Magnify his image #25

In my concordance the word borders has 43 references. When I saw these words-In all the borders round about- The bell in my head went off. The borders of the word -round about- rd at, add 43. The word- angels- adds 58 mirror 85, total 143.

On 929 2002 , I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Some things for credibility purposes, are better left unsaid. I am voiced to skull harassed. The tree of life is God. The way of the tree of life is your innermost being. The way of the tree of life is not being kept. Some people with technology are torturing others with thought, audible sound and gangstalking.

Seeing a Dark Gray Sphere in hindsight is a lot of responsibility. If  I would have known what I was looking at, at the time I saw it, I would have died on the spot.

Psalm 18:11-The 156th reference to round ,says his pavillion round about him were dark waters. Dark means, dark Gray, or in the day of rain. It means wisdom.

See if you can follow- A sphere is round. O- it is 15 on the alphabet table. The word Gray adds 51 the mirror of 15.

Because I saw a Dark Gray Sphere, round about, jumped off the page.

Why are we here-round about. The firelight measure.

Why are there 4 characters in the garden of eden. Round about- theatre of choice.

What is the Dark Gray Sphere-Round about. A flaming sword was placed in the garden of eden to keep the way of the tree of life and it turns every way.

A sphere turns every way.

Flood of many waters. In psalm 18 are these words- the floods of ungodly men.

Floods of ungodly men. What does this mean? That they went to the edge of town and blew up the damn to lower property values?

Nope. It means that the flood of many waters is the revelation of god. waters-Thoughts and intentions.

Numbers have meaning. Why numbers? Because they are facts! You can’t really argue about the facts. The Bible , Koran or anything else that holds the balance of your salvation are swords with facts to keep the way of the tree of life, your innermost being. You can argue about perception all you want but you can’t argue about the facts.

50,000 years ago there was no Bible or Koran. Also no opportunity to invade someone’s innermost being.

Numbers have meaning and now I will prove it. Are you ready, ready to argue.

12345678910. These are our numbers. Thats it. all other numbers are a repeat of these numbers.

If you look carefully, you will notice that 56 are the heart of 1 thru 10. 5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. Any arguing? No because it is a fact. Hence numbers have meaning.

In all the borders round about-The first and the last word of the Bible- In Amen add 56

The first two words In the- add 56.

In the- the- adds 33. The word thirty three add 156.

I am that I am is in Exodus 3:14. Pi is 3.14. I am pointing this out to you right now. The 10 (one sphere) words and god said unto moses I am that I am add 314. I am pointing this out to you now.

The 5th and 6th word in the Bible. The 5th word is created. The 6th word is the. The word created is the first word in the Bible to add 56.  God says I am the First and the Last. I am in the midst. I am pointing this out to you right now.

I am the first c (3), I am the last d(4), I am in the midst a(1). CREATED 314.

The 56th word in the Bible is the first reference to Gods Name THAT.

No it is the 56th reference to the word That.

Because x your innermost being marks the spot. Wheres x? No x word in the bible. Wheres x. No innermost being- no book, no letters, no words. X marks the spot-your innermost being.

So now there are 57 references to the word THAT. Your innermost being, the 57th reference.

Remember O is 15 Gray is 51.  The fiftysix(151)th word is the fiftyseventh reference to the word adds 666 THAT. At the d in (word) it adds 666. The first two words in the bible show you. The word Six adds 52. 525252. 3 times 52 is 156. The Beast is the wrath of God for not keeping the way of the tree of life. I am showing this to you using facts (numbers). Now you know why it is called the number of the beast.

It is a sword or flood of many waters.

The 4 for. Height Depth Breadth Length adds 234 mirror (360) 432= 666. Number of the beast.

In the world of 4 (for) in the bible, it would be Height Depth Breadth Length. 4 characters in the Garden of eden 314. First word in Genesis IN,Last word in Genesis Egypt. Whats in Egypt? Three pyramids and one sphinX, 314. Update →for← the temple of god, same thing more all encompassing. The temple of god is your innermost being. See god and he sees you. Sometimes we don’t want to see god, like when your clipping your nose hairs otherwise see god and he sees you.

