My thirteenth Blog , can you hear me now, has 96 songs on it that in my view sound like people being voice to skull harassed.

 One thing I have noticed is how the voice to skull harassers like to take credit for everything no matter what. Another thing I have noticed is at any sign of being caught, because they are psychological wizards, they will fall back and act as though your gangstalking them. Now imagine knowing who some of them are, in your neighborhood, and being porky goaded all day, but if you try to get them back , as a group, and believe me its always a group, you will be played.  

    Because no one understands a efin thing lets shove it down your throats. 96 songs, what the heck am I talking about. I’m so tired of  I don’t understaaaannnndddd, and then they hang on to anything that they can work with, pick out one thing, question again so you can do all the explaining and it’s still, I don’t understaaannnddddd.

1. Carousel-by siouxie and the banshees. Sentence that indicates the song is singing about voice to skull harassment that would indicate the entire song is, that you can’t get wrong is-→In←side your →head← the monsters whirl. Or maybe its just a coincidence. Uh huh.

2.Caterpillar- the cure. You glow →in←side my head, you hold me hypnotized I’m mesmerized. No still nothin?

3.Right between the eyes- garbage-Don’t care about what they say, no point →in← listening to them anyway. Listening to who?

4.Charlotte sometimes-the cure-all the faces all the voices blur. Yeah if your constantly bombarded all day with sound and thought.

5.Cheated hearts-yeah yeah yeahs-Sometime I think I’m bigger than the sound. What sound?

6.Child of the wild west-Roni size and cypress hill-It’s your own soul, your own ghost that keeps beating you. Still no inkling that there’s voice to skull harassment? You are special.

7. Children of the grave- white zombie-figure it out. Listen to the song. It talks about charles manson

8.clint eastwood-gorillazs-and i’m under each snare(sounds like e-snare) →in←tangible bet you didn’t think so I command you to panoramic view. No? Nothin?

9.Comfortably numb-pink floyd-Hello is there anybody →in← there just nod if you can hear me. Can you hear me now? No? Figures.

10.cominback-crystal method-and then you come back and haunt my mind.

11.connected-stereo mc’s-If your minds neglected stumble you might fall.

12.crank-catherine wheel-running circles round my brain and i’m not smiling. Oh look round and the word brain, what a coincidence. Ying Yang arama. The highest high and the lowest low all day.

13.crawling-linkin park-There’s something →in←side me that pulls beneath the surface, consuming,confusing. Just a coincidence huh? Nothing having to do with voice to skull harassment and gangstalking?

14.cutter-echo and the bunnymen-cruising the seventh floor ruined alternatives whats →in← the bottom drawer waiting for things to give. Still nothing pertaining to the invading of peoples innermost beings? No?

15.Damage INC. – mettallica-dealing out the agony with……→in← we chew and spit you out.

16.deeper and deeper the fixx-talking about stealing the show no one would know.

17. Desperate but not serious-adam ant-If I ask you difficult questions If I make improper suggestions. Remember voice to skull harassment is like listening to flipper the conquering worm. If you sink your innocent, if you float your guilty. With the auto punk there is no way you can win.

18.Devil’s playground-gram rabbit- I have a brainwire.

19.enjoy the silence-depeche mode-words like violence break the silence.

20.enter sandman- mettallica-heavy thoughts tonight and they aren’t of snow white. Still nothin huh. Nothin that has to do with hearing voices . Nothin that sounds like being interrogated every second by clucky the buttmunch.

21.everlong-foo-fighters-hello i’ve waited →hear← for you everlong. I’m over my→ head←, out of her →head← she sang. Nothin about hearing voices in your head huh?

22.everyday  is exactly the same-nine inch nails-I just do what I’ve been told, I really don’t want them to come →around←. Who to come around oh you mean clucky and the buttmunchers. You mean the drunk with power, angels left of my behind, gangstalkers? The just enough Jesus to make satan more real.

23.everybody wants to rule the world-tears for fears- even while we sleep we will find you.

24.everything counts in large amonts-depeche mode- The  graph on the wall tells the story of it all. The grabbing hands grab all they can. Can means canned voices in your head.

25.extreme ways-moby-dirty places dirty noise dirty places coming through.

26.eye of the beholder-mettallica-do you →hear← what I hear, doors are slamming shut limit your imagination, keep you wear they must. No clue yet huh?

27.fight-the cure-so when the hurting starts and when the nightmares begin, remember you can fill up the sky you don’t have to give →IN←.

28.for whom the bell tolls-mettallica-figure it out.

