Challenge- Reverse engineer my find#20

So , more what the.

Ultimatum at the end for all gangstalkers, so feel free to scroll to the end and accept my challenge- Can you reverse engineer my find. I’ll bet you all eternity that you can’t. Why?

I use to be married to a woman that left me for a ski instructor. We were married for about 2 years. We went together for 2 years before we got married.

We were married in a pentecostal church called Parkridge Chapel.

We went to Seattle Bible training school for about 6 months together.

At the Bible training school, it was lunch time and I was looking for her.

I walked into class and she and another guy had there two desks facing each other and both of them were leaning forward, their faces inches apart, eyes locked, and he was talking about the now in now to her. We had been married for a little while.

One day on the way to school, she was upset. She had gotten her hair done the day before and she didn’t like it. She was making all kinds of dramatic noises in the bathroom indicating she was unhappy withher hair. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. We were on our way to a Bible training school, not a beauty contest. I my self, was wearing a old polyester suit  that someone in church was kind enough to give me. You know for respectable purposes. Suddenly she throws herself on the ground and starts flailing away and screaming , pounding the floor with her hands and feet and this was before the Bladerunner Darryl Hannah scene. This was unlike her.

We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in Kirkland. A young lady from the church needed a place to stay so we offered her a room and for a short time she lived with us. The next thing I know, my wife and I are fighting, and she is purposely being dramatic because she now has an audience.

She starts to take ski lessons. Her ski instructor is a guy that she use to work with as a assembler. She sat across from these 2 guys all day and did assembly of electronic parts. These 2 guys I always saw together. It must of been a coincidence that the smaller of the two, just happened to move in the apartment across the parking lot where we lived.

One day she asks if she can spend the night at the ski lodge instead of making the drive back. Sure sweetie.

To make a long story short, 6 months later after inumerable fights, oh and believe me you couldn’t step lightly enough around her to avoid a fight, my friend and I were moving her stuff out to her car and she was moving back into her parents house and she wanted a divorce. My friend comes upstairs and exclaims that she just blurted out to him that she was sleeping with the ski instructor, you know the one she use to work with. So I am about 24 years old and I start balling. She didn’t say anything to me whatsoever as to her behavior, she just wanted out and it was all my fault. So she comes upstairs see’s that I am a broken man and says smarmily I thought you knew.

It took me a coupla years to get over that experience. One day I realized that all the feelings that I had for her were my feelings.

And there’s 2 and a half billion other woman on the planet.

The world was open wide.

Anyway I remember talking to the pastor of the church on the phone telling him that I was distraught and really didn’t feel like coming back to church anymore……. So he said a prayer and it went something like this,

I release you as Gods steward and turn you over to the Devil.

Sometimes, I feel like calling him back and explaining to him, that if he were knowledgeable towards God that he would know that there is no devil, only the floods of ungodly men. The Devil is a character introduced for the theatre of choice. I mean think about it. If you were God and he says he is the God of loving kindness would you create the devil. NO. The Bible is a learning tool that plays your perception and shows you how smart God is. See something that doesn’t quite sound right, well then that means it’s a golden opportunity to find the hidden that, because thats precisely what that is. This was in the fall 1979 spring of 1980.

In 1983 I have a new sweetie, her name is Debbie.  We are on the bus making our way to the main office of the pizza chain that I worked for to get my check. The bus driver just happens to be a member of the church that I and my exwife got married in. He tells Debbie and I that my exwife is going around church telling everyone that I was beating the crap out of her. Huh! I was dumbfounded, all I could do is say Deb have I ever laid a hand on you and she says No. So the bus driver breaks into an  analogy of how he use to scour the bus for dimes. One day he found a dime on the bus, so every once and awhile he would look around for dimes and then one day God spoke to him and now he doesn’t look for dimes anymore. Huh!

So a dozen years pass, and I am standing in line to get my work order form signed at the qfc in west totem lake. I had a job for a few years cleaning bathrooms at qfc. I worked for this guy and I had a route including anywheres from 24 to 32 qfc stores per week. I notice a woman standing next to me, to my left. I turn to get a look. She is standing in the middle of the aisle in front of the cash registers, facing away from them. She has long brown hair but is looking at the floor so I cannot see her face. Her hands are clasped together and she is just standing there wearing a long dress. It was her.

