voice to skull verbiage, live!#10

The following is what I am hearing as fast as I can type. Keep in mind that they know this. Sunday  February 8th 5:36 p.m.  I probrably type 15 words per minute.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get you out of here you ahole(mans voice). God da..it (womans voice). Keep it up you’re doing really good (child’s voice). I’ll do whatever it takes to piss you off (man’s voice). John I see your genius now (Womans voice). John your beautiful (childs voice). No kidding (womans voice). No sht (womans voice). John I’m sorry(childs voice). Oh my God (strained womans voice, very upset). John, what’s wrong with you(strong womans voice). You are a genius aren’t you you puke( mans voice). I’ll do anything to get you you bastard ( womans voice). Honestly John what’s going on with you(young man’s voice). Bless you ( childs voice). I hate you ( womans voice). Your insane you bastard ( young woman). Oh my God( young woman). John just shutup ( young woman). John you know this was all about getting you to focus (man’s voice). 5:52, smoke break.5:58 You better get out of here you bastard(womans voice). I saw you totally lose it yesterday you p..o(mans voice). John, I told ya ( mans voice). John you know your nothing but a stupid sht (young womans voice). John please I want you to calm down(womans voice). John you don’t know how lucky you are (womans voice). John I told you you bastard (mans voice). John just focus(womans voice). Oh jesus(womans voice). John your simply amazing(womans voice). Johns really good at acting like he’s not a pe…….le(deep mans voice). John please just calm down (womans voice).Fu you(womans voice). John honestly i tried to help you(womans voice). I love you boy ( older mans voice). Please don’t be a pe…..le(womans voice). Oh god (young womans voice). Sounds of screaming children. Please just be a good boy (mans voice). I knew it (mans voice). John I can place you in danger( mans voice). John please just give up ( young womans voice). Oh my god ( childs voice). John please you act like you didn’t do anything (womans voice). John did you know this whole thing is designed to place you under pressure(womans voice).6:12 repetition, John whatever keeps you smoking(womans voice). John thankyou(mans voice). I told you this guy was going to be asshole(womans voice). John don’t you want me (young voice). Jesus(stressed woman). I’ll do anything to get this p……..le(mans voice). John did you know that you can do whatever you want(womans voice) Just don’t be a p…o(mans voice). Oh my god (mans voice). That stupid bastard(childs voice).6:18 John all you have to do is be descent(young girls voice). Thankyou(childs voice). I’ll do anything to wipe you out (mans voice). John why do you think I did any of this for(womans voice). John I need your  genius(womans voice). John all you need to do is say cancel(womans voice). Excellant (childs voice). Be quiet you asshole(mans voice). John I promise you one day I will shoot you(mans voice)6:22 John I know everytime you get nervous(mans voice). I’m trying to rescue you you asshole(Mans voice). John I can slow down your fingers(womans voice). Believe me he did(womans voice).John I can turn down the sound whenever I want to you puke(mans voice). Holy shit(childs voice).I don’t even know what he is talking about(mans voice).6:27 John I can place you in danger(childs voice). John I  can’t believe how smart you aren’t(mans voice). He aint no p…o(older mans voice). John I want you to shutup you asshole(womans voice). Here he comes(mans voice). My God (childs voice). John I can make the machine give you cancer(womans voice)6:31 John your losing it(mans voice). Uh oh (mans voice). Your nothing but an embarassment you puke (womans voice). See I told you(mans voice). I’m thinking about getting out of here(childs voice).6:34 I can’t stand this guy(womans voice). We’ll get him when he all alone(womans voice). I new it ( childs voice). John if you don’t use it you lose it(mans voice). John I realize that your whole life has been terrible(mans voice). Your kidding me(womans voice). You realize that I have been chasing you since high school(womans voice). Just keep smoking you bastard(womans voice). John please just get out of here(childs voice). John is really beating the sht out of us(womans voice).6:40 What is it going to take to get you out of here you asshole(womans voice).$10,000,000 would be good heh heh (comment). John oh thankyou(womans voice). Fu you asshole(womans voice). John I can place you out of a job(womans voice). Fuing turn the cameras off right now (womans voice)6:44 John you know I am here to rescue you(womans voice). John please don’t be a pe……..le(womans voice) John you know I only did this because I am just curious(womans voice). John please don’t be a big baby(womans voice). 