aaarrggghhh Naargilik#15

One of the things the voice to skull harassers like to throw is, “were going to play everything you do. When trying to determine who could be doing this, I thought of my wife’s sister and her husband. I will refer to them as the only child and the middle child. They have been playing everything that they could get there hands on as long as I can remember. The only child claims to work as the webb site coordinator for blade and saw. I looked on the internet and can’t find blade and saw anywhere. The gangstalker that lives next door, his last name is webb. He claims to work in the seafood department for larry’s fish market. Blade and Saw? Seafood department? Larry’s Fish Market?

I am now currently driving around with a little card in my back window. It says, voice to skull harassment, floodofmanywaters1086, I figure at least 250 people have seen this card in the last two days. On this blog, post number 3 shows 250 lines of there sentencing. I would sit down and write down what they were saying. The 250 lines of sentencing came from 26 pages written on both sides. They repeat alot. I  went through all of it and tried to make sure that I got each different sentence. This blog also shows what the people in the neighborhood did to get me to listen and wig my ass out. But more importantly. The bible is a sword to keep the way of the tree of life.

There is a movie. If you read about gangstalking, you will come across this phrase, a series of life’s little mishaps. Everyone is subject to mishaps, but targeted individuals find that they occur more frequent when targeted. There is a movie called” A series of unfortunate events.”

Targeted individuals claim that the voice to skull harassment also includes being investigated, in a conqueror worm sort of way. Meaning whatever they are investigating you for, thats exactly the way the voice to skull harassers act. More ying yang to drive you nuts. They mine your brain via questioning for any tidbit that they can use against you. The brain is a slippery rock. Think of anything but a white horse. AaahhaaAAAA. Imagine being prompted remotely by the anonymous. They love the word p…o. We’ll call it setting the bar. Genius, God and p…o. If you make a mistake after they have set the bar you’ll hear ” sure he’s a genius”. If you do something perfectly while your being goaded, they’ll throw ” he aint no p…o. When they suggest that you read the bible because it will help you out, and oh they do want you out, you’ll find yourself running to god because they have invaded your innermost being. They love setting the bar with god. Now defiling you has so much more meaning. When you get angry because they are acting like a fiend with sound, in a woman’s voice that sounds like she just got out of church, “please don’t be evil”. Then they’ll go back to ying yang psychology, and they do this all day. There is a movie A series of unfortunate events, about orphans (ore fans). The Baudelaire’s, in the movie it sounds like bow delay.

Here’s the part that interests me the most, the antagonist, his name Count Olaf. What the heck is going on?

On 929 2002, I saw a dark gray sphere. The words dark gray sphere add to 156. You can read all about what I saw and how now I have a thing for numbers in my previous posts. Count olaf.

On 929 2002 I saw a dark gray sphere. The words dark gray sphere add to 156. The words (numbers God) adds to 118 mirror 811= 929. Psalm 18:11 is the 156th reference to round.Psalm 18:11 He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.

All I can say is the ministry of propaganda is in full swing.

One minute I was minding my own business, and the next minute, with technology I’ve got people in my underwear reading my every thought. I’m a man. I don’t have the exhibitionist gene. My privacy is important to me. I am never going to let this go. I know who some of the gangstalkers are. What are you thinking? How you gonna roll back down this hill perp. I have God. He says to put you to sleep. Just living on the same planet as you are is a complete offense. You’ve broken every law there is! I don’t need to explain anything to anyone. All I need to do is come and getcha.

Well… the moral of the story is now I have documentation of all that occurred.

The first word in the bible is In, it adds to 23. 32

The 3rd word in the second verse is Earth, earth adds to 52. 25

The second word in the 5th verse is God, that adds to 26. 62

The 6th word in the second verse is Form.

In earth god form. Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature. Thats his stature, buddy. You can add to his stature in your innermost being.

O is 15 on the alphabet table. The word Gray adds to 51.

The O has 1086 references, the word sphere adds 71.

Sphere 71 Rev. 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

O has 1086 references.  Rev.1:7 Behold is the 186th word in revelation.

The picture sqeezed in at the top is bonaventura’s the eucharist.

