Woman has 360 references in the Bible #19

The autopunk. Damage Inc.

So I am sitting on the bench in front of my house, having a smoke. The lady that lives next door, comes out from the side of her garage with another woman. The garage it would seem, detached from the house, has been converted to living quarters. I don’t know what’s going on, I try to mind my own business. She says,”Careful, there’s John, you don’t know how dangerous he is.” Isn’t that special. Thanks for saying that within ear shot.

One day I am warming up my car. She pulls in, in a dark suv, and there is a young woman driving. Very young, early twenties. You can hear her say “don’t look up there’s John”. Wow.

So I am sitting upstairs in the tv room, and you can hear her say outside, “He’ll never be able to figure it out”, and then immediately after she say’s this in a louder voice,” I quit”.

Could you people be any weirder.

So one day, I am up in my Tv room and I hear her pull up. I get out of my chair, slide the window open and am watching her as she is getting out of the car. She’s talking to somebody and I figured they must be in the passenger seat, out of view. She gets out of the car talking , walks around to the passenger side opens the door , the whole time talking , opens the passenger door, leans in  and exclaims “this is a good one” picks up a small black bag, shuts the door turns around and walks to her front door the whole time talking . Who the heck is she talking to? It made me wonder if she was going through the same thing I am going through. These gangstalkers are as confusing as can be. I mean what the heck is going on.

I remember I was at the dump getting rid of some recycle. This was in the beginning of the harassment 2006. There’s a coupla mexican laborers putting stuff in the recycle as well. There boss is standing next to the truck that they are unloading. You can hear one mexican or spanish man say to the other, were suppose to be looking for any sign of nervousness, where upon there  boss  who isn’t spanish  by the truck says immediately afterward, “Shutup”.

Just so that you know, people don’t use the word shutup anymore. Little kids use the word shutup. People from the korean war use the word shutup. Adults say be quiet or listen. I know this from personal experience. I’m 52. The voice to skull harassers in my case like to say the word shutup and bastard. No one uses the word bastard anymore either. Maybe some of the woman from the 70’s who got it from their mom’s, but that’s it.

Blessed is he That= adds 156.

The word Jesus adds 74. The word point adds 74. Pi is 3.14159. I am that I am is in Exodus 3:14. These  10 (one sphere)words add 314, and god said unto moses I am THAT I am .

James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one POINT, is guilty of all. This is the last reference to point.

O is 15 on the alphabet table. Jesus Christ adds 151. Gray adds 51.

I get tired of explaining everything. I am voiced to skull harassed.

How does one do to a voice to skull harasser, what the voice to skull harasser was going to do you.

Which would you prefer- To burn for all eternity or to have your innermost being tortured 24 hours a day with sound and thought.

This is what some are doing to others using technology. The more Human you are the faster you will go insane.

If you can erase your mother, they won’t be able to torture you all day by saying things about your mother.

If you can erase your Father, they won’t be able to torture you all day by saying things about your father.

There was more but I had to delete it because it was too graphic.

 Let’s just say if they had a clothespin that belonged to you and they found it in their yard, chances are they are dancing around naked as the fire is burning and your clothespin is probably hanging from the ceiling upside down in their basement as they tease the clothes pin with the dryer. That would explain the laughter coming from next door.

And then of course to keep going having erased yourself to survive long enough to get them  they will throw little nuggets like these , “Look he’s gone”, “I told you I was going to erase you”. “He use to be so sweet” ” I beat you”,”I like John just like this”,”He’s getting use to it”, “Please don’t ignore us”, “I love you”,”Please I’m trying to help you”,” okay he’s clear”.

The circumference- adds 156.

Jesus-5 letters.

Christ-6 letters.

J is 10 on the alphabet table.

Now gangstalking is one little thing past litigation after another. But when you put them all together, like I have for dip the littlest mason that lives next door, it paints a picture that is beyond words.

5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10.

words and letters are just symbols to convey a meaning.

So are numbers.

The 56th word in the bible is the very first reference to the word THAT. I Am THAT I Am

The word fiftysix is the only number in the form of a word that adds to 118.

The words numbers God- adds 118.

The word ark in numbers is a1 r18 k11 11811.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Don’t believe it! Then why don’t you reverse engineer. Try not to freak out. My first post was 1/14 /2009. Today is 4/4/2009. This is my 19th post in 2 and a half months.

118 mirror 811 =929.

The 156th reference to round- Psalm 18:11. It has Dark Gray Sphere written all over it.

Gray- In the day of rain.

65 is the mirror of 56.

Tree of knowledge- adds 165.

The 165th word in the 65th book (JUDE)in the bible- Everlasting. Everlasting adds 132.

I am counted with- adds 165. Midst adds 65.

