voice to skull harassment, Ganstalking#16

Again here is the proof of voice to skull harassment. With technology they have been driving people nuts with sound and thought via the inner ear. It assumes all incoming sound. If the loudest sound is the passing car, thats where the voices sound like there coming from. If the loudest sound is the fan in your bedroom, thats where the voices seem to be coming from. Rule of law is dead.  If you have ever invaded the innermost being of another for any reason, you are damned for all eternity. Don’t take my word for it. Surely. God didn’t create my innermost being so that you could play sado buttmunch.

Psalm56 verse5: Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil.
Verse6: They gather themselves together, they hide themselves, they mark my steps, when they wait for my soul.

A noisome and grievous sore. A tower of babel. Babylon and on and on……

Their here to wish me a happy birthday.

  1. Some of us want to know why you prefer to be by yourself.
  2. We’re here to teach you to shut your mouth.
  3. This is to give your life more meaning.
  4. We’re here to play everything you do.
  5. This is about the way you have treated your mother.
  6. Your accused of hurting a kid.
  7. We want you out of here.
  8. This is all about your smoking.
  9. Some of us think you know Jesus.
  10. We’re tired of watching Debbie play you.
  11. We’re here to clear you.
  12. We do this to everyone just before they become great.
  13. We do this because you don’t leave anything alone.
  14. This is to teach you that life’s unfair.
  15. Because we feel sorry for you.
  16.  Because you don’t know how lucky you are.
  17. Because we can.
  18. Because I find it amusing.
  19. Because you need to be stronger than the whole world.
  20. Because I’m an oral midget with a mental problem and I’m on my period. ( I just made that one up.) 

You’ve been terrorizing the neighborhood for years. Please John just get out. Okay you’re clear. Please John just shut up. Can you tell me why now he is ignoring us. I am going to steal your every moment you puke. Were going to play everything you do. John I see everything you do. If you do anything I am going to call the police on you. Because he is still sick. I thought I knew this guy. This guy is driving me crazy.. Were going to make you look like a p… no matter what you do. You can no longer do what you want to John. That shows you that this guy is not a genius.

John you’re my kind of guy. I hate you you basta… John you need to figure something out. No kidding. Because he can’t. John your wonderful. I told you, you a.. hole. John get into a accident now. John you know fear now. John I think this is funny. I mean it. I am going to continue to place you under pressure. I’ll do anything to get this qubait out. We’ve all decided that you should brush your teeth. Why do you do anything for. I love qubaiting this a.hole.

John this is all about the way you’ve treated your Mom. John did you know your being investigated for being a p… We know your good with your peripheral John. That shows you that he did. We only want you out John. Oh absolutely this guy is a p… This is your worst nightmare isn’t it John. John, I worned you. You better stay away from me and my family I’m warning you. He can’t help himself. Please don’t beat your m… John. I promise you One day I will shoot you. Please just pull the cameras out. This P…….. will never figure it out. John your nothing but an a..hole. John I can give you cancer. Qubaiting this guy is great. I do this because I find it amusing. John tonight I am going to see to it that you don’t sleep. I am going to continue to place you in danger.

 I’ve known you since high school. We’ve been trying to clear you for years. John you don’t think you’re in danger but you are. We’re beyond humiliation. How does it feel to be abused. I can change you. John think of your mother. You better not come after us you puke. John you’re beautiful. Excellent. I can’t stand you anymore. I know your every secret. Please just calm down. I can shoot you right now. I want this a..hole out. How could this guy ever be a p…… John you have to be stronger than the hole world. I’ve ruined every job you’ve ever had you puke. You’re not special. This guys boring. I love this a..hole. I can’t believe I ever loved you. Whatever keeps John smoking. John I need your genius. John these are descent people. I didn’t do this so that you could be evil. I just wanted you to know you are my favorite qu..bait. Isn’t he neat. Isn’t he.