I couldn’t see her face, but I new it was her.

I turn back around and completely ignore her. I get my work order signed and just as I walk out the front door I turn to give her a dirty, stern, thanks for nothin look and she is now standing in line looking straight ahead and it was her. I keep going.

15 years after we are divorced I am working as a driver for a dental lab. The front desk girl is new and I am sitting reading a magazine in the front waiting for lunch to be over. She goes you ever been married John, I don’t look up and say, yeah but she left me for a ski instructor. She replies I know I’m her best freind Berna. Huh!

What the heck did you ask me for then? I didn’t say that but I should of. I looked at her and sure enough it was Berna. Out of all the gin joints in the world how did it come about that I should be working with one of my exwife’s best freinds. I felt danger in the air being at work so all I coud say was ,I should have known something was up by the way she dropped the guy she was going out with to be with me. She had been going out with this guy for at least a year and dropped him like a hot potato and then started going out with me. As a matter of fact she was still going out with him when she ran over my ass.  Bernice  lasted about 5 weeks and then was fired.

You know , How deep does the gangstalking rabbit hole go.

I remember having a dream that I got into a car accident. It was the only dream I had getting into a car accident. The next day I am driving down 148th in Bellevue and just past the 7-11, a car full of underage teenage boys pulls right out in front of me and stops and I crash right into it. The driver is only 15 years old and lives a half a block away. All the other boys in the car are his brothers. The woman driving behind me see’s the whole thing and is kind enough to give me her phone number for witness purposes. Because he only lives a half a block away, we push the 65 chevrolet into his driveway. His father begs me not to make a report because of tickets and will give me $300 for the car. The car’s front end  is totaled so I agree, and 3 months later after numerous attempts I finally get my money. This is 1979 just before I get a divorce and it is my exwife’s car. Why is it always $300.

1977, Before my exwife and I got married we were living at totem lake apartments. I was backing out of the driveway and I see a car to my left coming. The speed limit is 15 mph. so I had plenty of time. The driver , a woman guns it and I clip her car as I am backing up.  Because I was backing up it is automatically my fault her boyfreind Mark Singer said. She was coming from the left, but lives in the next building to the right. It was just before christmas and I had to give them $300.

On  christmas, 3 oclock in the morning we awake to gun fire coming from the apartment above us. We call the police  and apparently two brothers got too drunk and one of them pulled a gun. No one was hurt.

If you read blog number 19 you will see how when we went to the vet to get our cats their shots a woman came out , picked up the chart and goes annie inky peanut and looks right at me. I shook my head. My 2 cats are inky and peanut, whose annie. Annie, inky, peanut? She says this 3 or 4 times before I get it. My exwife’s name is Annie. It was her.

You ever wonder once you are gangstalked and voiced to skull harassed who the heck is doing it?

My life has been freakier than shit.

When I was in the 3rd grade , we lived in ballinger. I use to steal candy for this guy by the name of Rob Hicks. I had red hair and so did Rob, but Rob was a year older than I was. I’d walk into the food Giant stuff my pockets full and walk out. Maybe I should have said I was stealing the candy for both of us but he put me up to it. Anyway inevitably the manager comes over, stands in my way and says ,we’ve been looking for you. My pockets were bulging with candybars. He takes me up to his corner office and tells me that if I don’t go home and tell my parents that he is going to call the FBI. The FBI! The FBI was on every sunday night at 7 oclock. Oh no!

So I cry all the way home and tell my mom. The F.B.I. I was so guilty I even made myself go without dinner. The F.B.I.!

1988 I am a janitor for overlake pizza haven. We get a new manager He has red hair and his name is Rob Hicks. And guess what, he is one year older than I am. He worked there for about 6 weeks. It wasn’t untill later that I realized that it could of been the guy I use to steal candy for. No way man.

Now that I know about gangstalking and voice to skull harassment. After reviewing everything, apparently things are worse than what I thought.

Their everywhere. They have always been there. You might call it slated for brow beating. I like to call it cult of the toilet teething ring.

