Brain cloud #24

You ever see the movie Joe versus the volcanoe. The doctor tells Joe that he has a brain cloud and doesn’t have long to live.

Brain cloud huh?

In Ezekiel 1:28 As the appearance of the bOW THAT IS IN THE CLOUD IN THE DAY OF rain. If you notice , I have highlighted all the words in between b and rain. Brain.

I am voice to skull harassed. 24 hours a day. 4-6 lines of sentencing using technology every ten seconds. It assumes all incoming sound. The louder the existing sound the louder their computerized voices.

I have highlighted bOW THAT IS IN THE CLOUD IN THE DAY OF rain Day of rain means Gray. Gray means wisdom. Dark waters means Gray.

The above highlighted words add to…..333.

The word GRAY is the 333 rd G word in the concordance with references.

As the appearance of the bow that is in the….. adds 360.

Bow that is in the cloud in the day….. adds 314. Pi is 3.14. I am THAT I am is in 3:14. These 10 words (one sphere) And God said unto Moses I am THAT I am…..add314.

Recently , I have noticed a definite change in their sentencing. Almost like a phase two. I have posted what I have to listen to 3 times now on this blog. About 256 lines of sentencing.

I am getting the impression that the first 256 lines of the autopunk, was designed to give me a false sense of accomplishment, having been made easy enough to fight back.  After having listened to the first 256 lines of sentencing for 3 years constantly non stop, the new lines of sentencing are now ready to yank my chain. Either that or they were created to discredit the first 256 lines, making it appear as if they were made up.

I am writing a few sentences a day. I spend most of my time trying not to hear them. When I do and it yanks my chain , I will go upstairs and write it down. Hear is a good example of the new lines of psychological sentencing that they think up, on their spare time, write down, and then put on the computer. Then they yank your chain with it remotely using technology- You know when you act like there is something wrong with people, you will only get the best of them.

You know when you act like there is something wrong with people you will only get the best of them.

Doesn’t that line of sentencing cause your brain to go somewhere.

  Anyway the next thing you know is they just stole another of your moments. And all their new sentencing is just like that. How many ways can you look at- you will only get the best of them. You mean they will try their hardest, or you will get the better of them.

It’ll just make your eyes roll up into the back of your head. This is voice to skull harassment. I have the autopunk.

Another thing I have come to realize is all the information on the internet regarding voice to skull and gangstalking only exascerbates the problem. Didn’t know why some gooners can’t decide where their going to stop their car at the light. First its 50 feet from the car in front of them. Then they inch forward causing you to move up. Then they inch forward again causing you to move up. They just stole your moment because your wondering why they have such a depth perception  and a descision making problem as to where to stop at the light. I like to call them inch worms. The only reason I even noticed it is because I have been driving for over 30 years and I have never seen  a inch worm problem before. Then you read about voice to skull gaslighting ,brightening, and gangstalking and oh now I know what’s going on, anchoring and triggering. Greaaaaat!

So after I thought there was micro cameras and microphones in the house, I got on the internet and saw it the way they want me to see it. Now all their crap has more meaning.

It’s been at least a month since I have posted anything. I feel I have done all that I can do.

I don’t open my Bible and spend hours trying to prove to the voice to skull harassers that their making a big mistake anymore. I am satisfied.

If you read all 24 posts you will see a. That voice to skull harassment technology exists. B. That Gangstalking exists. C. See.

When people find out stuff that they don’t like, they will label you as crazy. If you read my blog in it’s entirety. The question is how smart are you?

If you are smart, and not voice to skull harassed, then you don’t want to know.

If you are voice to skull harassed, then this blog is indeed good news.

There is no way anyone could make this up.

My motivation is, my innermost being has been invaded.

Alot went into this recipe- Long enough to get them.

The gangstalkers are trying to ruin my every moment.

They have been doing this to people for years. The more of a human being you are the more it will hurt.

The facts of this blog are to keep the way of the tree of life. The innermost being.

Flood of many waters means see God. Brain cloud huh?

All I know is if you knew that God existed, number one, you don’t invade the innermost being of another.

Number 2, you don’t act like your God.

Number 3, you don’t usurp God’s authority and judgement.

After I found the facts that I found, their answer was the illuminati have been controlling everything for years. I already know that the voice to skull harassers like to take credit for everything.

There isn’t even a word for these shitheads. Excrementalists. They will say anything, they know no bounds. You will erase everything from your family to your friends, otherwise they will just wag it in your face all day. They will say repeatedly that they know your every secret and then tell you this is all about the way that you have treated your mother. They demonstrate that no matter how fast of a blur of thought you might have they can with their technology hear everything. And it’s all about shame.

So if you can demonstrate with facts that God exists, then this means that they are damned.