My first number was by accident, or by mistake. I saw that the number of references to the word that was 12914. I remembered that the concordance says that it references 12811 words. The difference between 12914 and 12811 is 103. Now remember I saw a dark gray sphere, and now their voice to skull harassing me. There must be a way to make them understand that god exists and their making a big mistake. 103, sounds good to me. I remembered when I was younger in church , the pastor talking about the trinity, and he used the stoplight as an example. Three lights, one light. 103 sounds good to me so I ran with it. I believe that the O , is a symbol of what I saw. I am not the only person that has lived, that has seen the dark gray sphere. I believe that the bible is the O pened. Ink and pen add to 88. They ate(8) of the tree of knowledge. 8 means reason or waters, to see (sea) or understand. The O is 15 on the alphabet table. 88+15 is 103. The O pened. Holy Gra El adds to 103. If holy grael adds to 103 then 103 means holy grael. Your innermost being, where God works is the holy grael. Some say that the ark of the covenant is a two way radio. Your innermost being is the ark. The word ark adds to 30. The first reference to ark is Gen. 6:14 . 614 mirror 416 adds 1030. The number1030 means holy grael ark. The bow in the cloud is a token of the covenant. The last reference to token is 2 Thessalonians 3:17. 317mirror713=1030. The words the secret adds to 103. Now normally hidden that is kept secret for a reason. The reason is faith. Alot of people have been driven insane with the voice to skull harassment, because they know that god exists. The voice to skull harassers get the full effect of the ying yang when they make you run to god and your innermost being is defiled all day long by them and your waiting for god to do something about it. He is, right now. See the voice to skull harassers know that god exists. They were there for everything that added up. The flood of many waters didn’t work. So now the question, are you That good. Because now they can invade your innermost being with technology. They have been doing it to people for years. I was born with a heart birthmark on my forhead, between my eyebrows. It took me about five seconds of cognizant thinking to determine what must be done. I will use my innermost being.

Tower of babel (voice to skull harassers)why does it fit?

6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

The hive mind, the people is one and they have all one language, why does it fit?

And now nothing will be restrained from them. Oh, I know what your thinking, you think this means unlimited power, huh?

Why are we here? And now nothing will be restrained from them. Let me show you how I see this verse, while being voice to skull harassed. The word restrained, has the egyptian word for god in there, RE. The every eye is to see God. I’ll show you the every eye. C’mon , don’t be afraid , god is good. If there was a number one  word or meaning for the letter s, wouldn’t it be spirit. Wouldn’t the number one most important word for the letter s be spirit? If you can find a more important s word in the bible other than the word spirit than use it. I see the letter s as meaning spirit. Okay then. Next how about the letter t. The first story is about the tree of knowledge, the tree of life. You plant a seed. You water it. It grows. roots, bough (bow),branches,leaves and bears fruit. Isn’t the innermost being exactly the same. The t looks like a cross. The ankh looks like a cross with a sphere going into the top. The word tree also has the egyptian word for God in there RE. Tree of knowledge. Rabbi has ra in there. Hebrew has re in there. Israel has ra in there. Torah has ra in there. The hebrew word for evil is Rah. I see this as genius. Whenever you see the word for evil in the bible, see god. Still feel like being evil. I didn’t think so. I am the first and the last.  So t in my book means tree. Okay then. The letter  r means are, the mirror . Here is my liscense, Dark (ar) Gray(ra) Sphere(ere).  The bible is a sword(s word) to keep the way of the tree of life. Tree of life means god. The way of the tree of life means your innermost being. The word restrained has the word rain in there. Theres the egyptian word for god again RA IN. Finally the ed. The word day is the 6th word in the 5th verse and I really like 56. So I kept telling the voice to skull harassers that d means light. To illuminate. To make known the unknown. Light adds to 56. A year later I found this verse,Jeremiah9:24 But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I DELIGHT, saith the LORD.
Cool, de light. Mirror ed.  Now the darth vader SOOOoooo. And now nothing will be restrained from them. Whats it mean now? Lets think coffee. Yeah first you put the filter in, then the coffee, now the most important part gods water. What no water? No water no coffee. And now nothing will be restrained from them. When the voice to skull geniuses decided that it was okay to invade someone’s innermost being, guess what, they forgot about God. They announced that there is no God to themselves to everyone else and most importantly to god. Don’t touch the tree of knowledge.

I saw a Dark Gray Sphere on 929 2002. I made a report on the internet, the national ufo reporting center. It ‘s under the shape oval. Yeah at the time I thought oval meant round. You can see a copy on post Behold #6.

929. The number of references to the word evil is 613 mirror 316=929

929. Genesis chapter 9 with 29 verses is where the covenant is.

929. The words numbers God adds 118 mirror 811=929.

Genesis 2:17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it; For in the day, okay here it is , get ready, ok you ready, THAT.

Pay close attention

FOR IN IN IN IN IN IN IN , The first word in the bible is in, it tells you everything.

THE DAY THE DAY THE DAY, and the light he called day.

What do these words mean For what anyone anyone For in.

And whats in mean, the day, where light is shined.

And whats it called…. THAT .

FOR IN THE DAY THAT. Now you see what I see.

For in the day that thou eatest thereof. There adds 56 of 15 OF6 156.

Thou shalt and now for the first reference to the word SURELY….die.

Think about the word surely.

Its in Genesis 2:17, on 929 2002, I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. 217mirror712=929. Say good bye to surely gangstalkers. Say good bye to surely gangstalkers. Say good bye to surely voice to skull harassers. Your only responsible for what you know. The machine can influence anyone. It will record and send back. Some thoughts are not your own. Those are the ones that come out of nowhere. Know now your mistake? Then it was just the machine. How do you stand spotless and blameless before God. Recognize that he is all powerful. Having a problem seeing indeed despite God’s forgiveness. Well then blame it on the machine. Do you know who you are?Surely.