1983 One time I was riding my ten speed next to I-90, close to the community college. I had just passed a car that was on the side of the road. I was making my way up hill. When I hear a voice behind me yell out hey. I turn around and there is this short spanish dude pointing a gun at me smiling standing next to his car with the door open , his girlfriend is in the car. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me before. I turned my ten speed around and started riding towards him as fast as possible. So he jumps back into his car and takes off. I don’t know why I did that. It aint like television. I use to play with toy guns when I was a kid. I mean if he were to have been standing  there with a machete I’m pretty sure I would have kept going up the hill twice as fast as I was before. Nothing says it like a machete. Why did I just write that, because I think it’s funny. Nothing says it like a machete. Sorry I get carried away.

Is it possible, that there is a super computer, for let’s say, like a company called damage inc. that once your name is in there, your screwed. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times since I have been voice to skull harassed, while I am driving, that once my brain is taken off the car in front of me, the car in front of me speeds up. Hard to believe?

If there was even an inkling of a possibility, that with the use of a super computer, you can throw sound into ones mind, audibly, throw thought to where you think it is your own thought at the base level, inaudibly.

If there was even an inkling of a possibility, that you could record peoples brain patterns and then throw the brain signals back to that individual whenever you liked remotely without any repercussions.

Every government on the planet would be racing towards that end.

They say the internet got started by men searching for pornography.

I’ll just betcha the first thing that they tried to figure out was the mother lode of every mans dreams come true……. How to manipulate the genitalia of the opposite sex.

This is why I call it the coddled medium. Why all the wrong people appear to be successfull and all the right people couldn’t get anywhere no matter what they did.

Smarmy Sado.


do I have bad news for Yeeeoooooouuuuuu. What if God exists!

I wonder what God thinks of unscrupulous people invading the innermost beings of others and torturing the shit out of them.

LOOK HERE SCROLLERS   I am not here for you to practice your desire to be great psycho’s.

You wanna know why I am here?

I am here to do to you , like a circle, what you are doing to others.

I am here to point out that there is a God. And now every gangstalking piece of shit on the planet is subject to the second death. Say goodbye to surely.

Challenge-On 929, 2002, I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. The two words- numbers God add →118← mirror →811← total 929. In the day of rain- Gray. GRA El, GRA CE, GRE ATE, GRA IN. The word ark is a1 r18 k11. →11811←. Dark Gray Sphere adds 156. 56 are in the midst of 1thru 10. Letters, words are characters and symbols to convey meaning, so are numbers. The word fiftysix is the only number in the form of a word to add to →118←. The 56 word in the Bible is the very first reference to the word THAT. I AM THAT I AM. The 156th reference to round →18:11← His pavilion round about him were dark waters. A DARK GRAY SPHERE. There it is. Now explain how I did it .

Maybe you should read my 20 posts. Here it is prince of the power of the mouth- Don’t believe me, Then HOW DID I DO IT. WHY DON”T YOU REVERSE ENGINEER AND EXPLAIN HOW ON EARTH DID I FIGURE ALL THIS OUT. HOW ON EARTH DO ALL THESE THINGS CONNECT?




Go ahead naysayer- how did I figure this out. Where did I start to make it all work. Your not going to be able to explain it. Because there is only one answer.  Come on, how did I do it .

I am here to instill repercussions of an everlasting nature to all those who are using technology, voice to skull harassment to torture others.

You are only responsible for what you know- The laws of God are written on the tables of mans heart. Now you know.

Now you can sweat blood, gangstalkers. By God all things consist. SURELY.

This is for all the people that were driven insane by this technology because they can.

Look what I can do. Feel free to go insane gangstalker, you have my permission. Maybe it will shave a few trillion light years of shit off your demise. But I doubt it.

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4 Responses to “Challenge- Reverse engineer my find#20”

  1. downcastmysoul Says:

    My stalking/harassment started at birth or soon afterwards, but I didn’t get the “straight stalking” where people follow you around, etc until I was 22. I had many strange encounters with strangers as a child/adolescent which I wrote off due to the strange trippy/druggy way things were back “in the day”.

    I tried the “numbers thing” with a few things and it seemed there are many coincedences related to numbers which are chilling to say the least. It can be a seductive road to go on and can actually lead you away from God and His Word if you trust in numbers all the time.

