You can stop talking now#18

Don’t touch the tree of knowledge. I have a tree of knowledge and voice to skull harassers are touching it.

Tower of Babel – I have a tower of Babel, they throw 4 to 6 lines of sentencing every ten seconds all day long with new technology.

Why was there a flood of many waters. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. This is exactly what voice to skull harassment is. Constantly bombarded with sound and thought, remotely 24 hours a day. Whoever it is knows no verbal  bounds. They are totally without  fear of repercussions.

I will post the 256 lines of proof of their sentencing over and over untill, the laws are passed and these fiends are brought to justice. You wouldn’t trust these assholes with a toothpick. They are all about leverage, indemitable servitude and psychology. They use everything as a vehicle and a shield to make their way. They like to parade with their cellphones. Chances are there isn’t even anyone on the other end.  If they are by themselves they use the cell phone and make sure you are looking at them. Otherwise it’s two or more and it’s chatty cathy, using words that you have been bombarded with via technology in your inner ear all day. Please, excuse me, thankyou, see, I knew it, I told you, Oh my God, I can’t believe this, are you insane ,actually right  there, honestly, descent, I’m serious and I mean it, I don’t see it, now I see it, they also like to use the word whole alot. The whole neighborhood wants you out. Not the entire neighborhood, not the majority of the neighborhood, not ,everybody in the neighborhood, NOOOoooooo, the whole neighborhood wants you out. They have a thing for words . It’s sound and thought , figure it out. They use mostly womans and childrens voices. They try to go as low as low can go because when you explain it ,it can’t be. There must be something wrong with you because this can’t be. Suprise! It’s torture arama and queerbaits are getting away with it scott free. They have been doing it to people for decades. Don’t believe it. Don’t care. Well you better efin care sport. This isn’t nazi germany and I’m telling you what the bleep is going on.

Let’s start all over. A long time ago, they had a show called riplys believe it or not. On one of their shows they were doing a piece about could shakespear have written the bible. Because the word shake was in one part of a chapter and spear in another, they thought that this warranted some attention. Just recently on the internet, they had a pretzel that looked like the virgin mary holding the baby Jesus that a casino bought for $10600. It’s like this, I have facts that you can’t prince of the power of the mouth away.  They were there for every find. They don’t care. They only care about how they look in the eyes of others.

The funny part is , I don’t need to explain a thing. I’m a nice guy. But it has come to my attention that I am dealing with the cyclops of midgets.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. It was a perfect round cloud.  18 months later I began to be voiced to skull harassed. A. With their technology they threw it or B. Use your imagination.

Now why would I see a Dark Gray Sphere?

On 929 2002, I saw a Dark Gray Sphere.1. The words Numbers God adds 118 mirror 811 total 929 on the calculator. Coincidence? Sure, along with voice to skull harassment.

2. The word ark in numbers is 11811. Coincidence? Sure along with voice to skull harassment, the invading of one’s innermost being.

3.Dark Gray Sphere adds 156 

The 156th reference to round is Psalm 18:11 He made Darkness his secret place. His pavilion 4.round about him were 5. dark waters. Coincidence? My I can’t believe how lucky he is.

6. God say’s his name is I am that I am in the bible.Pi is 3.14159. The circumference if the diameter of a circle. I am that I am is in chapter 3 verse 14. Pleeeeaaassse just leave.

7. And God said unto Moses I am That I am. 10 words (one sphere)

8.And God said unto Moses I am That I am. adds 314.

Personal note- I am the first.. I am.. I am the last..I am..I am in the midst..THAT. I AM THAT I AM

9. The very first reference to the word That in the bible is the  56th word. This is fantastic.

10. 56 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. Coincidence?

11.156th word in the bible is God.

12. In all the borders ROUND ABOUT. The 56th word from the end of the bible is God.

13. The 156th word from the end of the bible is Am. Collect your seeing reward I am that I am.

14. In all the borders round about. The first and last word in the bible- In amen, add to 56. Notice Inamen.Argue time? If I write In and en on a piece of paper, underline one and turn my back to you and say.. en which of the two did I underline. I cheated, both of them. I hate this guy.

15. The first and the second word- In the add 56.

16. The word-The adds 33. The word 33 adds 156.

17. The 5th and the 6th word in the bible- Created The. Created is the first word in the bible that adds to 56. 56 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. The first word in the bible tells you everything. In  

18. I saw a Dark Gray Sphere on 929 2002. I made a report on the internet, national ufo center. Isaiah 40:22 It is he….. THAT….. sitteth upon the CIRCLE of the earth.

19. There are 1086 references to O. There are 12914 references to THAT. 12914 mirror 41921=54835 mirror 53845=…… 108680. Do you know how difficult it is to land on 1086. And look it’s mirror images 868 O. And where did it happen? The number of references to the word THAT. I am that I am. ONE GOD WATERS MAN. Ate(8) of the tree of knowledge. Reason. Oh that my head were waters. Jeremiah 9:1.

