My story#11

I am some kind of lifetime experiment. This will be a interesting read. There isn’t a thing wrong with me mentally. I have never written anything. I have a high school education. I am 52 years old. You can’t make this up. This is my 11 th post in about 5 weeks.  A series of unfortunate events doesn’t even come close to what I have been through. In the spring of 2001, I was in my bosses back yard, weed whacking with a gas weed whacker. I worked for a siding company and work was slow so I found my self battling grass that was 4 ft. tall. It kept getting tangled and conking out. I must of pulled on that thing at least 200 times that day. At lunch I went and got myself a coupla hotdogs at the local convenience store. I was 45 years old. Around 3 in the afternoon, I started to feel faint, a prime indicator that I had over exerted myself, and went home. Two or three days later, I started to feel like crap, and had noticed that the two bones where my chest meets, and over my heart were raised. I started feeling faint when ever I tried to exert myself and had to build up to the task at hand in order to accomplish anything. I chalked it up to weed whacking that one day and figured I had pulled a coupla breastplate bones and it was creating pressure on my heart. 

On 9/29 2002   I had a different job, taking pictures of houses for the banks, I was in a car waiting for my wife behind a real estate company when I decided to get out for a smoke. I stood in the parking lot and looked south. There was a long straight line of a cloud. A billowy cumulus cloud at the end of the straight cloud, on the left. And sorta in the middle, just above the straight cloud was a Dark Gray Sphere. What the heck is that? Debbie , debbie you gotta come see this, I yelled in at the back door. So she comes out and were both looking at it and going what the heck is that. It was totally still. My first thought was that it was a hot air balloon and the box must be in the cloud. But you couldn’t see any ropes or wires, and no box. And when you looked at it, it looked like a solid, but almost as if someone had taken a sphere out of a dark gray cloud. My next thought was that it must be military, it had that military gray color to it. Maybe its a weather balloon. It was totally still, creepy still. I noticed that it was just past the edge of the straight cloud so that if you were directly under it and looked straight up, you wouldn’t see it. From our vantage point there’s a slight hill. Thousands of people should be able to see it. Anybody down at the main intersection should be able to see it.

 Debbie kept going what the heck is that, each time doing a little knee bend and slapping both of her upper knees with both of her hands. I remember that in the newspaper that week there was a story of the first hot air balloon flying over mount rainier. It wasn’t a hot air balloon. I go, Debbie get your camera. So she runs inside and I am straining to get a good look at this thing. I can barely make out a little black thing coming around the back side at the 11:00 position going down to the 5:00 position reappearing at the 1:00 position and going down to the 7:00 position. Reappearing at the 11:00 etc. One and two and one and two. Weird. Now keep in mind for credibility purposes, it would be wiser to keep certain aspects of this story hush. But it is the honest to God truth. Debbie comes out with the camera but cant get a shot because it is too far away. Not too far to see whats going on though. I look to see if it is moving, at all. And as soon as I got the idea to see if it is moving, it is. Barely perceptible. Just like a hot air baloon. It is moving left. By this time we must have been looking at it for 5 minutes. As it is moving left it is going faster and getting smaller and lighter in color. I realize that I have a video camera in the back of the car. The smaller it gets the faster. I am looking threw the view finder but cannot find it. Look again and it is gone. No wait there it is, in the cumulus cloud , going at a angle. It pops out of the cloud,traveling at a 4:00 to 10:00 angle, skirting the edge, back in. Out and then is gone. The last time I saw it it was much smaller than originally. One seventh the size. And a much lighter gray. I go its gone. And debbie says, no it isn’t, look its a plane and points at this plane that is in the middle of a turn below the straight cloud . Huh? We  weren’t looking at a plane for the last seven minutes. We were looking at a Dark Gray Sphere. What the. I didn’t even notice the airplane. It wasn’t there when we started. So basically she remembers everything except for the Dark Gray Sphere. She remembers going to get the camera. She remembers saying what the heck is that And for a few years when ever I would bring it up, she would get all pissed off like I thought she was messing with me and I was trying to start a fight. I saw this so I tried to approach the subject as gently as possible and nothing doin back to fight mode. So I get on the internet and make a report on the national ufo reporting agency. You can see a copy of the report  on my sixth post Behold#6. Now keep in mind that I am not feeling so hot because of the swelling in my chest. On 9/26 2004, we come home from shopping and I make myself a coupla hotdogs to eat. I sit down on the couch, take one bite of the hotdog and start choking and something pops out and lands on my leg. It is a little piece of plastic 7/8ths  long by a half inch wide.  I realize that this was why my chest was swollin and why I was feeling like crap. I had a foreign object lodge in my lung. In 3 months I gained 30 pounds  and have never felt like this before. The day I was weed whacking caused it to come loose and it has been in my lung ever since I was a child. Believe me I can tell. Apparently, I have been doing everything with less pancakes than everyone else.   It took 3 and a half years for it to come out .  Spring of 2001 – September 2004.  It came out on the last Sunday of september 2004. On the last Sunday of September 2002, I saw a Dark Gray Sphere.

