst adds to 65, the mirror of 56. God says his name is I am that I am. The 56th word in the bible is the very first reference to the word THAT. The 156th word in the bible is God. The 56th word from the end of the bible is God. The 156th word from the end of the bible is Am. Innermost is the 156th I word with references in the strongs concordance. As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain adds 564.  Chapter 9 of Genesis talks about the covenant and the bow. The 156th word in chapter 9 is image. It is in genesis 9:6. Image and the first 5 references leading to and including Genesis9:6 the 156th word. Image adds 35 plus 126 plus 127 plus 127 plus 53(mirror of 35) and finally the 156th word image96= 564. Image and the first 5 references to image in the concordance add 564.

Image=       35
GENESIS 1:26 make man in our IMAGE, after our likeness: and
GENESIS 1:27 man in his own IMAGE, in the IMAGE of
GENESIS 1:27 own IMAGE, in the IMAGE of God created he
GENESIS 5:3 likeness, and after his IMAGE; and called his name
GENESIS 9:6 shed: for in the IMAGE of God made he
total        564

28 As the appearance of the BOW THAT IS IN THE CLOUD in the day of rain=564, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. And when I saw it, I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake.

There are 7 references to the word covenant in Genesis chapter9

GENESIS 9:9 behold, I establish my COVENANT with you, and with
GENESIS 9:11 I will establish my COVENANT with you, neither shall
GENESIS 9:12 the token of the COVENANT which I make between
GENESIS 9:13 a token of a COVENANT between me and the
GENESIS 9:15 I will remember my COVENANT, which is between me
GENESIS 9:16 may remember the everlasting COVENANT between God and every
GENESIS 9:17 the token of the COVENANT, which I have established
7 chapter 9’s= 63, the 7 verses total 93, 63+93=156.

11 He made darkness his secret place; HIS PAVILION ROUND ABOUT him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies. This is the 156th reference to the word round in the concordance. If you look at the word holy gra el it adds to 103. If you count to the 103 word in psalm 18 It is heard, 103 words later it is dark, 103 words later waters. Heard dark waters adds to 156. Dark Gray sphere adds to 156. The first and the last word in the bible In and amen add to 56. coinkydink? I don’t think so.They have invaded my innermost being with their technology and are like thieves in the temple. If there is a God, and there is.LUKE 22
44 And BEING IN AN AGONY HE PRAYED more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. Verse 44 and 7 words.

BLOOD 447 There are 447 references to blood in the concorance.

7 In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers, uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in my sanctuary, to pollute it, even my house, when ye offer my bread, the fat and the BLOOD, and they have broken my covenant because of all your abominations. The underlined adds to 447.