 If you had Johns face what would you say, ow. I am going to do whatever it takes to drive this guy insane. Why do you think I did any of this for. I’m trying to rescue you. I am hear to test you John. You don’t do anything you puke. Just be a good boy. What if we kill inky the cat? Actually right there. I’m hear to erase you John. What if he can’t. John this was all about getting you to quit smoking. John doesn’t quit anything. John all you have to do is cancel. I had no idea that it was going to be like this. I’ll do whatever it takes to beat you up. He won’t shut his mouth. John right now you are being so stupid. He won’t give up. John you’re a liar. I don’t like John like this way. I want that p…..le out of hear right now. You know this is designed to wipe you out. Johns clear you bastrd. I told you I am going to erase you you bastrd. He’s the new Jesus. John I’m sure going to miss you. No matter how many times you prove that God exists he’s not going to save you.

John there’s no way you can win. This is to give your life more meaning you puke. I really feel sorry for you punk. Let him clean up then we’ll swoop in for the kill. I did this because I feel sorry for you. John I think you should sleep. John don’t breathe. I can put you out of a job. John think of what you can do. What can John do? By the time we’re done with John he’ll be a well oiled machine. We’re hear to show you the power of God is not enough. None if us are going to leave you alone. John you know I am going to set your house on fire. I told you that. I love this a..hole. Johns whole life has been unfair. John there isn’t anything you can do. Oh John thank you. Bless you John. John you act like you are retired. You’re nothing but a big baby. John I’ll race you. John speed up. John you have no idea what I can do. This guy never lets anything go you a..hole. John remember, I am hear to clear you.

Until he doesn’t care about anything. John you know your nothing but a hassle. We’re gonna qubait you until your dead. I’ve been trying to get you out of hear for years you a..hole. How good are you at argueing. I am going to remain hear until he’s clear. He aint no p…  Did you know we helped to kill all of your cats. You’re too easily manipulated. I’ll do anything to give you cancer. I am going to do this until you stand up like a man. He’s drinking water the bastrd. This guys a physical genius. I hope I’m not boring you. Until he gets out. Qubait, I want you out. Can you believe that. I’ll do whatever it takes to wipe you out. Please John just don’t say anything. John you sure are a shthead. John you’re alright. This is stupid. Please he is going to be evil. He’s gone. Please don’t talk. John there’s something you don’t know. Don’t speak or they will own you. Close your mouth and you can do whatever you want to. By now John must have figured out that there is something wrong. God has cursed you. God has led me right to you.

Are you sure this guy aint homo. That’s it get up. What else is John suppose to do. What can John do? John just think baseball. John look behind you. I can’t wait to see John start throwing everything out. John you better not come after us. John I own you. John I’m here to test you. We only want to take a picture of your brain. John you don’t do anything. John it’s not too late. John you’re too old. John is too old for this. I am going to continue to chase you. I like John just like this. Get off of me. John if you go to the police I promise you I will shoot you. I know he is. Oh please. You ready to get hurt bud. How does it feel to be abused? John did you know we want you to go to the police. Can you imagine how pissed he is. Watching you is so funny Qurbait. Honestly there’s nothing you can do you a..hole. John I don’t see it.

You don’t know how lucky you are you bastrd. John I like watching you get mad. Now I see it. He’s good. I told you John’s unusual. You better get use to it. Johns been scared his whole life. That shows you that he scared. Were going to qurbait you no matter what you do. Are you sure he can hear. Mommy! John if you get out of here you win. If he doesn’t give up its because he’s evil. Praise God. Until this guy needs a doctor. I promise you he won’t. You better get out of here and I mean it. This guys crazy. Oh I know. Uh oh. Until he comes after me. Whatever it takes to keep this sob sitting down.You see. What’s wrong with you. I thought he was good. Don’t worry I’ll do it. John I want you. That’s clear. What does John do?