6:47 smoke break6:51 While I was outside in a womans voice they throw John did you know that repeating everything back to us is extremely dangerous. I like the way they talk so precise.6:53 John I told you you better not be evil(punks voice). You puke(mans voice) John I am going to see to it that you can’t go to the hospital (womans voice this is a new one). John you can’t give up (childs voice). John you know how much you are responsible for(punks voice).6:57 Oh my God(womans voice) John your nothing but a monster(womans voice). Okay John your clear(mans voice). John I just wanted you to know that debbie knows fear(mans voice). John your not very strong(mans voice). Your driving John insane you asshole(childs voice). Fat chance(comment). He’s going to be evil (womans voice). Please just calm down (womans voice). I hate you you bastard(young girls voice). I want you out right now(mans voice).7:03 John debbie already knows(mans voice). John I’m going to clear you untill you get out of here(mans voice). John did you know you are boring us(punks voice). You better shutup you bastard(young girls voice). John I use to be just like you(punks voice). Get out of here(childs voice).7:06 Please don’t hurt my daddy( young childs voice). John we know when you know fear(punks voice). Oh jesus(womans voice). John we can make your whole life unfair(punks voice).7:09 John your in danger(womans voice). John we promise to pull the cameras out of your not evil(punks voice). I’m furious(older mans voice). John just think baseball (womans voice). Good boy(mans voice). Don’t you know we do this to everyone that is famous you asshole(womans voice). Think of inky(punks voice). John I admit you sure are smart(childs voice). Oh jesus (young womans voice).7:14 John did you know this is all about play(womans voice). John please just think baseball (punks voice). John I am going to continue to play you.(Punks voice). Oh jesus(childs voice). Okay now I am hearing stuff I’ve never heard before meaning I’ve got some live gooners, oh goody.7:18 John I just wanted you to know there is no way you can win(womans voice) That bastard (womans voice). oh jesus(mans voice). John I love you ( womans voice). Because I know he did( womans voice). John please don’t be a pe………le(womans voice).7:21 Please John I only wanted to play you(womans voice). He’s never going to get out of here the bastard(womans voice). John I’m totally ashamed of you(mans voice). Why do you do anything for(mans voice). John just focus (womans voice). John I’m going to continue to place you in danger(womans voice). 7:24 No sht (childs voice). Oh jesus(childs voice). Oh John I mean oh my god(childs voice). John the machine is going to continue to play you(punks voice). I like John just like this(womans voice). John please don’t beat off (mans voice). John you know I am here to clear you(mans voice). John keeps smoking you asshole(mans voice). I’m going to do what ever it takes to drive this guy crazy(womans voice).7:30 John I just wanted you to know that s..P and st…y are starting to get scared(womans voice).neighbors(comment). John I told you(mans voice). I’m going to continue to beat you up(punks voice). Please john just get ahold of your mother(womans voice). John calm down(punks voice). I knew it(childs voice). John I want you out of here(punks voice).7:34 John get pissed off(punks voice). John I’m not scared of you(punks voice). John he’s scared(womans voice). John I’m trying to show you(mans voice). St..y Qu..rbaiting this guy is ridiculous(young womans voice). I know he is good(punks voice). John all you need to do is focus oh my God ( young womans voice). John I’m going to continue to break you(mans voice). I want to see this p…..le get out(womans voice). John we all own you (punks voice). He has no idea who he is (womans voice). John please just be a good boy(Mans voice). Jesus(mans voice). Please don’t be a pe……..le(womans voice). That shows you right there he’s not scared(womans voice). He wants you you bastard(womans voice). John I don’t see your genius(mans voice). John you act like you are retired(young womans voice).7;43 John I’m getting the police ready to question you. (mans voice). John your still sick.(womans voice). s…p This is so stupid(Punks voice). S…P is the littlest gangstalker that lives next door. He is also a mason. It would take about 5 seconds to give dip a clue. So thats an example of what I have to listen to all day. 7:49pm February 8th 2009.

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One Response to “voice to skull verbiage, live!#10”

  1. downcastmysoul Says:

    What’s particulary demonic is how they pepper the abuse with soothing words of “support”. It’s totally like an interrogation, a way to break someone down. Good perp bad perp. And the kid’s voices to provoke guilt. It’s like they read a demon playbook and actually use words the demons use to bring people down. This is directly from the devil. I mean, who would sit there HOUR AFTER HOUR abusing someone like that just to get them to move out? It’s diabolical.

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