I am the God of loving kindness #14

When I first moved in there was this guy living next door to me with a german shepard. This dog barked insanely all the time. I didn’t have a problem with it, he lived here first. He always looked really intense. One time he was installing a security light over by where the dog was kept, on the side of his house. He saw me and asked if I had a problem with it. I said no, it’s his house he can do whatever he wants. I even told him that the dog didn’t bother me because it was good security. One time Debbie was talking to his wife and he came out and asked his wife if  she was done. I know about this because Debbie  told me, and she thought the guy was a major a… hole for being so rude.

This is what I think. This was in the late 90’s and they have since moved out, and now the gangstalker, dip, the littlest mason lives there. After having to listen to the 24/7 voice to skull harassment, and considering alot of things in hindsight, I suspect that he was forced out so that there gangstalking buddies could move in. Like anything else, generally speaking, they will experiment on animals first. I already know that they can do this to people. It doesn’t take a great leap of logic to imagine that they can do this to animals as well. This guys dog would bark insanely all the time. Oh and I do mean all the time. It was them. If you could of seen the look on this guys face. I am positive that he was voice to skull harassed.

The guy that lived next door to him, whenever I saw him, had the same look on his face. He was over 50 and word had it that his wife had just died. His yard was perfect. Whenever I saw him though, he looked like he was just about ready to kill something. He no longer lives there. The guy that lives there now, I noticed, leaves his car windows rolled down at night during the summer time. Who does that? Know something we don’t know there partner?

Shortly after we moved in a couple moved in on the other side of our house. After a few years they had a couple of children. One christmas morning after opening presents, on our way to Debbie’s parents house, we get this knock on the door at 10 oclock in the morning. I opened the door and it was them with there first newborn and they wanted in. Sorry we are on our way out to Debbie’s parents house. They had a forlorn look on there face. Later I thought that this was odd because we didn’t know them and well I didn’t know what to think. Who comes over on Christmas morning without being invited, outside your family or friends?

 Alot of this is being seen in hindsight after being voice to skull harassed. After reading about it on the internet trying to figure out what the heck is going on. You can read about gangstalking on the internet and voice to skull harassment, in my case for two years. Looking at various websites and youtube videos. You don’t know how much of a relief it is to find others on the internet that are trying to explain the same thing as you.

Another thing I noticed about the couple next door was whenever they would walk by the upstairs window, where we watch Tv, you could hear one of there daughters crying. Not just a few times . Every time. One day they were outside and they introduced us to there 2 children. This was the first time I had seen there faces. One looked like she had been getting away with murder and had the smarmiest look on her face, smug with herself. The younger one had the face of a angel and was at a loss as to what is going on. The only thing I could think of was the older sister was mean to the younger one. Kids, you know. One day I was working out in the back yard, and you could hear one of the girls ask dad to tell them a story. I started paying attention when the characters names in the story were John and Debbie. Thats our names. I can’t remember exactly what he said but when he got to the part where John and Debbie flew so high, they flew higher and higher and higher, at this point I didn’t want to hear anymore so I went into the house and out the front door just in time to hear the end which was they flew right over the hedge. Now there is this, 9ft. hedge that separates  his house and mine. What the heck is that? One day I heard a commotion out front and got out of my Tv chair and looked out the front window. Where our two properties meet, He, his wife, and there children were facing what looked to be about 20 people, some of them with children. I just figured it was one of those block watch meetings. One day they had a for sale sign out front. So I asked them if they were moving, and he said we will see how it goes. I told him that I would be sorry to see them go because they were good neighbors. Sometimes both of us would be pulling out of our houses at the same time and they would wave and his wife’s face would be beaming with a smile. When his wife smiled it was infectious and you couldn’t help but feel the genuine good will. They took the forsale sign down a lived ther for awhile longer. One day, when I was outside I could hear his wife say can you believe that John would do something like that. Something like what? Then the self review, something for them to work with.

We came home , got out of the car and was walking to our front door. It was evening. They had just arrived home as well and were unloading the kids when his wife said something in a warning tone of voice. There are bushes in between his and my house but you can still see them. He was on the passenger side , turns around ,puts both hands on his hips and stands there facing the bushes, our direction. They no longer live there.

Across the street to our right, a couple with children moved in. One day Debbie tells me that the lady of the house backed out of her driveway drove two doors down and got out of her car and went into Rob’s house. Not his real name but close. After a few years they moved out. One day prying , I questioned rob about this and he said that she forced herself on him. Rob’s a single guy. You know, you could probably live 10 lifetimes and not see a woman drive out of her driveway, drive two doors down, and have an affair. Number one, none of this is any of my business. I am voice to skull harassed and I suspect that someone in my neighborhood is playing god with people’s lives. One day I was talking to Rob and he said that he fell off the roof while he was cleaning it. Shortly afterward he moved out.

All the above people have moved out. People move. Yeah but, the people that moved in after them, all took a stab at me, in a gangstalking sort of way. They were really obvious in the beginning to get me to hear the voice to skull. I have posted what they have done in Posts 7,8,and 9. Shoot, one time a guy came up to the side of the house with a chain saw and yelled out Tom’s commin for ya John. The only Tom I know is Debbie’s Dad.