29.full nelson-limp biscuit-then step your ass up and say it right to my face. Thanks remotelee.

30.give-missing persons-theres only one way to play. Voice to skull harassers will tell you their here to play everything you do. Give says to give again.

31.gollums song-emiliani torrini- more than obvious. Just let it go.

32.good for your soul-oingo boingo-images so strange and foreign flooded →IN← like raging waters.

33.handlebars-flobots-I can make anybody go to prison just because I don’t like’em.

34.hands all over-soundgarden-Don’t touch me.

35.harvester of sorrow-mettallica-language over me. Still no voice to skull harassment? No , no clue yet complicit.

36.head like a hole-9 inch nails-head like a hole black as your soul I’d rather die than give you control.

37.here comes everybody-autolux-→hear← comes everybody from the outside they all want the things that you hate. Still don;t understand? Impressive!.

38.holier than thou-mettallica-. little whispers circle →around← your →head←.

39. I’m deranged-david bowie-funny how secrets travel.

40. I want to touch you-catherine wheel-your the only soul →in←side that makes me shake.

41.insane in the membrane-cypress hill-damn i feel like the son of spam.

42.Institutionalized-suicidal tendencies-figure it out.

43.it aint none of your buisiness-missing persons-figure it out.

44.jumpin someone elses train- the cure- was getting such a bore. Dig deep.

45.the kiss-the cure-your tongue is like poison, get your efin voice out of my →head←. Gee I wonder what he’s talking about.

46.l’es artistes-santogold-stop trying to catch my eye.

47.lost souls-book of love-its my heart its not your game.

48.lunatic fringe-red rider-we can →hear← you comin we know what your after.

49.mad world-tears for fears-worn out faces. Yeah its better now to be on the outside than the inside since they turned the inside into crap.

50.map of the problematique-muse-fear and panic →in← the air. 

51.maps-yeah yeah yeahswait they don’t love you like I love you. The autopunk will do anything to keep your attention.

52.vow-garbage-i can’t use what I can’t abuse.

53.master and servant-depeche mode-theres a new game its called weight and SEE.

54.march of the pigs-9 inch nails-take the skin and peel it back.

55.master of puppets-mettallica-pain monopoly ritual misery chop your breakfast on a mirror. Thanks for mirroring my every move.

56.mental hopscotch-missing persons-my mind is roller skating skipping jumping rope and fading.

57. terrible lies-9 inch nails-hey god why are you doing this to me. Ask your doctor if pretending to be god remotely with voice to skull technology is right for you.

You ever notice they have to tell you who God is, otherwise, how would you know. I believe the laws of God are written on the tables of man’s heart. I find it iteresting that you must first bring me your written view before, I, created by God, can make a descision. Then, if I agree with whats written, you have the authority. Nope. All I see is the obvious stated, and its nice to see that people 2000 years ago thought like me in a few areas.

59.never enough-the cure-no matter how much I scream and shout its never enough. The voice to skull doesn’t stop for anything. I mean you can try to ignore it but it will like a soap opera comment on everything you do in a negative fashion. Something no one because you are a man would do up front. Hospital or jail only two choices.

60.now this is fun-depeche mode-→hear← it comes another sentence it is relentless it tries my patience. What do you mean what voice to skull harassment. You don’t have any problems with mosquitoes do you son, I don’t know dad. Sounds like a personal problem. Untill your dead voice to skull harassers.

61.one-metallica-figure it out.

62.one step closer-linkin park-all these words make no sense.

63. play for today- the cure-Its just your part in the play for today.

64.policy of truth-depeche mode-you had something to hide, should have hidden it shouldn’t you.

65.private life- oingo boingo-what I’d really like to know is has it always been this way. This is my private life i have no friends to fear, I got no problems no cross to bare, if you can find me come and get me out of hear.

66.question of time-depeche mode-I’ve got to get to you first before they do its just a question of time before they lay their hands on you.

67.unfotunately-prong-don’t come →Inside← leave it to me to fall apart unfotunately.terrible lie-9 inch nails-

68.walking on thin ice-yoko ono-why must we learn in the hard way and play the game of life with your heart.

69.wear is my mind– the pixies

70.words-missing persons- what are words for. Mettallica says speech is words that they will bend.

71.my friend misery-metallica-you stood there screaming fearing no one was listening to you.

72.my way-limp biscuit- gripin about something I wonder what?

73.not sleeping around-ned’s atomic dustbin-Its →in← keeping I’m not sleeping around

74.once in a lifetime-talking heads-you may ask yourself how did I get →Hear←.