 Whatever it takes to keep him from breathing. I promise you one day he will. Think of Jesus. John you know we already own you. I told you that. Good boy. You’re not a genius you puke. He’s beating the sht out of us can you believe this. I hate you. John I am going to continue to place you under pressure. My kid is stronger than you. John you better be careful. I’m going to do this to you until your too old. Did you know the machine is designed to confuse you. I’ve been here for every episode John. John now look how smart you are. F u you a hole. This will either cure you or kill you John. John what side of the street are you on. End.

 So, now you have an idea of what they say to people remotely, with no repercussions and no rule of law. 

 Eze:447 In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers uncircumsized in the heart and uncircumsized in the flesh even my house to pollute it.

Corinthians 3:16   Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 
  1 Corinthians 3:17   If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye  ARE. 

What are you gonna do now SURELY.  Don’t forget to bring some ice. Maybe some barbecue sauce.                              

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16 Responses to “voice to skull harassment, Ganstalking#16”

  1. downcastmysoul Says:

    This is what will happen to them throughout all eternity in Hell. This endless torment. No escape. I wonder, does a perp garbage ever repent of this and turn to God?

  2. floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

    You know I sent these lines of sentencing to Eleanor White. She got back to me the next day and said this is the kind of thing that needs to be discussed in a forum. I have to use the computer at my sweethearts place of work so I don’t know from one day to the next when I will have access to the internet. I gave her permission to use this as proof. I also told her that I wouldn’t get ahold of her again, because I was nervous. It was the first thing I have ever posted on the internet. The first email etc. This whole thing is freakier than sht. But the beanstalkers just keep porky goading me. Man, I was looking at the comments on your blog. For me I have figured out that it assumes all incoming sound via the inner ear. Whatever the loudest sound is, thats where the voices sound like there coming from. If a plane is the loudest sound, their voices sound like there coming from the plane. At night I have a fan going in the bedroom, on the left, a air purifier on the right. Music was coming from the left and voices were coming from the right at the same time. When I put the gun headphones on , their voices are next to nothing because all exterior sound is cut off. But the voices are still going emanating from my head but not as loud . It gets louder depending on the loudness of the exterior sound. Except for computers and television. So for me a hard of hearing stethoscope with 64 times digital gain is my dream. I’m going to hook it up to a tape recorder and aaahhaaa. Gotcha. I can’t hear my heartbeat in my ears unless I’m under alot of pressure. But I can hear their voices all the time. I think that these people, unless God appears before them, aren’t going to get a clue. You know if he did appear before them, it would be a flood of many waters all at once.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      Hi downcast its flood of many waters. I had a tooth removed that had metal in it and my personality changed. I don’t feel compelled to respond to the goading and the quality of the sound is less. Meaning for me its the metal in my mouth. They use my teeth with metal to stimulate my brain into responding to there crap. I felt letting you know is important. Have one of the teeth at the borders of your mouth either completely removed or the metal replaced with porcelain. It may change your life. Now I can barely hear them and I am not affected any where’s near the way I was compelled before to respond. Good Luck. Another thing is one thing you might want to consider is it is funny how people must first bring there crap before you can make a descision…….. about God. You have to read this first, otherwise you don’t know anything about God. So you read it agree, and now their in charge. We only write unto you none other things than that what you read or acknowledge- corinthians. The only reason God becomes an issue is because they are in your innermost being. I’m sorry to say this, but movies music and everything else is just good enough to fathom and remind us that we are voice to skull harassed. First they bake the Pie, whats right whats honorable, freinds family etc. only so they can ying yang the crap out of you with psychology. Even the very words that we use to communicate. Example In fil trator, c(see) enter- center, Sound dental practices. In dentured servitude. They have been doing this to people for a long time. The phrase can you flush. canned laughter right. canned voice to skull harassment. The voice to skull harassment you flush- can you flush. The words here (hear), in ,voices, head, round, mind, where (wear),are almost in every song. Guess what there singing about. Get one of the teeth at the borders of your mouth with the most metal. Mine was second from the lower right. This is a major breakthrough. They are using the metal in your teeth to stimulate your brain to respond.