I spent a little time looking at the piece of plastic trying to figure out what it was. 6 months later, at lunch, I am making myself a coupla hotdogs and look down at the hot dog packaging and there it is. Hot dog packaging glue. Two four packs of h0tdogs, wrapped in hardened paper and held together with these little + shaped pieces of hot dog packaging glue. I grabbed the one that came out of my lung and was in shock. There it is. Now when mine came out it was white but within a short amount of time it had that ancient aged , just came out of the mummys lung look to it. Like it was 40 years old. The glue has a cross shape to it, but mine is missing one of the points. Now by this time the reader will go this can’t be. No way is this real.

1 year and 7 months after I coughed up the piece of hotdog packaging glue, I began to be voiced to skull harrassed. At the rate of 4 to 6 lines of sentencing every 10 sec, for the last 35 months at a 20 hour period per day , I figure I have had to listen to anywhere’s between 35 and 50,000,000  disparaging remarks. Just in time for fresh brains theatre.

Oh and I do have fresh brains. When they invaded my innermost being, like a bunch of sado butt monkeys they tried to get me to think about God so that there defiling of my soul would have a greater meaning and a faster result. Read your bible john it will help you out.

I suspect they will harang a person to the point where they will curse God, and lose all hope. How can God allow this to happen? They have thrown No matter how many times you prove that God exists he’s not going to save you.

I am not off the deep end. Just talking about what is going on will suit there purposes.  All I did was tell the truth and it looks like I have gone bonkers. The reader will take the least path of resistance because it is not there problem, and discount what I have said. Imagine if you were trying to make someone look nuts. What would you do? They just threw honestly why do you do anything for. Perhaps you the reader should go back and look at some of the things I have posted, pertaining to God. The voice to skull harassers were there for every moment. Look at the numbers and where they are. It’s a machine. It’s some kind of revenge for hire.