The number of the beast is proving that God exists with facts. Because the way of the tree of life is not being kept.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Dark Gray Sphere adds 156

On the clock 234 are in the midst of 156. 234 (360 mirror) 432= 666. It is a flood of many waters. Waters means reason. And the gathering together of the waters called he seas (sees) I understand- reason. O that my head were waters. And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew. No seed grows without waters.

As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain adds 564.

Do unto others as you would have O adds 381. Why did I stop at the circle? 381 (360 mirror image) 183 adds 381+183=564.

If as the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain adds 564 then 564 is as the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain. The Covenant.

The seven references to the covenant in Genesis 9 with the 29 verses where the covenant is established is 7 chapter 9’s adding to 63, seven verses adding to 93, 63+93=156.

The word innermost is the 156th I word in the concordance with references. Anybody getting a clue yet?

I do these things to instill hope in the targeted individual and to instill everlasting fear in the voice to skull harasser.

The machine can influence anyone. You are only responsible for what you know. Once you see that God exists and a machine that can blackmail anyone, then its time to place blame where blame belongs and KNOCK IT OFF.

One thing I have noticed is for the greater ying yang the lowest low and the highest high.

Right off the bat when they invaded my innermost being they said to read my bible and it would help me out. One of their lines of sentencing is we want you out.  They probably introduce god into the mix to cover several bases. A. premis and the right to be in your innermost being while their playing conqueror worm. B.The greater ying yang C. Every person who has had their innermost being invaded ran straight to God.

The problem is they don’t quit. By the time their done with you , you’ll be mad at God for allowing this to happen in the first place.

I’m going to get these assholes in the worst way imaginable. Like a circle I am going to do to them what they are trying to do to me and others but on a larger scale.

Remember the first two words in the Bible are IN THE. I showed you that the word the adds 33. The word 33adds 156. Words are made up of letters. I am the first and the last. A1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j10kk11 l12 m13 n14 O15 p16 Q17 R18S19T20u21v22w23x24y25z26. I am the first A I am the Last Z AZ. Yeah so what. AZ the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain.

A thru z adds 351- 156 is in the.  AZ(351) + THE (156)+ appear (57)=564 As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain adds 564. No letters no words- no innermost being no nothing. The whole verse adds 564. az (351) the (the adds 33 the word 33 adds 156) = appear(57) adds 564.Shortest distance between to points. Your innermost being is the greatest story ever told. Where is the ark? Where is the Holy Grael? Where is the garden of eden? The Cross ? Mohammad, Jesus The sun, moon and the stars. No innermost being no nothing. If it is confusing perhaps you should start with blog number 1. The first two words in the bible are in the. The word the adds 33. The word 33 adds 156. 5 and 6 are the heart of 1 thru 10. Numbers have meaning, this is why they call it the number of the beast. The only reason one would be adding numbers to voice to skull harassers is to prove that God exists. Perception isn’t going to do it. You need facts. Nothing is going to get the voice to skull harassment to stop except the absolute fear that there is a God.

Dark Gray Sphere adds 156

Psalm 1811 is the 156th reference to round. His pavilion round about him were dark waters. It is a fact.

For God took him -adds 156. It is a fact.

THAT. I AM THAT I AM. It didn’t happen along time ago. It happened as you perceived it.

The Bible is the O pened. And Noah Opened the window of the ark which he had made.

The Bible and Koran and any other work that magnifies Gods image wear….. your innermost being. You know your wearing a innermost being. You on the inside you on the outside.

Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature. Thats his stature buddy. I Can.

In all the borders round about. First chapter, first verse, first word=In Chp.(1) verse(1) In (914)- 11914.

11914 mirror (360) 41911=53825. The number is 53825 mirror 52835= 106660. This is the first word in the Bible- In -in the form of numbers, chp.1 verse 1 and the first word IN=11914 mirror 41911=53825 mirror 52835= 106660. It is a fact.

 I am adding these numbers up because my innermost being has been invaded.

So what’s the big problem, the first two words tell you. In THE.

There are people in the innermost beings of others torturing the crap out of them using words. Metallica sings- speech is words that they will bend- freedom no longer frees you.