  3. downcastmysoul Says:

    It would be a good idea to get onto the forums even if you have to do it at a library since people could tell you how to shield yourself from the constant barrage of voices. Some people try multiple radios on different stations to block the V2k shit. One poster recommended as many as 7 radios in different locations around the room all on different stations.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      What forums? Can you give me a web site address for a forum. I’m not sure helping the voice to skull harassers with multiple radios is a good Idea. I use to have my radio set for all the mexican radio channels, driving around listening to mexican music all day. I started thinking about it and I’m not going to change my life style for these creeps. I shouldn’t have to listen to mexican music all day. One night while laying in bed, after having listened to mexican music all day, the voice to skull harassers threw El Crapo, over and over in a repeating loop. Sometimes I would put it on the station that had the most static, I aint going to go through that anymore. One thing for me that I recently discovered, is if you put your minds eye on your ears, both of them, and relax, you can’t hear them. The only thing that I can think of is, I am controlling the mechanism by which they throw sound. Whatever that is.

  4. downcastmysoul Says:

    Wow, maybe others would like to hear of that. I never heard of that. I mean, in general, the ti yahoo groups. I don’t know of any others that are active except some web page a Chinese lady runs and the Saturday chats by Derrick Robinson.

    There are about 10 yahoo target forums. Mcforums is the biggest one, Multistalk is the most active, and McActivism is for those who wish to be active in getting their lives back. A couple of others have come and gone and there are several smaller groups that post less, like, Mind Control Research Forum and Help Stop Gangstalking.

    You don’t have to listen to Mexican music. I sometimes use a radio playing one station, a tv in the background and then something ELSE on my headphones. Your life style has already been changed. Very much changed It will never be the same even if targetting ends. We will all be left with the trauma and psychological damage forever at least until we go to be with the Lord.

    I started shopping at a Mexican grocery due to their lower prices since I can’t afford to feed myself all month on the outlandish grocery store prices.

    Go to Yahoo groups and look for the groups I’ve mentioned. There may be others that have started since I’ve looked last since this problem is spreading despite the fact the freaks are trying to keep it secret.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      I bought a super ear, it costs between $50 and $70, every time I have worn it it cuts their sound down to next to nothing. This confuses me but who cares it works. I understand from being harassed how angry and livid one can get. I hope you can get one of these. My friend.

  5. downcastmysoul Says:

    what is a super ear?

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      A listening device that magnifies sound. This is why I am confused that it works. The only thing I can think of is it magnifies existing sound. They use existing sound to harass you. In my case the loudest sound, is where their voices seem to be emanating from. They use my inner ear and the louder any existing sound is the louder their voices are. At first I thought it was micro cameras and microphones. I even bought a couple of sport whistles thinking that if they were using microphones and micro listening devices,I could blow their eardrums out. I had to read about voice to skull and gangstalking to figure it out. I took off the bathroom mirror and looked behind that. I unscrewed the bathroom towel rack and looked to see if there were any electronic bugs. Every time I would walk by an area that had sound say like a window, they would throw “careful, John can hear”. They would throw ” John you need to figure something out”. I was unscrewing electrical outlets and looking in there. Because the neighbors were acting weird, I thought I could catch them with a listening device. Not knowing that one of them pretty much knows my every move. Not all gangstalkers are up to speed moment by moment as to what’s going on. It’s more likely it is on a need to know basis. I had one neighbor who would walk by the window and say because I like it. She did this more than once. 2 years later I am voiced to skull harassed and I hear “You know why I do this, because I like it”. So she didn’t know that I couldn’t hear. The son of the guy across the street yells out while I am downstairs in the kitchen, “thats because he’s too busy smoking pot.” Meaning he was bitching because I couldn’t hear the voice to skull harassment. It wasn’t untill the neighbors were blatantly yelling things out that I started to listen. The super ear has cut their sound down everytime I have worn it. I know that they like to play sado games and will let you hope for a while and then suprise, their still hear. I think that they cannot calibrate existing sound hitting the skin, with the super ear on. The skin can hear. This is how the neurophone works. At first I got paranoid. If you are weak, the gangstalkers move forward. If you are strong, they fall back and you are crazy and gangstalking them. I thought that they were letting me think the super ear worked because they wanted me to purchase more spy equipment indicating that I am stalking them. I don’t think one listening device is a prime indicator that I am subject to litigation. My blog is written proof as to whats going on in case they try to band together and concoct strength in numbers. I can’t even purchase a gun because as soon as I do, Oh my God theres a man on the wing of the plane with a gun, you know what I mean. Nope just a lawn chair ,a cigarette and a balloon, watching them work on their yard waiting for them to turn their back on me ought to cause them to have an out of body experience. I’m not doing anything booommm ooopppsie. Ha ha.