I know who some of my gangstalkers are. I will tell the machine that I am going to get them. This is what the machine will do. Thankyou. I want you hard. Oh my God. I can’t believe it. If you come at me I will shoot you. Please just be good. Your nothing but an ahole. Oh I’m so scared. I was just curious. It’s no longer (neighbor) and (neighbor).This is so funny. No sht. All within 15 seconds. It will divide your attention with, All you have to do is just ignore us. You need to focus. I can’t understand why john can’t HEAR US NOW. John now I SEE IT. It doesn’t stop for anything. While I am on the computer, there sentencing seems to be a little quiter and you can hear sentence after sentence jockying for my attention no matter what. It wants your attention. Once it has your attention it leads you down whatever road of thought it wants you to go. The next thing you know, it has taken up your every moment. You can’t even mow the lawn without spending a bunch of energy going shutup, shutup, shutup , silently to your self. Every moment from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed is spent cursing these qurbaits anyway shape or form for invading your most private of privacies. As soon as you stop, their right there, and you will find that you’d rather spend all your time cursing them, than listen to there crap. Basically you will end up erasing any of your humanity or they will just feed off your misery all day. John think about your mother. They have only thrown this one a thousand times. John did you know we helped to kill all of your cats. I was just curious. Every chance they get they act like they have the right to be there because your being investigated for being a p..o. And then, while your working on the yard at 3:00 in the afternoon, they’ll throw the sounds of screaming c…..n and it will just make you give up. How you suppose to drive someone nuts with sound. I’m telling you how they do it. I can put you out of a job. Your nothing but an embarassment to us. You know your house has been stinking up the neighborhood for years. I have to listen to O my God at least 300 times a day. It’s like the glue that holds all there crap together. Oh Jesus. I don’t believe this guy. I hate you. You know I use to be a nice guy, but between reviewing how people have taken advantage of me and this voice to skull thing right after I spit out the piece of glue. Maybe its time to talk about some of my family members. Starting with my Dad. I have only talked to my dad twice, since I moved out. Once when I got married, and once when I was 30. One of the first memories of my father is when he was teaching me to tie my shoes when I was 4 years old. Every time I would make a mistake, he would curl his forefinger back onto his thumb, and flick it out, thunking me in the temple. Yeah thats going to make me concentrate harder through the tears. In the 5th grade on the weekend, he use to take me out to the garage. I knew what was going to happen and he would make me wait for it. I’d be sweeping and he’d punch me in the stomach or kick me in the back just above the kidney. I have never met an a..hole like this piece of sht my entire life. And then came the voice to skull harassment. It was like listening to the mentality of my father all day. In men’s, womens ,childrens voices. And then it occurred to me. Oh crap what if he had to listen to this sht all day. He was in the coast guard. That would explain why he was so mean all the time. I couldn’t understand how anybody could ever be so mean. And then you hear the voice to skull, and can only imagine trying to explain it to someone back in the 60″s. And so here I am and what is what. Listening to this crap all day would make anyone go postal. It’s not like I already have enough to contend with Noooooo. Sick for a few years. Spit out a piece of glue. See a Dark Gray Sphere, have to see everything in hindsight with a fresh perspective that I have never had before only to have gangstalkers ruin everything. Keep it up john your doing great. Thats amazing. I love this asshole. I’m going to steal your every moment you puke. John I warned you.  You know if this voice to skull thing ever comes to light. I’m going hog wild on a coupla beanstalkers. John get out of here right now. This is crazy, That is crazy. You can always tell when you are winning. A. Your crazy B. Your a p..o C. Oh my God. D. There’s no way you can win. E. This is all about your smoking. Sure clucky, anywhere your damned is not huh clucky? Speak now if you want a trd. Speak now if you want a trd. Speak now if you want a trd.

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14 Responses to “My story#11”

  1. downcastmysoul Says:

    Sounds as if your stalking had a cause: you trying to document a govt experiment. Plus, having military in the family increases probability of getting it, too. I guess they were using that thing in your lung to make you sick and die, and when it didn’t work, they reverted to driving you crazy with v2k.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      Thanks for your comment downcastmysoul. I don’t think the current perps new anything about the object in my lung. This whole thing is really weird. I was listening to a song by metallica the other day, Harvester of sorrow, language over me. There’s this song by cypress hill insane in the membrain and he sings, there making my mind slow thats why I don’t mess with the big bro O. You ever hear of Can’t Speak by Danzig. There’s this new song by tegan and sarah, I was walkin with a ghost. The devil’s playground by gram rabbit, I’ve got a brain wire. Prong, Unfotunately. Blur, you’ve taken the fun out of everything, I don’t want to think at all, There’s no other way, there is no other way, all that you can do is watch them play. It’s in alot of music. My brother inlaw says he’s the website coordinator for blade and saw. I can’t find blade and saw anywhere on the internet. The little mason that lives next door said he works in the seafood department for larry’s fish market. These weirdo’s have a thing for words. My girlfriend is kinda good looking. It’s a bummer. Anyway I weigh 180lbs now instead of 135lbs. and I’ve got a lot of issues. Snap crackle, pop rice krispies. Thanks again downcastmysoul.