19. God makes the covenant with Noah in chapter 9. 29 verses. Why?

20. And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. I and others are voiced to skull harassed. My blog is called flood of many waters. Why?

21. The seven references to the covenant in chapter 9 of genesis.Gen.9:9,9:11, 9:12,9:13,9:15,9:16,9:17. 7 times 9 is 63.9+11+12+13+15+16+17=93. Chapters= 63 verses= 93. 63+93 = 156. Coincidence?

22. I don’t even go to chuch. But when someone invades your innermost being and defiles it all day with sound and thought and psychology. What else are you suppose to do. Innermost is the 156th I word with references in the concordance. I have to recount three times to make sure because they are interfering with my every thought. I don’t need facts I already know that God exists. This is a covert way to prove that I am voice to skull harassed. Why else would I be doing this.

23. There is only one word out of 12811 words referenced in the strongs main concordance that has 360 references. Do you know what it is? I do! I went through each word and looked at the number of references to see which one had 360. Why? There are two answers to why. What are they? One is because I am being voice to skull harassed. What’s the second reason? Figure it out.

24.The word beings adds to 56.

25. In psalm 18 where the 156th reference to round is, the 103 word is heard, 206th word is dark, 309th word is waters .Holy Gra el adds to 103. Heard Dark Waters adds to 156. Coincidence?

26.The word find has ,156 references. Go to the very 156th reference, count ……156 words after find. You will find it to be the word…  holy. I found it. The(33) 156,word(60)after(50)find(33) is(28), add the numbers 33+156+60+50+33+28=360. Coincidence? I’m just trying to prove that I’m being voice to skull harassed. Is this proof yet? No , why not? I’m not doing this for nothing. I have better things to do than prove that voice to skull harassers are damned. Oh, I know , let’s show everyone on the planet, that voice to skull harassers are damned. Keep in mind that they are doing everything in their power to interrupt my every thought with audible sound,via the inner ear, using  technology. People in the mental institutions have been complaining about hearing voices for years. Guess what, they were’nt lying and it aint Harvey the rabbit. I have posted twice now, on this blog, 250 lines of their sentencing that I and others have to listen to all day. It’s like damage incorporated. Whoever is doing it must have been farmed from the mental institution. Agenda ….psychopath. Still feel empowered midget?

27.Last reference to Spear Jn. 19:34 mirror 4391=6325 mirror 5236=11561. Spear , Spirit, Sphere, Spare.

28. Am counted with= 156.

29.Counted… first reference, Genesis 15:6

30. The sentence.. Number one meaning behind all things, adds 314. How do I know this count Olaf.Count Olaf is from a series of unfortunate events.

31. Ezekiel 1:28 As the appearance of the bow THAT is in the= 360.

32. Ezekiel 1:28  Bow that is in the cloud in the day=314.

33.Ezekiel 1: 28 As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain= 564. 56 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. 56 for.

34. The 156th word in Gen. chp.9 is 

35. The word image and the first 5 references in the concordance , where the 156th word image is 9:6 adds 564. Image(35) + 126+127+127+53(oh look 53 the mirror of 35)+96.

36. Midst adds 65 the mirror of 56. The word midst has 364 references in my concordance, so does the word head. You can’t say 364 without saying 360. 360 for. Coincidence?

37. That, combined with choice. Know ye not ye are a temple of the Holy Spirit. The whole duty of man is to see God. In That- this is where the voice to skull harassers are. In my innermost being. Choice is gone. Firelight measure over. Flood of many waters.

38. In That day, flood of many waters, adds 314 . How do I know what sentences fit? If it’s the truth, guess what? It adds up!

39. Voice to skull , a noisome and grievous sore. adds 447

40. There is a being in my innermost being. They are preying on my soul. Luke 22:44 7 words. And being in an agony he prayed. This is the verse that talks about Jesus sweating great drops of blood.

41. There are 447 references to blood in the concordance.

42. Amongst the 447 references there is Ezekiel 44:7

43.Ezekiel 44:7  In THAT ye have brought into my sanctuary, adds 447. It has soul invaders written all over it. In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers uncircumsized in the heart(thats them)  uncircumsized in the flesh (yeah figure it out.) even my house….. and here it is TO POLLUTE IT ( voice to skull harassers), this is what they are doing.

44. If you add the 51 chapter numbers(44 and 7)and then add the 51 verse numbers(44 and 7) to blood  it adds 1447. coincidence? Brain adds 44, Root has 44 references, faith adds 44. 447 I am the root of perfection. Well it’s all okay as long as God doesn’t exist gooner. Are you sure numbers don’t convey any meaning? Buttmunch having a bad day. Did ya think there wouldn’t be any repercussions for invading peoples innermost beings? How do you like me now?