  6. downcastmysoul Says:

    I hope I’d get a “good” super ear if I ordered one online. Here, the post office is in on it too. Is this via UPS? Some of my voices sound like they are my inner voice in my mind but are clearly outside attacks. Can the super ear stop those as well? I’ve never found a bug, but any cordless phone can be used as a bug. I think most tech is remote today being initiated from nearby homes, with some even more remote than that, even satellites. I want to see these shits pay while I yet live.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      If they have given you a voice, when you address them, this means you are strong. For me I can think silently to myself. But the machine makes it known that it can read my mind. They gave me a voice 6 months after they started but it is only audible when I address them. When I address the shitheads, I can hear it audibly. First the shitheads were live. Then they got tired and went for the autopunk. Every once and awhile someone would get creative and go live. Because they gave me a voice, or its the machine, I let them have it. I have to face reality. Some of my moments are to ingenius for it to be just me. I know it’s confusing. If the machine has given you a voice, it will slow down your mind. Meaning the voice doesn’t go as fast as thought. You get use to hearing the sound and then they slow the voice down and it drags your mind. Almost like you just stuttered and have to concentrate real hard to make the sentence complete. Or they will record the voice that they have given you and when you are not paying attention to them, throw it at you to get your attention. Or they use it for forced speech. Meaning , they will say something and with your previously recorded response answer themselves dragging your mind along. When you are use to fighting in the voice I suspect that they will just shut it off causing you to flounder like a fish out of water causing further despair. The only good thing about it is singing. I would go into this but first I have to know for sure that they have given you a audible voice. If they have given you the audible voice , you know, not them, but you responding to them, then this means you are strong. I am trying to look at it from the brightside. Some of the targeted individuals are older and they sound like they have live perps. Because I just expelled a foreign object, several years ago, I am alot stronger and smarter than they would have liked. The super ear I bought at a spy store. They have spy stores now. I went in looking for a jammer. I live in Maple valley in Washington State outside of the Seattle area. I bought the Super ear off of highway 7 also known as pacific in Tacoma not too far from the 512 freeway. I was driving today wearing it. It cuts my voice down by 60 percent driving, and at night by 85 percent. It cuts their voices down by 60 percent driving during the day to 85 percent at night. I don’t know why this is. Maybe they cut their sound down at night. You need headphones to go with it. Get the headphones with the little volume wheel on the wire attached to the headphones. These work better than just regular headphones. Meaning you also should look for headphones that have a volume wheel on the headphone wire. This will give the super ear more versatility in blocking their sound. I notice when I eat fritos, that I can’t hear them. Cruching seems to interfere with their sound. Who knows how their doing it. I say the teeth. It has to be something that can’t cause them to be litigated against. Meaning if you were to have your teeth looked at they probably wouldn’t find anything. I busted four teeth eating at my girlfriends parents house in a 3 year period. Never busted any teeth before that. Never busted any teeth after that. From 1984 to 1987 eating at the same house, I busted 4 teeth. What are the odds of that. Middle of the upper right. Middle of the upper left. Middle of the lower left. Middle of the lower right. We would be eating steak and crunch, cracked or chipped a tooth. So now you are eating on the other side of your mouth untill you can afford to get it fixed. While it deteriorates. Then crack there goes a tooth on the other side of your mouth. So I go to the dentist to get one fixed blah blah blah to make a long story short, These people have a thing for words, Indentured servitude. I know 2 people in my life, young guys who when I saw them later they were both missing one of there eye teeth. I saw a guy on you tube who is trying to make known voice to skull and gangstalking and he is also missing one of his eye teeth. When I go to the dentist to get one of my cracked teeth removed, with his dremmel tool, oopsie he barely nicks one of my eye teeth. 3 years later it now has a hole in it. I go to the dentist to have the hole fixed and oopsie with his dremmel tool he nicks my other eye tooth. And now I have a hole in it and have to go to the dentist to have that one fixed. The movie Dune, when you see the baron(barren) remember the tooth, the tooth, the tooth. The Shield is down. Coincidence. Heat upon heat upon heat. To test if you are human. Get out of my mind. The Quiz at sat a rat. Some sounds can kill. Fear is the mind killer. The sandworms are attracted to any movement. Still (steal) suits. I now figure over 1000 people have seen the little card with voice to skull harassment, flood of many waters wordpress.com. I find it interesting that voice to skull harassment is wordpress. Isn’t that weird. When you talked about being in the grocery store it just blew my mind. These people are going to pay for this. Did you know that the 256 lines of their sentencing is proof that this is happening. No one could just make that up. It shows the psychology and the fact that they have been figuring out what drives people nuts for years. There’s more than one way to get a beanstalker and I’m going to get every single one of them.