    I do believe that satan exists and does run all these operations ultimately. I believe the times are short and he is getting desperate to bring his rule on the earth. The times are ripe and the technology is strong enough to enslave the human race. I see, in fantasies, all the cell towers falling.

  2. floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

    All I have to do is look in the mirror to know there is a God. When I go outside and look around it is further proof. The way I am is proof that there is a God in itself.
    When I was a child I always spoke in my head and one day determined that I was speaking to God.
    The numbers are facts to instill repercussions in the way of fear to all innermost being invaders.
    It is a flood of many waters. Waters means reason.
    It isn’t just the numbers.
    It’s called the every eye.
    Every word , every letter, every word placement. What word is in the midst of a verse. What is the first and the last word.
    Bread- Be read,numerical-new miracle, every angle that you can perceive that proves that God exists.
    Many things are subject to argument. Based on perception. One persons perception of a meaning is different from another.
    It is a fact, That God says his name is I am THAT I am.
    It is a fact that the 56th word in the Bible is the very first reference to the word That.
    It is a fact that the numbers 5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10.
    It is a fact that the two words-numbers God- add to 118.
    It is a fact that the word ark is a1 r18 k11-11811.
    It is a fact that the number 56 in the form of a word adds 118.
    And God said let us make man in our image-325 after our likeness 523.
    It is a fact that 325 is the mirror image of 523. 360
    In all the borders round about-The first word- in. The last word-Amen.
    It is a fact that the two words In Amen add to 56.
    It is a fact that the 156th word in the Bible is God.
    It is a fact that the 56th word from the end of the bible is God.
    It is a fact that the 156th word from the end of the Bible is Am.
    In all the borders round about. It is a fact that in my concordance borders has 43 references.
    It is a fact that the borders of round about rd at add 43.
    Do you see any similarity between these words- I am that I am -That God God Am.
    How about these words -eye I.
    It is a fact that the 5th word in the Bible is the first word to add to 56- Created. The 6th word- The- adds to 33. The word 33 adds to 156.
    Words, letters are characters and symbols to convey meaning. So are numbers.
    It is a fact that the 156th reference to round is Psalm 18:11.
    I am here to instill repercussions to those who would invade the innermost beings of others.
    It is a fact that the word- innermost – is the 156th I word in the concordance.
    It is a fact that the word- beings- adds to 56.
    118 mirror 811 total 929. Read my entire blog.
    It is a fact that in my concordance there are 1086 references to O.
    It is a fact that the 186th word in revelation is -behold – he cometh with clouds.
    Psalm 18 has these words-floods of ungodly men. What could they possibly be talking about? Intentions. Agenda’s. Bad people making there way.
    Then what is the flood of many waters? God.

    I am battling the floods of ungodly men all day.
    The computer interface has a myriad of sentencing to torture my nakedness 24/7. It knows exactly how to yank my humanity all over the place constantly. It is causing me to erase my humanity in order to survive minute by minute.
    Based on my perception- The world is the firelight measure.
    The world is a theatre of choice.
    Just because the assholes made their choices and are forcing their choices on others, doesn’t mean that their is a devil.
    All it does is prove that there are assholes.
    By God all things consist.
    This is the theatre of choice.
    Some chose to be assholes.
    While they were interfering with my every thought, I found the above facts.
    In chapter 9 of genesis, with the 29 verses, where it talks about the bow in the cloud, there are 7 references to the word- covenant.
    7 chapter numbers adding to 63, 7 verse numbers adding to 93.
    It is a fact that 63+93=156.
    I am here to instill repercussions in the form of facts to those that would invade the innermost beings of others.
    See something in the bible that doesn’t quite jive with I am the God of lovingkindness, it’s a golden opportunity to find yourself.
    What if you were God? Would you create the devil? No.
    As a matter of fact let’s take a poll, if all of you had the opportunity to be God, how many of you would create an angel that you knew would turn into the devil.
    Theatre of choice.
    Trusting in numbers?
    Think of the numbers as a baseball bat, in the now, to hit the gangstalkers over the head with.
    Perception isn’t going to do it.
    They already know about the facts and don’t care. That’s how far gone they are. Killing their evil with kindness aint going to do it.
    But they do care about how they look.
    I’m here to make them look like less than crap. Fear changes everyone’s mind. Eternity is a long time. They want us under surveillance, let’s put em all under God’s surveillance. Let’s see how they like pretending to be God now.