  2. downcastmysoul Says:

    Sure, I love to comment on good blogs. I leave lots on the “on gangstalking” blog as well. I only listen to Christian Rock, but, there are some artists that do talk about it in a vague way there, as well. Used to love Danzig and Metallica and I do remember the song “insane in the membrane” from the 1990s. I want to know how to undo the vow on Christian Music only. Your a Christian. Any ideas? On gangstalking blog goes into music and how a group called slipknot is a perp group fostering a gang mentality and I want to watch/listen to the vids but am stuck in the vow. She also has other “angry” tracks from good groups she listens to to shake off the perp crap in her head, etc. I thought Blade and/or Saw were rock magazines. It’s also the perp word for how we get treated though. That’s on the gangstalking world website.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      There is only one God and he belongs to everybody. Even the guy in the jungle that lived 40,000 years ago had God. I know that there is a God. He is not for arguing. God is between the person thinking about God and God. I am not a religious guy. I ran to God when they invaded my innermost being. The right tool for the right job. The only way to defeat the enemy is to instill repercussions for there actions. The only way to do this is with the every eye. Every angle that might prove that God exists. One planet, one God. Think of your time on earth as the firelight measure. When they invaded your innermost being, like thieves in the temple, game over. They use your humanity to defile you. If you were a bigger ahole than they were it would take the sado bite right out of there buttmunch. By invading your innermost being because God is fair, they basically have made you there Judge. Thats right, your now there Judge. You be whatever it takes to survive. This is not fair. We were not meant to live like this. Now they can invade your innermost being. You have every liscense there is to drive them out of your innermost being. It is not a reflection of who you are. It is a reflection of who they are. They think its funny going to hell, thats because they don’t know if there is a God or not. There just going to needledick you and go where’s God? This is what they have been doing to people. You need to read my blog. Skip the gangstalker crap and look at the numbers. Yes I know that people have been talking about numbers. Numbers have meaning. The 56th word in the Bible is the first reference to the word that. God says his name is I am that I am. In is the first word in the bible. 5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. The 156th word is God. The 56th word from the end of the bible is God. The 156 th word from the end of the bible is Am. The first and the last word in the bible add to 56. In all the borders round about.

  3. downcastmysoul Says:

    Numbers make sense because He created numbers and math and people numerically inclined love the logic of it all. I see you probably have a Strong’s concordance. I need to read the gangstalking stuff because it’s the only place (these blogs and forums) where my experience is verified. I’ve had people here in this prison-town PRETEND to be targets to get close to me but that’s just another knife in my back.

    I went to God for help way back when I was 17 years old and a fugitive from the state mental institution where I was put on the order of a perp psychiatrist after she gave me medicine that literally made me go crazy. I was targetted/mobbed by other patients and even staff there and knew that it was “punishement” not “help”. We were locked down almost 24/7 and when I began to get “privileges” they were right there trying to take them away from me. I felt hated by the head of staff there for some reason I could not figure out.

    I prayed to God for the first time in a trucker’s truck in Texas in 100 degree heat hiding from potential cops at a truck stop. I avoided the relative cool of the air conditioned restaurant out of fear. I knew if the cops caught me I would have to go back to the hospital forever, maybe. They already wanted me to be there 6 months–an almost unbelievable amount of time especially nowadays and they regularly threatened to keep us “forever” by transferring us to the “adult” wards as we became 18. After 3 weeks running (my fool parents called the FBI) I came home and was not reinstitutionalized. I was allowed to be “free” as long as I kept a “contract” that was created with help from a state social worker. I was a ward of the state when I was in the hospital. I managed to stay out of the hospital and to “grow up” and go to college. During the end of my college years the stalking began with the V2k appearing later, around age 30.

    I started my journal which I post on the beginning of my blog back in that summer and end it a few months later. My stalking might be a product of vengeance from the hospital system but I feel I’m a lifelong target. God heard me that day even though I did not continue my prayer life (such as it was) after those few months. I did not get saved until I was 29. Still, once you go to God and He answers you are His. He is not merely a tool in time of trouble. Once you give your life to Him you are owned by Him. I don’t mind that so much, but being a slave to perps (who are only MEN) is horrifying.