  7. downcastmysoul Says:

    Most of my V2k sounds like thoughts in my head. I get softly audible voices too. They are mostly live it seems. Sometimes “I” will say something in my mind, but it’s not me, it’s them trying to insert a forced thought or try to force me to speak. I once caught them doing forced speech on me just as I was falling asleep. Of course it was something negative. In the beginning I got automatic voices that repeated the same thing over and over sometimes when the “live” voice was not reporting everything I was doing in my apt. Later I got V2k all over town not just in my apt. Mind reading came next. They started that by responding to my silent prayers. I was horrified and immediately went into denial and thought it was my imagination. It wasn’t.

    If I think something nonsensical or very negative that isn’t me, I know it’s them. Sometimes I catch myself saying utter bullshit sentences that make no sense. It’s them. They like to mind f*ck me in public to make me look stupid and crazy.

    They pulled 4 teeth in that area when I had braces. Do you mean canine teeth? I got my braces off then later I moved out and only had dental coverage for 2 years out of 25 since I left my folks coverage. A lot of my teeth have had to be pulled. One summer, I needed like, 3 teeth pulled. The voices started then. Some dentist one of those referral services sent me to. I could not pay him all at once and had to pay him off. He did not mind. Guess not, the scum sucking freak probably implanted me.

    That is weird about your gf house. Probably your significant other is in on this? Or her family. How long have you been with her? Why won’t she marry you? If you’ve been with her 20 years? Is her father/mother in defense or government? You live in the NW. There’s Boeing.

    I had a “friend” for almost 20 years that I now see was probably a handler or reporting to someone. Any other friend I’ve ever had turned on me much more quickly. She was only a buddy, though. Not a significant other.

    You have probably been a ti much longer than you think. 1984? For crap’s sake! That’s 25 years ago!

    They get me so much in the store since I don’t go many places. The store is one the few places I go.