75.other voices-the cure-distant noises other voices pounding →in← my broken head. Oh you mean gangstalkers and voice to skull harassment, huh!

76.pale shelter-tears fo fears-how can I be sure when your →intrusion← is my illusion.

77.pet’s-porno for pyro’s-we’ll make great pet’s.

78.the lunatic’s-fun boy three-the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

79.place for my head-linkin park-find another place to feed your greed while I find a place to rest.

80.plantlife-autolux-all for onein← you growing.

81.purple haze-the cure-purple haze all →in← my brain. What’s in your brain oh you mean the voice to skull harassment!

82.raw head and bloody bones- siouxsie and the banshees-bad word or bad deed unpunished →invites← grief hear’s rawhead and bloody bones. Notice in songs the words here and in.

83.rude awakening-prong-it spins you around, takes you for a ride what is the point to even try. Now remember voice to skull harassers have a thing for words and there hidden meaning. Go figure huh because they use words to porky goad  you all day remotely. They will act as though you are being investigated or tried.

84.save me-pil-this camel→ in← the needles eye will laugh and let you die.

85.sin-9 inch nails-and your→ strain← it gets under my skin.

86.spellbound-souixsie and the banshees-from the cradle bars comes a beckoning voice it sends you spinning you have no choice. You hear laughter cracking through the walls it sends you spinning you have no choice. We are entranced spellbound. Gee what voices? Oh you mean the hard to prove voice to skull harassment. They like to treat your brain as though it is your spoken word in the public domain and it’s always wrong. Pil sings under the house screaming at walls. Isn’t it nice while you are growing up how the standard for manhood is set only to find out that it was all prep for torture for remote to skull harassment. 5 minutes with one of these cluckies alone up front is all that I ask. I wonder if hanging the voice to skull harassers naked in the open public domain by advertising my blog will help. I doubt it. Incidentally the phrase prep for torture is what the voice to skull harassers will tell you. The phrase tell only means flinch. They like to ask if your nervous all day.

87.still angry-book of love-not around now i’m rid of you. Notice the word around and circle jerks. Read my blog. They have been trying to confuse everything for along time to keep people polarized afraid busy and confused. And if they get anywhere it must be by divine right because life is so unfair. Or maybe this time there talking about the opposite sex. I doubt it.

88.the struggle within-metallica-what the hell, what is it you think your gonna find. Hypocrite boredom sets →into← the boring mind. Like  underminers boring into your brain . My first comment was oh why the IN humanity, I know what americans like. Free Dum.

89. terrible lie-9 inch nails-hey god why are you doing this to me. It’s not god doing it. If they can get away with pretending to be god they will. It’s technology. Now they can read your mind. Influence you at the base level where you will think it is your own thought and where did  that come from. Or make it audible so you won’t miss a thing. For me , I can hear them and then a thought at the base level will come bubbling up and I know it’s them so I will cut off the thought process and refuse it and you can hear them berating you for thinking the thought in the first place that you didn’t get because you struck it down. Like laying out the cheese, and then you look at it and now it’s your fault because you looked at the cheese that they threw at the base level and you looked at it with the slipperiest of rocks your brain and now it’s your fault. There isn’t even a word to describe these fiends.

90.that’s what I get-9 inch nails-just when everything was making sense, you took away all my self confidence, now all that I’m hearing must be true, I guess I’m not the only boy for you. Yeah nothin like being stuck with fagallero in a elevator holding a turd up to your face all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

91.there’s no other way-blur-you’ve taken the fun out of everything, making me run when I don’t want to think.

92. sweet dreams-eurythmics-some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused by you. Like there’s no way you can win. You can expletive to high heaven in such a way that you have verbally nailed them, only to hear them say -I love you man, excellent, your my kind of guy. EEEEwwweee icky. I don’t have that gene.

93.these boots-nancy sinatra-you’ve been messin wear you shoudn’t have been a messin.

94.take it easy-the eagles-well I’m runnin down the road, trying to loosen my load, I’ve got 7 women on my mind, 4 that want to own me, 2 that want to stone me, 1 says she is a friend of mine. Your brain is a well. Share the load. 7 faces of doctor low. They really like the word own. I must listen to I already own you 5 times a day. Cast the first stone. 1 says she’s a friend of……..drum roll…….MINE. Any clues now . There are people that have been driven nuts by the voice to skull harassment for decades. I don’t understand. What do you mean.

This is what I mean-Hey voice to skull harassers ,how does it feel to hang naked in the public domain, the light of your atrocities exposed. No such thing as gangstalking huh? No evidence of voice to skull harassment huh? All I have to do is prove that God exists. The rest is self explanatory.  