I am porky goaded all day long remotely  via voice to skull harassment technology. And no matter how many times I am “lucky” with numbers, they won’t stop.

Here’s one for you, If there is a God what do you think this means for the voice to skull harassers.

And now nothing will be restrained from them.Look at these words carefully, it doesn’t mean unbridled power unchecked , it means the very reason why they are here is now for nothing. Everything the gangstalking voice to skull harasser ever did was for nothing. From beginning to end.

A sword that turns every way to keep the way of the tree of life. The way of the tree of life is your innermost being. The tree of life is God. A sphere turns every way. Spirit ,Sphere it.

And god said let us make man in our image adds to 325, After our likeness adds 523 the mirror image of 325. Spirit sphere it. It is a fact. What do the facts of this blog indicate?

I am that I am is in exodus 3:14. Pi is 3.14. These 10 (one sphere) words add to 314- and god said unto moses I am that I am. It is a fact.

What does Psalm 56 verse 5 and 6 say. Oh there’s that 56 again. Everyday they wrest my words ( Sounds like fishin in someones innermost being to me). All there thoughts are against me for evil- (you got that right). They hide themselves, they gather themselves together ( sounds like gangstalkers to me) They mark my steps( yeah my every step) when they wait for my soul.

What do these biblical phrases and voice to skull harassment have in common-Don’t touch the tree of knowledge (someones touching my tree of knowledge).

Tower of Babble- Thats exactly the way my head feels, mens womans childrens voices at the rate of 4 to 6 lines of sentencing every ten seconds.

Every thought was only evil continually- ( I know what that means). You ever try to mow your lawn only to have them throw the sounds of screaming children in agony into your head because they find it amusing. There isn’t even a word to describe these people with out sounding like your nuts and they let you know that driving you nuts is all part of there great master plan.

A noisome and grievous sore.

A crown of thorns. I’m not being disrespectful. It just perfectly describes voice to skull harassment.

There is someone in my innermost being, preying on my soul.

AND BEING IN…… an agony…. he prayed.

The weeds were wrapped about my head.

The eye of the needle.  Why does everything relate to god and voice to skull harassment and not the frisbee. Doesn’t sound like a toaster or a superball.

  How would you like gooner porky goading you via a computer as soon as you wake up. How would you like your first thoughts to be trying not to get pissed off because right off the bat they are throwing you know you are accused of hurting a kid. We helped to kill all of your cats and I drove your mother insane this way.

After a few years you’ll be puking up bile because of all the stress, listening to them porky goading you causing you to puke even more. Any sign of weakness and the klingon pussies will be on you like a bunch of shitzoo’s in heat.

Then they’ll tell you that you are too easily manipulated by sound. That you may be the very first person ever to be beaten up by sound. Your thinking that well then why are you using sound for. The psychology involved is like listening to the history of what has driven others insane.

There will be hell to pay. If there was even an inkling that you could read the minds of others, where would it be on the powers list of priorities. Number ONE.

All the people in the mental institutions have been complaining on deaf ears that they are being porky goaded by voices.         

Someone has been playing God with peoples lives. How long is forever assholes?

Proving that God exists is now number one on my list of priorities.

The movie- knowing – has this as part of its dialogue- number cults are a dime a dozen and then he looks into the camera and says its clouded your judgement . Did I mention that I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Clouded your judgement because they have a thing for words means that if you saw a Dark Gray Sphere it was your judgement. Or maybe its a coincidence , or maybe their talking about the superball now.

This is out there. – First I see a Dark Gray Sphere then I am voiced to skull harassed and the next thing you know every night I am reading the Bible and counting using a calculator .

A series of unfortunate events (lifes little mishaps). The Baudelaire’s ( pronounced bow delay) Orphans (ore fans) Count O laf(laugh).

Here’s (hears) to making it count. Titanic.

Some sounds can kill. Get out of my mind. Dune.

Dreamcatcher. All targeted individuals including myself complain that their dreams are manipulated. My experience is you can’t even use the facilities without being harassed. In the movie dreamcatcher there are toilet weasels. They also touch on mental firewalls. The main bad guy is mister GRAY. The aliens throw sound into your mind-don’t kill us were your friends.