Countenance adds 115.  Face of the waters. You have to read my blog to get the significance of the 115, 17. Luke 9:29 (remember what I said about 929), The 9th word in the verse is countenance. The 29th letter in the verse is the c in the word countenance.Think about these words…….Face of the waters.

Countenance- There is one reference to the word countenance in the book of numbers- Numbers 6:26, countenance adds 115 mirror 511 total 626. Oh and 6 times 26 is 156.

I noticed under the word countenances that Daniel 1:15. I have to look at this hidden THAT. Verse 15 and 6 words- And at the end of ten. Ten is one sphere. And at the end of ten- adds 156. 

Floods of ungodly men, from psalm 18.

Pi is 3.14159. The word one adds 34. I am that I am is in Ex.3:14. The word one adds 34. Get the POINT.

Lets get out a microscope and zoom in on the point. Anybody notice anything

The word shape is only mention once in the bible.

The last reference to round- And all the angels stood →ROUND ABOUT← the throne.

And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters.Genesis 1:2.

So I thought I should mention my experience at the vet. See if this wigs you out.

One day Debbie mentions something to the effect that we may not have enough money to pay a bill. So I exclaim in the car, in our driveway, that I have $300. She goes how did you get $300. I had been saving it up to give to the paperboy, who wouldn’t stop delivering the paper no matter what. Debbie is in charge of the finances, and generally speaking I never had more than $20 in my wallet at any one time.

Approximately 10 days later, it is sunny out and I decide to let our two new cats outside. I go upstairs to take a nap. I hear a commotion outside and apparently my cat beat up the neighbors cat. At least this is what she says.

I still remember apologizing that day, to his  wife, daughter, dip all out front, dip looking so very wronged and righteous.

The next day I have to give her $300. Not 249. 99, Not 2499.99. Exactly $300. One hour after I gave her the cash, the pound shows up to cart my animals away. So I have to promise not to let my animals outside ever again or they will go to the pound.

It’s been a coupla years now watching their dog and cat in my back yard, while my cats can no longer go outside. Yep thats right their dog has been in my backyard at least a hundred times. One time I went out there to chase the dog off, as a matter of fact the only time I went out there to chase the dog off , I went around the side and dip magically appeared  standing over me on my front deck exclaiming with the smarmiest look imaginable, ” my dog is in your back yard. Okay whatever.

So after $300 experience about two weeks later we decide to get the animals their shots at the local vet. We sign in and wait. A woman comes out picks up the chart and goes annie, inky, peanut. Looks right at me. My two cats names are inky and peanut, who’s annie. Annie, inky peanut? Yeah inky peanut whose Annie, I am thinking to myself, I mean the only Annie I know is my Exwife who I haven’t seen for over 25 years, Holy Shit. No way! It can’t be. It sort of looks like her.

So I’m trying to get a look at her name tag while were in the backroom , but my eyesight is not that good. She leaves momentarily and I start freakin out . Debbie uh its her. So anyway when it’s all done were up front to pay the bill, and you can hear laughing in the back, so I ask the front desk girl what’s the name of the girl in the back and she goes Terry. She says Terry and I’m looking at her and she looks familiar, like she is one of my exwife’s friends whose name is Terry. This can’t be.

Anyway, this would explain why the vet bill was exactly $300. Gee I wonder if they went to the lake wilderness vet. Now notice how I used the real name. This blog is for future litigation purposes.

 Know you now, smell you later.

Now I have put the card that has voice to skull harassment, flood of many waters 1086, wordpress.com on the back window of my car. Parked in my driveway. That card has probably been on display for a total of, let’s see now 8 different times a total of 20 daylight hours.

On the first day, clucky with the name problem across the street was in motion. Now some of these people you won’t see for months at a time. Card out and clucky is in motion. The second day , same thing, clucky in motion. The third day I wasn’t going to put the card out, but then I see movement coming from dip’s and there he is. Now I have only seen dip maybe 4 times in the last 18 months. So , what’s this, aahhh , narfil the garthok, put the card out. After that the new people that have just moved in next door are doing alot of activity. They have lived there now for 3 months. Not a sound, untill I started to put the card out. Coincidence?

So this morning they threw a line of sentencing that I had to write down. It shows the ruthless psychology that their so good at. ” The machine, thats you you bastard”. Sure it is. Nice one. That should keep me busy for a while.

Eve, the mother of all living. Eve adds 32. Everlasting adds 132. Seven, believe, heaven, leaves, evermore, forever. The book of Solomon says O thou fairest amongst woman. Woman is the only word in the Bible that has 360 references. The mother of all living. THEREOF

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One Response to “Woman has 360 references in the Bible #19”

  1. Caleb Says:

    I know what you mean about the mind-control influenced music.

    I am a fellow victim, and I think we must all unite!

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