Wal    let. I am not here so that others can magnify their image via my innermost being. But since your hear, How do you like my words.

You know when they threw that all life is prep for torture, It makes one wonder at the english language. Our only form of major communication or what I like to call -conveying hear to there remotely.

I walk the line. The movie the box just came out. Look everybody, the hive mind. Remember if its in a movie then you must have mental problems.

Anybody see the movie gamer. You know where someone else remotely, is influencing you. The player and the slayer. The player manipulating the slayer. I mean I have had this blog on the internet for over a year.

They like to throw god into the mix for the greater ying yang.

So the next time you see someone go postal, chances are its because porky goaded, and being a human being they went apeshit for the entertainment of others.

There is only one reference to countenance in the book of numbers. It is 626. The word countenance adds 115 mirror 511 =626. These words-There is only one reference to the word countenance in the book of= 626.

Thats right, the very sentence added =626. 626 on a DIGITAL calculator is the vertical mirror of 929. I really like the number 929 because on 929 2002 I saw a dark gray sphere. This blog is all based on→ one image←.  I saw a dark gray sphere on 929.  One image is all it takes to fathom a flood of many waters. A dark gray sphere. When you see the word Dark in the Bible it means dark gray- wisdom.  The  Bible is a sword to keep the way of the tree of life- your innermost being. Now with technology they can invade your innermost being. You do not want to do that. Invading someones innermost being is the cruelty of cruelties. The bible is for you to read and mirror who you are based on your perception of what you read.  

Numbers the universal language=314.

Please John we only want you out. 95. Go-Go’s-our lips are sealed- pay no mind to what they say, just the jealous games people play. Yeah that’s right even the go-go’s.

I don’t understaaaannnnnddddd. It has been 3 years and 10 months of 4 to 6 lines of  sentencing every 10 seconds. I am understandably upset.

But look at all the proof I found while being voiced to skull harassed. Does this mean your not a genius ? 

96. The Sundays-here’s where the story ends. HEARS WEAR the story ends. Notice how they all sing about it with out coming out and actually singing about it. Almost like just good enough to fathom the voice to skull harassment. You know like your listening to the voice to skull harassment, you turn on some music so you can think about something else, and all the songs are singing about it. You go to watch a movie, trying to escape the voice to skull harassment, and all it does is remind you about it covertly. I’ve got a child Hear. Hears to making it count. Ghosthouse productions. Inland empire. Their Hear.   Toilet weasels. Yeah yeah yeah uh huh uh huh yeah yeah yeah. Underwear. update: I saw the previews to the old -invasion of the body snatchers- and it goes- their after your wives, your children, and then the cameras get real close to a guys face and he yells, their HEAR already. Just so that you know music and the above songs have been one of the best parts of my existance. I really couldnt think of a better way to put it than that which it was conveyed and played. You played it, my innermost being perceived it.

If there was any inkling that they could read your mind and throw sound into it covertly. →Wear← would it be on their powers list of things to do.

At the brightness that was before him his thick clouds passed. This is a comprehension test. Ask your doctor if defiling my soul 24/7 is right for you.

There are 1086 references to the O. The words dark gray sphere add to 156. The first reference to Gods name THAT is the 56th word in the bible. 5and6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. The words every eye adds 110. The word midst adds 65 , the mirror of 56. The first word is IN. 5 and 6 represent your innermost being. I think that 1086 means one god waters man.

There are 12914 references to the word that. 12914 mirror or 360 41921=54835 mirror 35845=108680.

There are 12858 words in the bible. The words are that.

The difference between 12858 words and 12914 references to that is …..56 , the number that represents your innermost being.

12914 + 12858 + 56 ( your innermost being)=25828 mirror or 360 82852= 108680.

When I saw- for the temple of god- I thought this has hidden that written all over it. The word for sounds like the number four, and its followed by four words of great weight- the temple of god.

Sew- the adds 33 so 133. Temple adds 71 so 271. Of is the only word that is 156 , so 3156. O is 15 on the alphabet table and f is 6. God adds 26 so since it is the fourth word 426. 133+ 271 +3156+426 =3986 mirror 6893=10879 mirror 97801=108680.

The first ten letters in the bible , In the begin …number 1 is I so 19, number two is n so 214, number3 is t so 320, number4 is h so 48, number 5 is e so 55, number 6 is b so 62, number seven is e so 75, number 8 is g so 87, number 9 is I so 99, and finally the tenth letter is n so 1014. 19+214+320+48+55+62+75+87+99+1014=1993 mirror 3991=5984 mirror4895=10879 mirror 97801 =108680.