Joe versus the volcanoe- the doctor tells Joe that he has a braincloud. Braincloud huh?

Riddick- check this out the other day I was watching Riddick and the part that talks about the necromongers are always preceded by an asteroid.One day when I was over at the middle childs house 4 or 5 years ago eating dinner he preceded to give me the asteroid speech. It sorta went like this- well when Isaac Newton discovers the theory of relativity and christopher Columbus discovers America and they land a man on the moon …. when the asteroid comes you better be ready.

I have a sweetie , her sister and her sister’s husband I refer to as the only child and the middle child. They play any and everything to their benefit as long as I can remember. Blatantly Disingenuous would be an understatement. But they get along with the rich parents so perfectly. Like they have been jockying for this prime demographic for at least 20 years. And the parents lap it up. But of course anything that anyone else does is a sign of weakness to be frowned on.

It all started with the only childs asteroid speech. The next thing you know I am voice to skull harassed. Then your watching Riddick and you hear in the dialogue that the necromongers are always preceded by an asteroid. Weird huh.

I really love explaining things on deaf ears. The truth of the matter is this- I don’t have to explain a thing. Hopefully sooner or later someone out there will see the Gravity of this Blog. What do the facts indicate. Being right doesn’t mean that you are evil. Some of these assholes are only alive because of the targeted individuals good graces meaning God. These assholes set bars- genius, God, Pedo, but their sentencing would indicate that they have no boundaries. One minute you’ll be doing something and they will go- he aint no pedo. Then they will tell you that they helped to kill all of your cats , then they will sound like they are praying to God, please God let John get into a accident now. Then -I told you he wasn’t a genius followed by I do this because I find it amusing. Feel like killing anything yet?

Now you know why people go postal.

I have advertised my blog on the back of my car in the driveway for all the beanstalking peeping tom neighbors, 33 times. So all the beanstalkers are up to speed. I figure like any hierarchy some are not up to speed as to what others have done and are doing. It has been out there for over 100 hours.

Call it operation f-ck your self in the ass. I wonder how they like their crap prominently displayed for all to see in the public domain. It must be embarrassing.  A single tear rolls down the crack of my ass.

I use to be a nice guy. Now it’s machete theatre. 

In my concordance and I’m the one being harassed, there are 12858 words referenced in the Bible.

There are 12914 references to the word THAT. If God says his name is I am THAT I am, then guess what, The word THAT is really important. By God all things consist, in this theatre of choice.

The difference between 12858 and 12914 is…………. 56. Numbers have meaning. 56 represent your perception or your innermost being or you can look at it this way 6 is the number of man and heart-woman is a 5 letter word.

What is the difference between the words in the Bible  and the number of references to the word THAT-56. 5+6 is  EL EVEN. The word of God is sharper than any two edged Sword, EVEN to the dividing. 6 is generally known as the number of man. The words one thru Eleven add 560.

Am I naught Lucky.

Why do I now have a thing for perception numbers and words. Because I am voiced to skull harassed along with others. Clucky has proven that if clucky could, clucky would.

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was upon this wise. This verse has deep thought written all over it.

Underline the word now. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was upon this wise. Underline the word wise.

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was upon this wise. When did it happen? Along time ago? No! As soon as you perceive anything this is when it happened. There is no such thing as time. Time is a unit of measurment that man has created. There really is only NOW. The word when is before now during now and after now.

NOW the birth of Jesus Christ was upon who? This (the reader) wise. You can argue about perception all you want. But you can’t argue about the facts. Now the birth of Jesus Christ adds 314. I am THAT I AM is in chp. 3:14. Numbers have meaning. And God said unto Moses I AM THAT I AM adds 314. It is 10 ( one sphere) words.

Here watch this- Numbers the universal language. These 4 words are not in the Bible.

Numbers the U(adds 146)N(adds160) I(adds 169)V(adds 191). At the v it adds 191. The word Spirit adds 91. If you can find a bigger all emcompasing word as important as Spirit in the Bible use it. Spirit adds 91. This means that 91 represents the concept Spirit. Mirror of 91 is 19, so then 191 means Spirit.