    Vows to God are meant to be kept. I feel bad I may have rashly vowed things I could not keep forever. I try to ask Him if I could break a vow or two but He does not give the go-ahead. Solomon talks about vows in Proverbs saying do not rashly vow to God because He will keep you to them even if men do not.

    I have been literally asked by a perp bitch where my God was. After that, she was actually punished by having to leave where she was living. God hears all and His justice is better than ours. I still wait to see what He will do to my perps.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      verses are based on perception. Numbers are not. They were there for every lucky coincidence. Here’s the mother of all coincidences. Luke 22:44 And being in an agony he prayed. This is the verse that talks about Jesus sweating great drops of blood. verse 44 and seven words. There are 447 references to blood. There is a ezekiel 44:7 This is what it says, In that you have brought into my sanctuary adds to 447. Tell me if it doesn’t read damnation for innermost being invaders. But wait there’s more, If you add the first 44 and 7 chapter numbers(to the 51st reference) and then the 44 and 7 verses to blood it adds 1447. Thats too many coincidences. But wait there’s more, Voice to skull a noisome and grievous sore adds 447. A noisome and grievous sore is taken from revelation. It perfectly describes voice to skull. Brain adds 44, faith adds 44, root has 44 references. To me 447 means I am the root of perfection. Not doinkus with technology. Numerical, New miracle, coincidence? Bread, Be read, Red sea, read see, circle sir call ,mist story ,midst story mystery. I kill there evil with facts, thats my mission. Holy Gra el adds 103. If you count to 103 in psalm 18 the word is heard, 206 word is dark, the 309 word is waters. Heard dark waters adds 156. Psalm 18 has the 156th reference to round. His pavilion round about him were dark waters. Ezekiel As the appearance of the bow that is in the adds 360 cloud in the day of rain 564. Dark means dark gray wisdom. Dark Gray Sphere adds 156. The borders dkgyse add 71. Sphere adds 71. The words ark ra here. In chapter 9 of genesis, where it talks about the bow in the cloud, the 156th word is image. The 9th chapter from the end of the bible revelation 14 the 156th word is throne. Image is 35, throne is 80. total 115. The word countenance adds 115. Did I mention I saw a Dark Gray Sphere on 9/29 2002. That I was born with a heart birthmark between my eyebrows. That The ufo report is on my blog. That I coughed up a piece of hot dog packaging glue on 9/26 2004. That the words numbers god adds 118 mirror 811 total 929. That the 156th reference to round is in Psalm18:11. I know it is too much. Don’t touch the tree of knowledge or surely will die hey gangstalker goodby surely, Tower of babel, every thought and imagination was only evil continuously, crown of thorns, a noisome and grievous sore. Funny how the bible tells us everything. My mom was in a mental institution. My sister also. My other sister ran away when she was 15. My brother was in prison and was knocked on the back of the head and was in a coma for two weeks. They had to teach him how to talk again because his brain bled. When I read your words I feel your pain. Not everyone is a evil asshole. I am here to drive the gangstalkers insane. It is the right thing to do because it is a circle. Anyone that tries to hurt the witness in the same manner will be killed. The witness is your innermost being. Nobody’s perfect, they like christians because there bar from which to fall is higher. I am 52, we just got a ipod so I have been listening to a lot of music. When ever I make a mistake I immediately go into shutup shutup mode because I know they are only going to make it worse. Sometimes I like to vex them and I will get everything they say wrong. Uh oh my girlfriends here I gotta go. You know one of the things they like to say is that they do this to everyone just before they become great. I was getting really good with the guitar, and you seem like you are an excellent writer being able to convey true feelings.

  4. downcastmysoul Says:

    I really cannot get your Bible number references too well, but I know that September 29 is Michealmas day and the Michealmas daisy means “farewell”. Late September is when the Jewish holidays fall and also when some think the AntiChrist will be born. Are you using Kabbalah numerology to get the numbers for words, or are they Strong’s words for the references in Greek and Hebrew?

