11811 ARK, NUMBERS GOD=118 MIRROR 811=929

 I bought a super ear for $70, a device that magnifies sound. It completely cuts their sound down to next to nothing. This confuses me.  The only thing I can think of is they can not calibrate the difference. I’m pretty sure that in my case they use the skin as an anttenae, or neurophone technology. But I bought one of those Bob’s brain tuners, a device that you clip to your ear lobes that emits the schuman frequency and that didn’t work. UPDATE-SATURDAY FEBRUARY 20TH- It’s the headphones with the volume wheel on the cord, not the Super ear. ANY headphones with a volume control wheel or lever on the headphone wire to increase or decrease sound cuts their voice to skull sound down to next to nothin.  How do you like me now voice to skull harassers?

Hard of hearing stethoscopes, for doctors that don’t hear so well. Some of these hard of hearing stethoscopes have a 64 times digital gain. You can also hook them up to a tape recorder. They are $500 to $700 dollars. I cannot hear my heartbeat in my ears, but I can hear them all the time.

 I think this will work. When I can afford it, I will find out.

There was one lady that was doing 25mph in 35 mph zone. Then she slows down to ten, puts on her turn signal, and when the side street approaches, she comes to a complete stop. Turns off her turn signal and continues on doing 25 mph in the 35mph zone. Slows down to ten, then puts on her turn signal, comes to the side street, comes to a complete stop, turns off her turn signal and continues on doing 25mph in the 35 mph zone. After doing this 4 times, that’s it, I’m getting tired of this crap and she takes the next left, no turn signal doing ten miles an hour. So I turn left. She pulls into the first left hand driveway. I pull over to the side of the road, yeah I wanna see whats going on here. She backs out of the driveway  turns around and drive’s out the same way she came in. So I turn around and she turns left onto the same street doing 25mph in the 35mph zone and I’m right behind her again, same as before. So she does the exact same thing and after four false lefts she turns left, pulls into the first driveway, backs out, turns around and gets back on the same street. That was it for me. I just sat there parked on the side of the road, across from the driveway she just backed out of again, and  smoked a cigarette.

Its like this, I suspect all of this is for various reasons. Power,control,information,sadism, betting, voyeurism, opportunity, live drama, indemitable servitude, and for gooners to fullfill their desire to be great. 

You ever notice how some people are totally smarmy, untill something goes wrong and then its the end of the world. You ever notice why some people act like their all that and you can’t understand why. Almost as if their not developed. Like it was handed to them. Like they know every move, because of their coddled medium and its their right because life’s unfair.

All I can say is where would a midget be without his psychology.

They go from I’m in charge to how dare you, how could you be so inconsiderate. Just like that. No in between. I have account after account of weird beyond belief, but alot of it I can’t say because it is just too graphic.

Do you know that there is only one word in the concordance that has 360 references, Woman.

The concordance references 12811 words. How do I know that woman is the only word that has 360 references.

Because with technology I am voiced to skull harassed. My most private of privacies has been invaded. They with the use of a computer are reading my mind. I have to watch every thought as if it is in the public domain and I don’t appreciate it. I am not a dog.

I  looked at every single word in the bible, giving it everything I’ve got to instill repercussions in the voice to skull harassers, for trying to drive me insane with sound and thought.

Woman is the only word in the bible that has 360 references. O

Mother, Daughter, Holy Spirit adds 314 (3.14 O)

There are 1086 references to O

If you add all the chapters to the word cross, the total is 333, Gray is the 333 G word with references.

If you add all the verses to the word cross, it is 632

Jesus adds to 74 mirror 47 total 121.

On 929 2002 I saw a dark gray sphere. Dark Gray Sphere adds to 156. For two years I have been trying to get the voice to skull harassers to stop with repercussions in the form of numbers. The words numbers God adds to 118 mirror 811=929. Psalm 18:11 is the 156th reference to round. If you read the verse it has Dark Gray Sphere written all over it. Dark means wisdom. Dark Gray. The words Dark Gray Spirit add 176. The 67th word in the bible is darkness. The 76th word in the bible is darkness. The word Dark d(4) a(1) r(18) k(11). 11811. ARK 11811. The words numbers god add 118 mirror 811=929 


965+121=1086 There are 1086 references to the O in the Bible.

This was the first time knowing what I know, That I landed on 1086.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. If you look at date occured it is wrong. If you read the report you will see how the week before I read in the newspaper about the first sucessful hot air baloon attempt over mount rainier. If you type in and search for this notice the date, September19th 2002.

 National UFO Reporting Center

Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/2002 17:00
Reported: 1/9/2004 2:59:33 AM 02:59
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Kent, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:6 minutes
round dark grey sphere motionless then slowly left smaller smaller till gone. as left size proportionate.im from seattle it was the summer of 2002 behind prudential in kent. im waiting for my sweetheart of twenty years who is working inside now the good stuff ive never seen anything and didnt expect to in forever who is to say you will meet anybody else. im standing next to the car and look at the sky to the south mostly clear with high clouds and i see this dark grey ball in the distance floating motionless just above a layer of clouds after a few what the’s i run inside grab debbie tell her what i saw and we run back out i point right at it because if you wern’t looking right at it you wouldnt see it and she says i see it i go to get the video camera out of the car have trouble findig it in the view finder look at the object itself and it is slowly movig too the left but as it is movinit is proportionatly getting smaller in size it moved 6 inches in my view and was gone.debbie was looking at aplane she drives me nuts i guess she couldnt see it because it wasnt suppose to be there.it was at the beginnig of the week and i remember reading in the newspaper before that someone flew hot air baloon over mount ranier and at first i thought it was that but it was perfectly round darkish military grey not shiny and duration 6and a half minutest seemed like it had a square protusion travelig from one side of the globe to the other 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 when it did move it moved very slow almost sneaky like and got smaller in diameter untill it was gone it was very clearly a dark grey orb estimate it to beat least ten miles away hard to tell when it comes to sky but i would say the object was as big as a the sphere in movie sphere i really dont care about whether people believe me but ill tell you this i feel like this is alien tv and im the srar of some comedy lost in space in the outer limits of the monster barbie zone twisting turning through the never.at least the music is good, out((NUFORC Note: Time and date are estimates. PD))   

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