45. Ultimately, every word in the bible belongs to God. God is the God of Lovingkindness. Even the bad guys in the bible, their names point to God. Pi L ate. Fair ra O. 360 devil lived. There is no Devil. By God all things consist. The Devil is a character  introduced for the theatre of choice you idiots. Only the floods of ungodly men. I found this use of the word flood in psalm 18 where the 156th reference to round is. Guess what the flood of many waters mean? God didn’t kill the firstborn children of egypt! He probably killed the I am first born and am like a child egyptians that wouldn’t let the hebrews go. Use your noodles. How you perceive a verse is a reflection of who you are. The bible plays your reflection of perception. He flat out says I am the God of lovingkindness, sounds like God to me.  God is smart, and the bible and Koran or any other work that magnifies God is buried treasure and if you look to find god with the right intention you’ll be rewarded. NEXT

46. These two words appear only once together in the bible…. sound mind. This sentence ….there is only one reference to sound mind in the whole bible- adds 560.Next

47. 1 thru 11 in words adds 560. El Even. coincidence?

48. The voice to skull harassers will say that the number 56 and 156 is a common number, yeah your right so are all the other numbers. So far, God says his name is THAT and the 56th word in the bible is THAT. The word fiftysix adds 118, Ark in numbers 11811, two words numbers god adds 118.  5 and 6 are in the midst of  1 thru 10. Letters are symbols that convey meaning. Letters are characters that convey meaning. Numbers? None of the other numbers are in the very center. The words every eye adds 110- 1 thru 10. Any body notice anything about the number 10 (one sphere). Wow, what a coincidence. And the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword, EVEN to the dividing. El EVEN. EVEN my house. GRA EL , GRA CE, GRE ATE, GRA IN. Day of Rain. GRAY , wisdom, knowledge. Now this is where the arguing begins. First let me set the boundaries. Anything outside of now, I am not interested. Now they can invade your innermost being, Now I can prove that God exists. I don’t care what the real history is. What the original translations were. Anything outside of now would be discounting God’s power. He knew that they were going to do this.

49. A noisome and grievous sore. Voice to skull

50. Tower of Babel-Voice to skull

51. Don’t touch the tree of knowledge- Their touching my tree if knowledge.

52. Crown of Thorns

53. Keep your garments lest they see your shame. Garments , is a spiritual term meaning covering, grace, who the heck are they- voice to skull harassers.

54. Psalm 56 verse 5 and 6 Everyday they wrest my words (voice to skull) all their thoughts are against me for evil (voice to skull)6.They gather themselves together(gangstalkers)They hide themselves(gangstalkers) They mark my steps(voice to skull) When they wait for my soul(diaperheads). You know for being written 2000 years ago, Its a little unnerving to see the definition for gangstalking and voice to skull harassment. Maybe they have always been able to spy on the innermost beings of others and it isn’t technology at all. Maybe it’s like a egyptian dung beetle that flaps it’s wings when you tickle it’s stomach. Or a camel in heat. If it chases you that means no. If it steps on the beetle while it’s chasing you, that means you need another dung beetle and you have to tickle the camel. My point is God knows about gangstalkers that are trying to corrupt the way of the tree of life. What is the tree of life? When you get to heaven, do you think God is going to say uh this tree supercedes my power and you have to eat off of it to live forever. No. God is the tree of life. The written works are swords to keep the way of the tree of life, your innermost being. Want some more facts gangstalkers. Hey gangstalkers how many facts is it going to take psycopaths before you admit that your in the last place you ever wanted to be. I don’t understaaannnddd. Press selectively stupid now.

55.Jonah in the belly of the fish. All targeted individuals say that part of their harassment is their being investigated. The Quiz at sat a rat. John I’ve known you since highschool think of who could be doing this to you.FISH. John why do you think I did any of this for.FISH. One time a neighbor yelled out ” if he does it again I’ll have eric talk to him ” Does what again? Fish. Another neighbor ” Can you believe John would do something like that” something like what? Fish. They have to have something to work with. Wrong! They’ll do it because they can. Look what I can do. Are you sweating blood yet gangstalker, because youd better be perfect seeing as how you know everything to the point to where God gave you the authority to play God. Did he come down and ask you to take over because he needs a vacation? All that you see and know is so that YEEEUUUooouuu can pretend to be God and invade the innermost beings of others. Your that good, to take on the mantle of Gods judgement and authority. My My My your spECial. Can I have your autograph?  Breathe mint?

56. Genesis:9:21 and he was uncovered within his tent.adds 360

57. There are 24 o’s  in the book of solomon. 24 times 15 is 360.

58. The last chapter of solomon , chapter 8 has 360 words.

59. I have written what I have written adds 360.

Stop the voice to skull harassment.

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