The following is the first 51 references to blood or 44 and 7, look at what the chapters and the verses add up to at the end.GENESIS 4:10 voice of thy brother’s BLOOD crieth unto me from
GENESIS 4:11 mouth to receive thy brother’s BLOOD from thy hand;
GENESIS 9:4 thereof, which is the BLOOD thereof, shall ye not
GENESIS 9:5 And surely your BLOOD of your lives will I
GENESIS 9:6 Whoso sheddeth man’s BLOOD, by man shall his BLOOD
GENESIS 9:6 by man shall his BLOOD be shed: for in
GENESIS 37:22 unto them, Shed no BLOOD, but cast him into
GENESIS 37:26 if we slay our brother, and conceal his BLOOD?
GENESIS 37:31 the goats, and dipped the coat in the BLOOD;
GENESIS 42:22 not hear? therefore, behold, also his BLOOD is required.
GENESIS 49:11 wine, and his clothes in the BLOOD of grapes:
EXODUS 4:9 the river shall become BLOOD upon the dry land.
EXODUS 7:17 the river, and they shall be turned to BLOOD.
EXODUS 7:19 that they may become BLOOD; and that there may
EXODUS 7:19 that there may be BLOOD throughout all the land
EXODUS 7:20 that were in the river were turned to BLOOD.
EXODUS 7:21 river; and there was BLOOD throughout all the land
EXODUS 12:7 shall take of the BLOOD, and strike it on
EXODUS 12:13 And the BLOOD shall be to you for a
EXODUS 12:13 when I see the BLOOD, I will pass over
EXODUS 12:22 dip it in the BLOOD that is in the
EXODUS 12:22 side posts with the BLOOD that is in the
EXODUS 12:23 when he seeth the BLOOD upon the lintel, and
EXODUS 22:2 die, there shall no BLOOD be shed for him.
EXODUS 22:3 him, there shall be BLOOD shed for him; for
EXODUS 23:18 shalt not offer the BLOOD of my sacrifice with
EXODUS 24:6 took half of the BLOOD, and put it in
EXODUS 24:6 and half of the BLOOD he sprinkled on the
EXODUS 24:8 And Moses took the BLOOD, and sprinkled it on
EXODUS 24:8 and said, Behold the BLOOD of the covenant, which
EXODUS 29:12 shalt take of the BLOOD of the bullock, and
EXODUS 29:12 and pour all the BLOOD beside the bottom of
EXODUS 29:16 thou shalt take his BLOOD, and sprinkle it round
EXODUS 29:20 and take of his BLOOD, and put it upon
EXODUS 29:20 foot, and sprinkle the BLOOD upon the altar round
EXODUS 29:21 shalt take of the BLOOD that is upon the
EXODUS 30:10 a year with the BLOOD of the sin offering
EXODUS 34:25 shalt not offer the BLOOD of my sacrifice with
LEVITICUS 1:5 sons, shall bring the BLOOD, and sprinkle the BLOOD
LEVITICUS 1:5 BLOOD, and sprinkle the BLOOD round about upon the
LEVITICUS 1:11 sons, shall sprinkle his BLOOD round about upon the
LEVITICUS 1:15 the altar; and the BLOOD thereof shall be wrung
LEVITICUS 3:2 priests shall sprinkle the BLOOD upon the altar round
LEVITICUS 3:8 sons shall sprinkle the BLOOD thereof round about upon
LEVITICUS 3:13 Aaron shall sprinkle the BLOOD thereof upon the altar
LEVITICUS 3:17 your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor BLOOD.
LEVITICUS 4:5 take of the bullock’s BLOOD, and bring it to
LEVITICUS 4:6 his finger in the BLOOD, and sprinkle of the
LEVITICUS 4:6 and sprinkle of the BLOOD seven times before the
LEVITICUS 4:7 put some of the BLOOD upon the horns of
LEVITICUS 4:7 shall pour all the BLOOD of the bullock at
LEVITICUS 4:16 bring of the bullock’s BLOOD to the tabernacle of  The chapters added first and then the verses add to 1447.

The word faith adds to 44, the word brain adds to 44. The word root has 44 references. To me 44 means I am the root. 447 means I am the the root of perfection. I am voice to skull harassed and gangstalked. My innermost being has been invaded by the floods of ungodly men. I got this use of the word floods in psalm 18, where the 156th reference to round is. If you study the above carefully you will see that it is one to many coincidences, meaning……… voice to skull, a noisome and grievous sore adds 447. Voice to skull is a modern term. a noisome and grievous sore is from revelation. It perfectly describes voice to skull and look what it adds up to. God’s commin for ya perp Perception is one thing. Facts are another. You can’t argue about the facts. How do you like me now count olaf. Looks like it adds up. How does it feel now perp psychology. Still feel like laughing, beanstalker. Basically its like this. Alot of people are being coerced via mind control and then blackmailed. Take a look at the above again and think about the coincidences real hard. Its got if you have ever invaded any one’s innermost being ,ever, your  damned for all eternity written all over it. I found these things while they were doing everything possible to distract me via voice to skull. Is this proof yet that I and others are being voice to skull harassed. Looks like I’ve been thinking about voice to skull, and what it means, gee I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because I am being voiced to skull harassed. Your only responsible for what you know. The laws of God are written on the tables of man’s heart.

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