  3. downcastmysoul Says:

    I don’t think most of the freaks even believe in God, the devil, or the Word of God.

    I try mostly to get the word out to other ti’s as to perp tactics used against myself and others and how the controllers will use this to rule the world in the near future.

    Posting to the freaks is a waste of time for the most part. They see any of our missives to them as ranting. Getting them to feel guilty or scared is like putting me in a size 5 pair of jeans. Ain’t gonna happen.

  4. floodofmanywaters1086 Says:

    yeah buuuuttt. Other Ti’s read my blog. By showing that I looked at every single word in the concordance to see which one has 360 references, shows that I must be motivated for some reason. Maybe it’s because I am voiced to skull harassed. The word is woman. Maybe I looked at all 12858 words because my innermost being has been invaded. Why 360? Take a wild guess. O
    Maybe I counted to the word innermost , to see what number it was. Because my innermost being has been invaded. Gee I am so lucky that it is the 156th I word.
    Because I know what I know, it is my responsibility to dissuade these people from making the gravest error one could ever possibly make.
    You are only responsible for what you know.
    Just this past week , I found out that the word -opened- is the 118 O word in the concordance.
    And Noah -opened- the window of the ark.
    I mean why do I get so excited. Incidently, chp 9 of genesis has 29 verses.
    god numbers adds 118 mirror 811 total 929
    The word fifty-six adds 118 mirror 811 total 929
    Ark a1 r18 k11 11811.
    The 156th reference to round is 18:11.
    Opened is the 118 O word in the concordance.

    Here is the key to killing the evil of the gangstalkers- What are the odds.
    From what I understand, I maybe wrong but here goes,
    two digit numbers, 56 is one in ninety. 89 other combinations of two digit numbers.
    The 56th word in the Bible is the first reference to this word-THAT.
    God says I am that I am.
    3 digit numbers 156 is 1 in 900. There are 899 other combinations of 3 digit numbers.
    11811 ark, numbers god 118, fifty six 118, opened 118 o word.
    4 digit numbers 4103, 1 in 9000.
    5 digit numbers 11561, 10560, 11110 etc. 1 in 90,000.
    Fear. Everlasting fear, like a circle.
    They want to to make me feel naked and invade my privacy 24/7.
    I will subject them through facts, to the second death. Every second.
    The word grace is the 304th G word in the concordance.
    Why do I know this? Because I am voice to skull harassed.
    The word Gray is the 333 G word. Because I am voiced to skull harassed.
    The word gre ate is the 336 G word.
    304 305 306 307 all the way to 336 Gra ce to Gre ate is 10560. Thats 1 in 90,000 other combinations.

    The word heart is the 297 th h word. The 3 words -just before heart- tell you about heart. Hearkenedst, Hearkeneth, Hearkening.
    So after viewing the three words -just before heart- hearkendst, hearkeneth hearkening.
    What is it about those three words. Not numbers. It tells you about heart.
    Having seen this and knowing that God exists and how smart God is…..
    The three words just before heart add to 297. Hearkenedst, hearkeneth, hearkening adds to 297. Heart is the 297th h word in the concordance.
    When you add the word heart to 297 it adds 349.
    349- three words for 9 heart.
    So 1239 mirror 9321 total 10560. Thats 1 in 90,000.
    5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. If numbers could talk.
    Out of all the places it coulda added up, it was at the word -heart.
    Keep in mind that the word heart adds to 52.
    The word six adds to 52.
    It is said that the gangstalkers have a thing on betting which way the Ti will go. I suspect this to be true
    So what do we know.
    They have a thing for words.
    And they have a thing for the odds.
    Perfect. Me too.
    I post to the targeted individuals and the guilty gangstalkers.
    The horror of horrors is crossing God’s line and then…… suprise! They give me stuff to think about all day. The facts that I give them will either save their ass or add to their list of why their going to want a straw.
    I ask them all day if they would like a straw.
    Where their going, their going to want a straw.
    Besides after all the 50,000,000 porky goadin 4 to 6 lines of sentencing every 10 seconds that I have had to listen to for the last three years, I have a few issues.
    This is my way of going postal when I press the send button.
    The numbers are facts.

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