Gee, I wonder why? 

Keep in mind I only looked so that with fear they would stop. They won’t stop. They are use to getting their way. They didn’t get their way this time.

So now what?

Faith, room to make mistakes.

Faith room, to make mistakes and learn something.

The firelight measure.

It was given to me a reed (read) like unto a rod. Measure the temple of God.

How are you suppose to measure the temple of God. It’s too vast. Unless they are talking about your innermost being by perceiving.

I feel that elaborating or embellishing at this point would only lessen that which has already transpired.

You voice to skull harassers aren’t getting away with anything.

You voice to skull harassers didn’t get away with anything.

Based on the facts.

They like to throw remember, it’s only sound.

Gangstalkers remember it’s only numbers.

The least of proof. For the least of proof.

The 56th word in the bible is the very first reference to the word THAT.

You know, you’d of thought that the flowers would have been all the proof that anyone would of needed.

In my concordance , the word on page 1086 is son. The O has 1086 references. Don’t think numbers have meaning? Then I will now prove you wrong. 5 and 6 are the heart of  1 thru 10.  God says he is the first and the last and its all about your heart. One- I am the first, One Sphere and the last. In is the first word in the bible. The first letter in the bible is I (in), the last letter in the bible is n (amen). In, your heart. 5 and 6 are the heart of 1 thru 10.

The first reference to gods name is the 56th word in the bible-  That.

Warning- I have no idea whats going on. The misdirecting propaganda machine is out in full force. Last night I was watching a movie called Knowing, A guy finds a piece of paper with numbers on it predicting the future. The guy he’s trying to explain this to starts talking about number cults and how they are a dime a dozen and he thinks this has clouded his judgement. Clouded his judgement huh?

See the voice to skull harassers have a thing for words. Go figure huh because words are what they use to voice to skull harass you. Meaning I am not the only one that knows about the Dark Gray Sphere.

Clouded his judgement huh? I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. On 929 2002. You have to read the previous posts to see where I am coming from to get the full effect of the meaning of clouded your judgement. Numbers and clouded your judgement? Hears to making it count. Count O laf. See the thing is the circle is the symbol of the sphere. These voice to skull harassers have a thing for psychology like you wouldnt believe. And it’s a flying left and right. President O bama. What are the odds of that. The O bomb. Were close, were real close.

Look at the numbers on my blog for yourself and ask yourself how can the numbers be in all the places of gravity, in the bible. It is a sword to keep the way of the tree of life. The way of the tree of life is not being kept. The innermost beings of people are being invaded, spied on, toyed with, and tortured. I am lucky in that I was not able to hear them untill I was 48, shortly after I expelled a foreign object that was lodged in my lung. This means that I was vulnerable and more likely to be subject to influence. One can only imagine what it must be like to hear this at a young age.

Ever wonder why Bruce lee was motivated enough to play ping pong with a pair of nubchuks. Can you imagine being able to use english on a ping pong ball with a pair of nubchuks.  I’m 52 and have been skillful with nubchuks since I was 16, and being able to play ping pong with the skills that I have would be next to impossible. I have watched youtube and the beyond advanced arent as beyond advanced as they think they are. Meaning do you think you could duplicate Bruce lee’s skill of playing ping pong with a pair of nubchuks. You can see Bruce do this on youtube. You can’t, and I know you can’t. The question is who could? He could, but why could he. After you have listened to what I have had to listen to for the last 3 years you start to put things together.

What would it take up front for a person to speak and cause you to kill them. Every man has their line, but once you cross this line watch out, right. Imagine gooner crossing your line all day remotely and you can’t get away from it. All day, everyday, for years. They know exactly what to say to piss you off. They know exactly what gender the voice should be in to have the most effect. And they have had a lot of practice figuring out what works best.

Generally speaking conversation is in a controlled civilized enviroment. If your within ear shot, it must mean the people talking are okay. Theyre not! The gangstalkers use your inner ear. It assumes all incoming sound. You can hear them no matter where you go.

The best way to describe these people is this- The church of it can’t be. If you even try to explain what these people are doing to you, it just can’t be. It’s so bizarre it just cant be- but it is. Read my 24 posts and you will see that it just cant be, but it is. When you ask yourself if I could of made this up you will see that by listing there gangstalking crap and there voice to skull sentencing that no one could make this up. So how did i do it? All I did was list what they did.

I’m not doing anything you must be crazy, I have children, I’m just trying to provide for my family. expletive edited.

The only difference in my situation is I know beyond a shadow of a doubt who some of them are. I was so sick when I had the foreign object in my lung that it emboldened them and they crept forward.