Because the sentence is Numbers the universal Language, we’ll use Numbers. Nine letters. Lets put numbers 1 thru 9 in front of each number that the letters to universal adds to. Add 1146 (u) 2160 (n)3169(I) 4191(V) . Why did I stop at the V? You’ll see. These 4 numbers add 10666. Am I naught LUCKY. Oh look , one sphere and the number of the beast. You know if the bible were to say the number of the tractor pull- clucky and the voice to skull harassers would be known as the tractor pull. They like to take credit for everything.

Believe it or not the Beast is the wrath and fear of God for invading and torturing people via their souls using technology. The number of the Beast is proving that God exists with the s word using numbers. Like a circle it is just good enough to make the bad seem more real. Facts going beyond logic and proving that God exists. Because you couldn’t tell by the flowers or the trees or your children, so much so that you determined that he does not exist and sought to prove it by invading the innermost beings of others, only to find out that he does. Did you get away with it before? Are you getting away with it now. Once God is proven to exist, the fact of the matter is this- No one is getting away with anything,  all you are doing is adding to your demise.  My you are a genius.

Targeted individuals – Your probably, not the nice people you use to be. I don’t hold it against you, it is only a natural response to the clucky holocaust. Coddled Queerbaits on parade.

I cant wait untill all this voice to skull crap comes to light. Maybe like the Nazis we can make butt buddy dolls, after were done, out of them. Sort of fitting isn’t it. Can you hear me now beanstalkers.

Ask your doctor if pretending to be God is right for you. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how many members of the cult of the toilet teething ring I have thwarted thus far.

Added- january 16th, 2010- My blog has been on the internet for a year now. At this point I have advertised my blog on the back of my car , parked in front of my house, plainly for all the world to see…… 112 times. How do I know its 112 times? Because all day long while I am driving and taking pictures, my job, they are voice to skull harassing me. They will throw their negative sentencing and I will respond with, EX>They throw- You know I only do this because I find it amusing. Then I will respond with- Or what is hanging naked in the public domain next to the proof that God exists for the 112th time. Or I will say – How many times can I hang you people in the public domain before you’ll do something about it. Keep in mind that they treat your thought as if you are speaking in the public domain and are waiting with a comment before your done thinking about it because of supercomputers. They can also throw a thought at the base level. Meaning- Suddenly a creepy thought will come into your head and you know its them from past experience, you’ll strike the thought down only to listen to them berating you for thinking the thought that they just influenced you to think in the first place. In other words they’ll set you up so that they can tear you down. Aren’t they special? I have had to listen to their constantly porky goading  of my manhood now for 3 years 8 months. I am no longer the nice guy I once was. I now only live to squeeze the charmin. There is no pay back for something like this. I feel as though I have been locked in a elevator with buttpunk of the month holding his guilty up to my face and normally this would be something up front that would take 5 seconds to fix but clucky is using technology and is so far gone in his theory that I cant do anything about its insane. I know exactly who it is.

Incidently I may be the first targeted individual that the autopunk tried to reason with because of my blog. I will say I am suprised that you are even making any mention of my blog. Your not worried are you? Oh and now I have teenagers driving up and down my street yelling f-ck you as loud as they can. Isn’t this special? Are you sure my blog don’t mean nothing mr. psychology? Because all I have to do is prove that God exists and everything else is SELF explanatory. Know what I mean Butface.

Remember I have a thing for the number 56, it proves that God exists. The verse – Let there be light- really important right, the word light adds 56, the words- let there be light adds 156. The mother of discoveries- My blog  has been pointing out that numbers have meaning, how much meaning does the following have- Genesis 6:18 is the 156th verse in the bible. But with thee will I establish my covenant… But with thee will I establish my covenant. Talk about a place of gravity.

Flood of many waters means god’s revelation. Flood of many waters adds 212. It is sharper than any 2 edged s word. Oh and look 212 has 2 at its edges.The biggest all encompassing word is heart. In my view 5 is heart.

Bumper stickers are making alot more meaning now that i am voice to skul harassed. Ex- wherever you go there you are-if i had to explain it to you you wouldn’t understand- killem all let god sort it out.

How you gonna roll back down this hill butface. But with thee will I establish my covenant. God has a sense of humor.


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