    I was not saved or Christian at all when this started and the targetting actually drove me to religion. Am not even sure it’s a good match anymore. I have a hard time accepting God would let these freaks f*ck with our inmost beings this way via mind reading and V2k. So many ti’s go crazy and/or kill themselves before they find out about targetting it’s not funny. That’s where all those “crazy gunmen” who shoot at strangers come from. One of the forum moderators says they love bloodshed and when a ti goes off and shoots they get into a blood frenzy. They think it’s also exciting when a ti offs him/herself…it’s like they win a prize.

    They were screwing with me again tonight. It never ends. It’s like a constant harassment/interrogation/taunting protocol. Sometimes their sh*t sounds like my own thoughts but I can tell the difference. Guess we are the lab rats to a new kind of police technology. Goodbye “freedom”.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      No I am simple a is 1 b is 2 c is 3 etc. for words. I use the strongs concordance for reference numbers. The first 51 chapters( 44and 7= 51) of the 447 references to blood added. Then the 51 verse numbers added . Concordance Chapter numbers total plus verse numbers total= 1447. ezekiel 44:7 In 23 that 49 ye 30 have 36 brought 91 into 58 my 38 sanctuary 122= 447. It keeps me busy. In the movie a series of unfortunate events ( a series of lifes little mishaps?) The main characters are called Baudelaire”s which sounds like the bow delay and the main antagonist is count olaf. Count huh. O huh, laf laugh. It’s some kind of game. Titanic, hear’s to making it count. Incidently god is all powerful. If he would have said the number of the bulldozer is 666 then the bad guys would think they are the bulldozer. The word pharaoh is a bad guy right. Fair ra (god) O. Pilate’s a bad guy right pi l ate. To me 666 means I am the first 6 (man) I am the last 6 (man) I am in the midst 6 (man). The verses tell you the good the bad and the ugly. They have more than one meaning . Ultimately if it says the beast than that would be the wrath of the all powerful god for invading the innermost beings of man. Innermost is the 156 th I word in the concordance with references. Work out it helps. I’m 52 , I like to call them heidi.

  5. downcastmysoul Says:

    Still can’t get the numbers totally down. It’s like you’d have to be here in person showing me thru the Concordance how to do it. Perps use plays on words and think it’s funny, though. That was a forum topic years ago. I call them the freaks, the losers, the spies, or just perp trash….hmm,,heidi…hide e, hide i,
    hidie, they hide??? hidie ho, they HO’s? As in hidie ho NEIGHBOR, as in the Tool Guy show? The neighbor’s name was Wilson, I believe. Never saw his face. Your neighbors? This extrapolation is driving me crazy.