I can only imagine how many targeted individuals there are. None of them know who there gangstalkers are. Can you imagine what they would do to get there hands on a gangstalker, any gangstalker. Sometimes I fantasize and think of offering my gangstalkers up to the highest bidder. There names addresses and the litany of crap that proves its them. Bidding starts at 5 cents, not to exceed the sum of  10 cents. How do you like me now comrad.

Heres another “coincidence” that proves God exists. On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Its round. The circle O in the concordance has 1086 references. It is 7 words from the word numbers. The last verse just before the word numbers is chronicles 2:17 mirror 712 = 929. 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere.

The last verse before the word O is collossians 4:15 mirror 514=929

The word after the word O – oak the last reference is Ezekiel 6:13 mirror 316 = 929

In all the borders round about.

The covenant is established in Genesis chp. 9 ,29 verses.

I saw a Dark Gray Sphere on 929 2002. The last sunday of September.

Not in vain.

The word pyramid adds 86. Three pyramids add 258 mirror 852= 1110.

I am that I am is in gen. 3:14.  Pie is 3.14.

Numbers the universal L is 258. Numbers the universal language is 314. Coincidence?

Blood has 447 references. The sentence- witnesses, the act of proving. Because I saw a Dark Gray Sphere which adds to 156, when I see the word… of…. I give it 156 instead of 21. O (15) F(6). The sentence -witnesses the act of proving -adds to 447. Where did this sentence come from, from my innermost being. My innermost being means my soul. If innermost being were a title it would mean GOD.

Numbers is the eighth word before the circle or word O. Ark is A(1)R(18)K(11) 11811. Ate numbers is 118. 8 means reason, waters. No seed grows without waters. They ate (8) of the tree of knowledge. Reason thought conscience.

The 80th word after the word O is OH. In all the borders round about. numbers 8 O  😯 Oh. Oh the sound of the circle or O. What could this mean. The sound of the O. First I thought of the trumpet. Then I thought of the sound of the ocean sounding like the multitude. Then It hit me. The first sound after eating of the tree of knowledge. Genesis 3:8 and they heard the voice of the lord God walking…… in…… the GARDEN……. in…… the cool of the day. So did I get it? did I win? Oh the 80th O word + 38=118. The word numbers adds 92 oh is 23 92+23=115. 115 is countenance. One O. The O is 15 on the alphabet table.  115 mirror 511 is 626. God adds to 26. There is only one reference to countenance in the book of numbers…626…. and its all about the mirror image . The 360.

Everyone has a different view. Mine is easy. What do the words add to now. Now they can invade your innermost being. Now , I can add words, mirror image and prove….. that…. God exists. It is the Flood of many waters.

Why, because now they can invade your innermost being. Now we can prove that God exists. It is a circle. Sircall.

56 are the heart of one thru 10. The very first reference to Gods name THAT, is the 56th word in the bible.

Thine habitation is ……. the midst….. OF deceit. Through deceit they refuse to know me. Take out the word deceit. Thine habitation is ……. the midst…..O(15)F(6). Now you know God. Jeremiah 9:6.The word knowledge adds 96. If the word knowledge adds 96 then 96 means knowledge.

Tree of life 101.

Heart 52.

Love 54.

Therein 79.

123 circumference.

132 Everlasting.

103 Holy Grael. The secret. September.

110 every eye.

32 Eve. Big clue hear. Evermore Forever Seven Believe. Woman is the only word that gets 360 references. The mother of all living. My cats live. Birds too.

447 I am the root of perfection. Root has 44 references. Brain adds to 44. Faith adds to 44.

1086 One God waters man. Now keep in mind that it is only limited by your perception. Every time you perceive something wonder in awe and amazement how it all fits. Each verse has multiple meanings.

words I find interesting- Druid-Drew ID, Nazi- not see, Inhumanity- In humanity. So after I expelled the foreign object that was in my lung, neurons that I never had before began to fire and then I was voice to skull harassed. They have a thing for words, so now do I.

The word ring. The telephone has a ring which is a sound. Could Ring also mean sound. The Ring of power.

The psychology that I have seen in movies books and music sort of sound and look like a. people griping about the voice to skull. B. People trying desperately with pychology to keep a grip on there power. Remember , if you have seen it in a movie , this must be where you’ve gotten it. The signal, The happening, Arks and spheres, clouded your judgement, Braincloud, Dreamcatcher, The Shining,Hears to making it count, Count Olaf and ore fans, Toilet weasels,mental firewalls, Just let it go, never let Go. Some sounds can Kill. Get out of my mind. Circle jerks. Rock superstar -making my mind slow thats why I don’t mess with the Big Bro O. I know whats what and hear it is- If you have ever invaded someones innermost being for any reason you can kiss SURELY goodbye.

Don’t touch the tree of knowledge or surely you will die.

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