You know its kinda weird, a machine on the one hand that can influence anyone, Just in time for

Did you know that in Psalm 18 if you count to the 103 word its heard, 103 words later its dark, 103 words later its waters. Heard dark waters adds to 156. The first and last word in the bible adds to 56. The 5th and 6th word in the bible are created the. The word created is the first word to add to 56. The word the adds to 33. The word thirty three adds to 156. Are you sure numbers don’t talk. 5 and 6 are in the midst of one thru ten. The word midst adds to 65 the mirror of 56. The word midst is the word mist with a d in the midst of it. Remember I think the letter d means light. Delight. The first two words in the add to 56. The 156th word in the bible is God. The 56th word in the bible is That. This is the very first reference to the word That. God says his name is I am that I am. The 56th word from the end of the bible is God. The 156th word from the end of the bible is Am. The seven references to the word covenant in chapter 9 of genesis 7 chapter 9’s=63, seven verses adding to 93. 63+93 is 156. The word innermost is the 156th I word in the concordance with references. The word beings adds to 56. Dark Gray Sphere adds to 156. The words ark ra here. Sphere adds to 71 , the borders of dark gray sphere dkgyse add to 71. Numerical,new miracle. Mist story, Midst story, Mystery. I know that I repeat the same things. You don’t know the things that I have typed and then looked at them again and said no, that will just be confusing. The voice to skull harassers are keenly interested in making me look crazy. I have to listen to insane and crazy at least 50 times a day. They don’t want me to talk. They don’t want me to breathe, stand , drink water, look up or down. They will tell me that they know I am good with my peripheral.  The last time I saw the only child, my wife’s brother inlaw, I asked him if he new anything about voice to skull harassment and gangstalking and he said ” I think the cure for cancer will mutate into a virus and that will be what kills mankind.” He was talking about the movie legend. So I asked him again if he new anything about voice to skull harassment and gangstalking and this is what he said,” I think the cure for cancer will mutate into a virus and that will be what kills mankind”.  I’m surrounded. When I try to explain whats going on to my wife, she some how turns it around and she’s the one being harassed. Sometimes I think of Indonesia. I wonder what its like to be voice to skull harassed in indonesian.

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4 Responses to “aaarrggghhh Naargilik#15”

  1. downcastmysoul Says:

    Maybe you should start a radio ministry. All of those numerical links could not be mere coincidence. The End Times could always need more people who preach the Word. A lot of people trust numbers and little else. Math always “works out” when life does not. I guess I would make sure the listeners had a King James Bible and Strong’s Concordance before they sat down to listen.

    Keep running into songs about the sorry state of affairs today. If you want me to find more lyrics just ask.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      Holy koran adds 119 mirror 911 total 1030. Holy grael adds 103. Ark adds 30. Everyone is entitled to god. Numbers are facts. People have been arguing about perception and meaning. God is not about arguing. How smart is God? He says his name is I am that I am. The very first reference to the word that is the 56th word in the bible. The first and the last word in the bible add to 56. The first and the second word add to 56. The second word adds to 33. The word 33 adds to 156. The 5th and the 6th word in the Bible created the. Created is the first word that adds to 56. 5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. The word midst adds 65 the mirror of 56.The 7 references to the covenant in chapter 9 of genesis 7times 9=63, 7 verses = 93. 93+63=156. The numbers are a sword to keep the way of the tree of life. The way of the tree of life is your innermost being. Man with technology, voice to skull harassment, is corrupting the way of the tree of life. Innermost is the 156th I word in the concordance. I don’t mind saying the same things over and over. The 156th word in the Bible is God. The 56th word from the end of the bible is God. The 156th word from the end of the Bible is AM. I am that I am. Ezekiel44:7 In that……… Ye have brought into my sanctuary…. .
      I am currently driving around with a card on the back of my car with this on it, Voice to skull harassment, Floodofmanywaters1086, Untill someone with a brain gets it. These are facts. By the way I have nowhere from which to fall. Whatever happens will just work for me. Remember the movie clockwork orange. The end where he is sitting in the theatre with his eyes propped open. He use to like Bethoven. But they were playing Bethoven music when they were brain washing him, now everytime he hears Bethoven music he gets sick. Thats what these aholes are doing. Anchoring and triggering everything. You should see what I go through just to mow the lawn. I have to where gun headphones with temperpedic stuffed in there and ear plugs because I don’t know what these gooners are going to do next.

  2. downcastmysoul Says:

    Another ti did that for awhile but got harassed and threatened in traffic so much she stopped. Have you noticed increased blog traffic with the sign on? If so, it still might be worth it. Everything I do is anchored and triggered as well. I live in a nightmare world and if I sleep deep enough to dream I have more nightmares that way.

  3. Caleb Says:

    Hello, I am a fellow mind control slave, for my entire life. I live in the united states of america.

    If voice to skull is all they do, consider yourself a bit lucky, if they don’t move you around and think/speak for you as they do me, then that is a fortunate thing for you.

    We must unite, to end this. Please seek other victims!

    If you would like my email we can exchange them.

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