Life’s little homeowner mishaps. One day when I pulled into the garage the garage door came crashing down. The chain had busted. It just missed my 78 Camaro.  Several times when we came home our garage door would be opened. The only thing I could think of was that someone in the neighborhood must have the same remote.

Several years after we moved in, our gas furnace had to be replaced. It is located under the house. $2700 . 3 years later the new furnace has to have the heater exchange replaced because it is rusted out. I noticed that if you were to go over by the garden hose and spray under the house, through the air vent that ought to do it. We have been with out heat now for four years. Fireplace and electric heaters, thats it. What the heck am I suppose to do? We had a 30 inch tv that lasted a whole 2 years before the color went out. Gone through 3 computers, that have lasted 2 years on average a piece. Dishwasher. Stove. Both bathroom fans each within 6 months. Kitchen floor tile. The washer. The dryer. And we don’t have any children. Shoot we still have the first 19tv that we ever purchased and it was rent to own. Meaning it wasn’t brand new and it still works after 25 years. One of the things the voice to skull harassers like to throw is ” I can change you” Now I know they have a thing for words, so let me translate for you, I can nickel and dime the crap out of you untill your dead.

After about 6 months, they gave my brain sound. What does that mean? First they were live and got tired and went to the auto punk, a machine. Then They gave me a voice. When I address them I can hear the voice addressing them, like I can hear there voices. But only when I am speaking to them. I can think to myself which is silent, but there machine can read it. The first time I heard my brain addressing them, the first thing they said was” we are going to teach you to shut your mouth”. But I’m not speaking with my mouth. Synthetic telepathy, using a super computer. Too hard to believe. Perhaps you should go back to post number #3 where there are 250 lines of their sentencing. Psychology is there name. Anybody heard of the movie the signal. About a signal being broadcast driving people postal. Or how about the Happening. About a signal being broadcast, driving people postal. My how convenient. This can’t be happening because they made a movie about it. The very first thing I noticed was there was like a black dye coming out of the water faucets and the toilets. I ran next door , asked the neighbor if she see’s anything. She looked, nope I don’t see nothin. 6 months later a movie comes out called dark water. It looks like a black dye. It is uniform in color, and is not reddish brown or clumpy like you know bad pipes. We still have it. 2 weeks after we stopped drinking the tap water our 2 cats were running around like spring fever.

Itching. You ever notice, while you are being investigated that when ever you do anything, “see I told you he’s a p…o.” Yeah these techno geeks have the machine set up so that your guilty no matter what you do. One of the first things in the beginning was the good cop bad cop voice. Yeah the good cop would go like it’s trying to help you, when you hear them speak, don’t look up, don’t look down, don’t look around or they will think that they own you. Shoot if you do what it says your a dead man. He’s drinking water the bastard(woman’s voice). He’s using smoking as a shield(Woman’s voice). If you must speak speak in 3 words or less(good cop). I was weak because I had a foreign object that was in my lung so I had a hard time walking. I would try to walk and these people’s voices were like kryptonite doing whatever it took to keep me sitting down. You’ll be driving and in a womans voice they will throw, John don’t breath. You hear that and start to wonder what the heck are they saying while you are sleeping. I like to use a big spoon sometimes when I am eating and they will go “look he eats like a p…o”. You’ll be trying to sleep and they will go ” look he sleeps like a p..o.” He smokes like a p..o. He drives like a p…o. Then later they will throw “we are going to make you look like a p…o no matter what you do”. See why some people have gone postal, now. So you feel an itch on your nose ,see I told you this guy was a p……le. You blink, see I told you this guys a p…..le. You look to your left, see I told you this guys a p….le. It’s to the point now that if my ear itches its a contest.

Can they make your back vibrate, yeah, they call it the bumping of the chair. Can they give you a charlie horse , Yep. Can they make the membranes in your nose swell up so its harder to breathe, yep. Make you itch,yep. Ears ring, yep. Manipulate or cause a stirring down there in your nether regions, unfortunately yes. This combined with the fact that they can throw thought at the base level to where you will think its your own thought is unnerving. You’ll be thinking one thing then out of the blue will come this thought that you will have to strike down. It’s either one of there thoughts or one of your own thoughts that they recorded and are now sending back to you at their convenience. There are sometimes when I have had enough and will just go blank and they will go “he’s gone” “I told you I was going to erase him”. They just threw” if you post this you will appear insane.” “I don’t feel sorry for you you a..hole”. A lot of times I will just mimick them and do what they do. They’ll throw something and I will go, Thankyou, because thats exactly what they do. I’ll try to explain to them that their going to hell and why and they will go “thats a great speech John”. At which time I will explain to them that apparently you weren’t here when I dubbed my dick great speech. Does it increase your vocabulary and of course the machine will answer. If your here to look stupid speak now, and it will, If i’m kicking the crap out of you speak now, and of course it will. A noisome and grievous sore. 666 six (52) six (52) six (52)= 156 dark gray sphere. The wrath of god for invading man’s innermost being. I am the God of loving kindness.

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