    So glad you are 52, you keep mentioning that. Is that an important number? I’m younger, hope not to even make it to 50 as a damn ti. I like to exercise as well, but am limited to walking due to physical/financial constraints.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      Well you got the hide e right. When I spit out the piece of glue a year and a half later started being voice to skull harassed. They really have a thing for words so as a result so do I when I find it convenient. It’s basically a war of words 95 percent of the time and gangstalking 5 percent of the time. Sorry If I kept mentioning 52 years old. It doesn’t matter. Because of the disinformation agents. I am sure you are suspicious as to whom you are talking to. Who knows, maybe I am being groomed by the gangstalkers to cause more confusion. I’m not. You mentioned 929, in hebrew the first thing it says is beast. In greek it says to torment to torture. In genesis chapter 9 where it talks about the covenant, there are 29 verses. The only reason I pay attention to 929 is because on september 29th the last sunday of the month in 2002, I saw a dark gray sphere. I made a report online in the national ufo reporting network, and wrote about what happened in my blog. I know it’s bizarre but thats what happened. After I started being voice to skull , I did what ever I could to convince the harassers that they were making a big mistake. Look at it this way, where does god draw the line. Now they can torture you via your innermost being. It takes a certain kind of individual to withstand all there crap and keep there head on straight enough to kill em. How do you do this? By proving that God exists. Numbers are facts. The words (numbers, god) adds to 118 on the calculator,mirror 811 total 929. Can you imagine a voice to skull harasser who claims they can see everything you do, there for every lucky coincidence. Example, the very first word in the bible that adds to 56 on the calculator is created. 5 and 6 are in the very center of 1 thru 10. Pi is 3.14, the circumference of the diameter of a circle. It is well known that a circle is supposedly the most perfect form. The guy that came up with it has ark in his name. Archimedes. I am that I am is in chapter 3 verse 14. If you take your calculator (a) being 1 (z) being 26, from the beginning of verse 14 to the M in i am that i aM it adds to 314. Created is the first word in the bible that adds to 56. It starts with, I am the first C (3) I am the last D(4) I am in the midst A(1) 314 C3R18E5A1T20E5D4. Coincidence? Not when you have thousands of them and they all connect telling you everything. If it is confusing forget about it. I only try to give hope in a fact based way. This is simpler to understand. When you get to heaven there isn’t a tree you have to eat off of to live forever. God is the tree of life. A flaming sword was placed in the garden to keep the way of the tree of life. Your innermost being is the garden. Your innermost being is the ark. Your innermost being is the holy grael. Your innermost being is the way of the tree of life. This is where you reason. This is where you understand. This is where you measure. The voice to skull harassers are trying to corrupt the way of the tree of life. Big mistake! They are betting that god doesn’t exist. Invading someone’s innermost being is the same as saying that god doesn’t exist. You know right about here the perps will go nice speech john. I will go, thankyou, your prostratedness. Do not put your minds eye on them. Or they will just piss you off. I know for a fact that they are damned. What balls they have … remotely. They wouldn’t last 5 seconds up front. Gee what a sense of honor they must have. Here’s a few words for you that describes the voice to skull harassers, buttmunch, stool lee, pancakes, angels left of my behind, beanstalkers,diaperhead, chicken of the week. Sorry I get carried away. Just so that you know, I have lost it quite a few times because of these gooners. One time I just started screaming at the top of my lungs from inside my house every foul thing I could think of frothing at the mouth. 15 minutes later the police showed up and wanted to know what the problem was. Oh my neighbors are trying to force me out of the neighborhood and I thought I would just let them know what I thought about it. Well are you done . Yeah. Okay then. And that was that. I’M tired of the psychology too. Not going crazy is my number one mission. Just because they suck doesn’t make them any better looking.
      Extrapolation1. transitive and intransitive verb infer: to use known facts as the starting point from which to draw inferences or conclusions about something unknown
      We try to avoid extrapolating a flu epidemic from mere anecdotal evidence. (Whoa man. Yeah I had to look it up.)

  6. downcastmysoul Says:

    That is the main problem I have with this: what kind of GOD would allow us to be assaulted/raped in our MINDS so we cannot even THINK or pray? I get mind read and v2k’d. Sometimes it’s even hard to tell between mind f*ckery and my real thoughts. I thought GOD wanted a personal relationship with us, so why would He allow that kind of technology?

    Its the crux of human life: the mind. It’s our most precious resource: our thoughts. Our thoughts and ideas create who we are a preclude action. If our thoughts are just open to be read by any creep with a machine we are just animals. Once Pandora’s box is open it cannot be closed. Our Earth is now one huge prison.

    Being forced to have endless “conversations” in my mind with operatives makes me some kind of lab animal, some kind of object, not a human. Those kinds of conversations should be with God only unless you are psychic and then only with someone who is open to that kind of communication. It nixes prayer and Bible study. How would one know the Voice of God? Perps can use voice changing tech to “be” anyone in our minds. I hope it’s the end of time. Life is worthless to me.

    I see people extrapolating all the time. A bit of info is sometimes more dangerous than none at all. Science has had to do it to get ahead, too. How else would they know anything about deep space unless “aliens” live in these underground bases. Sometimes one thread will unravel a whole garment. I say follow the perp money trail. Who gets the money? Where does the money come from? It would open up the whole perp empire. I think the root of it is God haters trying to bring in a New World Order but still there is money involved and the freaks must be paid. I don’t think many would do this for long if they weren’t paid in some way. It need not be money, it could be barter for services, or some kind of leniency or other or payment of debts. I doubt they cut checks unless they have some kind of front.