    A beanstalker??? I call mine all kinds of names but the shit and the filth are good.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      When I say eye teeth, yes the canine teeth. I know exactly what you mean about just before you fall asleep. That place in between. I found myself awaking at 3 in the morning, what I just said echoing in my mind, realizing that I had been half asleep, half awake or hypnotized and hadn’t been sleeping at all. It starts with me fighting them audibly, with the voice that they have given me. It’s a cult of some kind. I have been a target my entire life. I’m not sure if they implant you when you are a child to keep their options open to play you and with dental work come’s sound. See I think they do this to alot of people to keep their options open. You know to set you up for financial gain, voyeurism, imformation etc. I find it hard to believe that a satellite laser is following me around. Shoot I’ll be in walmart at the sandwhich shop and I can still hear them. I can tell from reviewing my life that they have always been here. They have always been here! It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt. I could probably site 400 examples of how I know that they have always been here. Either A. The machine can influence anyone or B. These assholes are all over the place. On my blog eventually I will post what a series of mishaps are using my life as a example. I’m not a griper. My mother left when I was 14, for the mental institution. My sister has scars up and down her arms because she use to cut herself for attention while she was in the mental institution. Both of them were in the mental institution because my dad was a monster. He was in the coastguard and made the Great Santini look like a angel. The great santini is an older movie with Robert Duvall. Car problems, I ‘ve got some stories. Just the tales of the bus would kill ya. Yeah riding the bus. Some of the stuff I have been subject to I can’t even post because it’s too bizarre and would make you go this can’t be. But enough about me. Again downcastmysoul, there is a God. These people are not going to get away with anything. The more they do the deeper and further they go. As far as I am concerned they are jockying for the all time damnation award. These people are going to be sucking shit through a straw for all eternity. I have the information that will do to them what they are trying to do us. It’s not my fault that these people are so evil. All I can do is point. Pi is 3.14. In chapter 3 verse 14 God says his name is I am that I am. From the beginning of the verse to the end of I am that I am on the calculator it says 314. It is 10 words (one sphere). Point adds to 74. Perfection for. I will instill repercussions with facts, indicating that God exists. Psalm 56 verse 5 and 6 is the definition of gangstalking and voice to skull harassment. Read it. God knows all about these shitheads. I am going to get them all.

    • floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

      Sometimes I will say something in my mind but its not me. Does this mean you can hear your thought in a voice that they have given you, audibly.This is what they have done to me. The only reason I mention it is….. the singing? The only reason I mentioned the store is because I am a guy and it really bothered me when you translated what they said. I think for crap’s sake is funny, you made me laugh.

  8. downcastmysoul Says:

    They keep saying that over and over in Mexican stores because I don’t know a lot of Spanish and they know I know what that means. The voice I have of me in my head sounds like me but when it says things I never meant I know it’s THEM.

    I just get negative dreams/nightmares usually but caught the assholes that one time getting me to say without my knowledge as I fell asleep something so evil, so abominable, I was shocked. I wonder if others that I have spent the night with hear what the freaks make me say and then turn on me thinking that if I say it in my “sleep” it must be true. I have asked friends (well ex friends) and no one has said I talk in my sleep.

    Your father sounds horrible. Maybe he is your original perp. My parents were in on it from day one. I just can’t figure out if they were threatened to do it, or if they did it to “get back” at me for not being the daughter they wanted. Write more later.

  9. downcastmysoul Says:

    OK it’s later. I think they lay the groundwork for further targetting by giving a potential ti a lousy childhood so they have the victim mentality right to become a target for life. That is why I didn’t notice it right away and stayed in denial so long. I had always been a loner and not very much liked so having people be rude to me in public was not so unusual to my thinking. It was only when the rudeness was joined by some freaky weirdness by people who would not ordinarily be rude to me I thought maybe something was going on. Later, I was grilled by these people at my job like they were “spies” trying to find shit out about me. I would go to lengths to avoid them. Later, I would see them show up at stores where I shopped. After that it seemed the lousy treatment became an everyday thing wherever I went. It wasn’t until long after I started hearing the voices and had been first marginilized totally and made homeless that I first started looking for this on the Net. I noticed other people had problems but NO ONE seemed to get it like me.

    It must have been preplanned for years because, yes, the freaks are everywhere. Everytime I look into their big comic smirks and leers I die a little more.

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