    As an aside, the numbers you should use (oh well don’t listen to me as I don’t do the numbers thing) are the ones associated with the Hebrew alphabet at least for the Hebrew portion of the Bible. God assigned these numbers for each of the 22 Hebrew letters. Did you know that God’s number is 26 for Yahweh? I looked up the number 26 since it was in something I was reading. You are 52, twice 26 whatever that means.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      As the appearance of the bow that is in the (adds 360) cloud in the day of rain. Now they can invade your innermost being. All I have is a king james bible and a concordance. A1 b2 c3 d4 e5 f6 g7 h8 I9 j10 k11 l12 m13 n14 o15 p16 q17 r18 s19 t20 u21 v22 w23 xmarks the spot y25 z26. No x word in the bible. And god said let us make man in our IMAGE (adds325) after our likeness (adds523). 523 is the mirror of 325. There is your liscense to mirror image numbers. Example first reference to the word ark is 614 mirror 416 total 1030. Holy Gra el adds 103 ark adds 30. 1086 references to the circle O. The 186 word in revelation is 1:7 BEHOLD he cometh with clouds. It took me 5 seconds to determine if I should do what I do. What they are doing is wrong in the worst way. Believe me they are going to get the ultimate short stick. Did you read ezekiel 44:7 ? Just read it. See sphere in science, conscience. L m n o El am in sphere. Fear is the only thing that is going to make them stop. Alot of stuff I am posting is more like a diary of all the weirdos that are trying to freak me out. Think of this as the die game. Once they invaded your innermost being their going to die. I wish I could say something to make you feel better. You voice alot of the same thoughts I have. Quote “Being forced to have endless conversations in my mind with operatives makes me some kind of lab animal, some kind of object, not a human”. Quote downcastmysoul.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      They can throw stuff in at the base level where you think it’s your own thought or they can do it audibly. I know exactly what you mean. And then you strike down what they threw, and they act like they didn’t throw it and you can hear them going oh my god I knew it. Like it was your own thought. A lot of times something will be bubbling and I can tell it’s them so I will strike it down before I get it and oh my God see I told you. Sometimes I believe they record your brain patterns like when your nervous or tired and will throw it back at you at their convenience. Let’s see my brain is like a tree of knowledge. Listening to the v2k is like having my own tower of babel. The word babylon. Noahs flood was because every thought and imagination was only evil continuously and it grieved god that he had made man. Some refer to this as the hive mind. Tower of babel says they had one voice and one speech. When they spoke they sounded like the borg from star trek. Let us go down and make us a city and a tower. Behold he comes as a thief in the night keep your garments lest they see your shame. Let’s see garments is a spiritual term like a covering that god has given us so….. who’s they? And I don’t want to sound disrespectful but crown of thorns takes on a whole nother meaning. I find it a little odd that the bible seems to have verses that sound like this very thing v2s. The world has been around for a long time. It makes me wonder if this has happened before and the warnings are interwoven in the scriptures. Imagine if this is what God was talking about when he said every thought and imaginatiom was only evil continuously and this is why the flood of many waters. O that my head were waters. Waters means reason, thoughts, to understand. Flood of many waters could also mean not that the planet was washed away in a deluge, but that God was revealed. He isn’t allowing this to happen. Oh I forgot to mention As the appearance of the bow that is in the (adds 360) cloud (adds415) 415+514=929. There’s that 929 again. Hebrew 929 Beast, imagine God pissed off because they are….. Ezekiel44:7.Numbers God 118 mirror 811=929. Flood of many waters.Heart52 Now52 earth52. eartheart. Pi 3.14159. Exodus 3:14 And god said to moses i am that i am adds to 314. In that day flood of many waters 314. I have written what I have written adds 360 on the alphabet table. Written in the book of life? I have not given you the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. This is the only place in the bible that has sound and mind together.

  7. Caleb Says:

    I have been a mind control slave my entire life.

    We should seek out other victims, while I still have life to live.

    We can exchange emails if you would like to.

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