There are 1086 references to the word O. The word throne adds to 80.

On 929 2002 I saw a dark gray sphere. 929 plus the word matter (77) plus 80 references = 1o86.

I only do this because I saw a dark gray sphere and I and others are voiced to skull harassed.  Place your bet.


Update- It is now Sunday march 21 . This past week I thought about how the first ten letters of the Bible , numbered 1 thru 10 ,with the letters numerical value totals and mirrors to 108680 as demonstrated above. 

In all the borders round about. I am the first and the last. I am alpha and Omega. The first ten letters of the last verse in the bible- THE GRACE OF-

T120+H28+E35+G47+R518+A61+C73+E85+O915+F106= 1988.

12345678910    plus the alphabetical numerical value of each letter.

1988 mirror or 360 8891= 10879 mirror 97801 = 108680.

The first ten letters of the first verse and the last verse. In all the borders ROUND ABOUT.

The word face has 416 references. Why do I look at the word face. Because when you see a Dark Gray Sphere and then read the Bible, the word face takes on a whole new meaning.

And the Spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. It Is ROUND.

929 + face (15) +416 = The date , the word face, the number of references …….drum roll…….= 1360.

At the brightness THAT was before him his thick clouds passed.

Too many coincidences huh !

Lets make a long story short.

Hear to there- the english language-How do you hurt someone remotely with out being there- with words.

It is designed to confuse the crap out of you to the point that you won’t believe in anything anymore. Example- Todays word is CONSPIRACY.

CONSPIRACY- Starts with con.1. See Sphere IN. CON – 2. To hoodwink someone. CON- 3. Someone→ in← prison-CON- 4. To play someone. SPI-5. SPY. PI- 6. The circumference of the diameter of a circle. SPIR-7.  SPEAR. SPIR-8. SPHERE. I-9. Eye. RA- 10.the egyptian sun god.RACY-11. Real fast. PIRACY- 12. Give me your booty. CY-13. SEE WHY.

Its almost as though  its just good enough to make the bad seem more real.

All the songs have  these words- In, Hear, mind, head,voices, wear, play, Oh and the word round. I wonder why they have the word round in there. Did I ever mention that the voice to skull harassers like to take credit for everything. I mean the Bible is the O penned. It says in all the borders round about. The voice to skull harassment assumes via your inner ear all incoming sound. Whatever sound is coming into your head, the passing cars, noise from outside, the fan- their voices sound like its coming from wherever the noise is coming from. Meaning the voice to skull harassment is in all the borders round about. They like to act as though they have a justifiable reason for what they are doing and your being constantly investigated.

No one has the right or authority to be in the most private of places- your innermost being. There isn’t even a word for these hog it alls. How about depraved toilet fiends.

Their beauty is if you try to explain to others whats going on, you will sound as though you are the one that is nuts because it just can’t be. And when you observe them , they are the epitome of doing the right thing and postulating like they are runnin for office. Shield is their first last and middle name.

All those people in the mental institutions that complained about hearing voices didn’t go nuts for no reason. The song says all that you can do is watch them play.

I have a unique perspective. Looking back on my life in hindsight, Before anybody baked any parameters, I knew there was a God.

So its like this- Why do they have to tell you whats what again. Don’t listen to a efin thing anybody tells you.

Its a cookbook.

Otherwise the laws of god are written on the tables of mans heart. 200,000 years ago , no bible, no koran, no jesus, no buddha, no mohammed and no english language.

Every person that has ever lived has the right to god, despite what anyone says.

It’s simple, the laws of god are written on the tables of mans heart. You already know whats right and whats wrong. Everything else is a load of crap.

My innermost being is the final say on everything that pertains to me.

No innermost being, no bible, no jesus, no koran, no buddha, no god, no mohammed, no voice to skull harassment.

Nothing exists without first my innermost being saying so. The Bible is only as big as I perceive it to be. Can I take credit for that.

His heal shall bruise your head.

Behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him. And also they which pierced him, and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him even sew amen.

Job 7:12 Am I a See or a Wail that thou settest a watch over me.

The voice to skull harassers have a thing for words.

They will tell you that the time for words is over-while they are constantly bombarding you with thought in the form of words. PPpsssttt over here, pppsssttt over here, causing you to be distracted from what you are doing. Then you will make a mistake being distracted, then they will make fun of you for being distracted. They will throw -You need to focus-you need to concentrate harder. You know I drove your mother insane this way. I only do this because I find it amusing. Your too easily manipulated by words. John I don’t SEE it.

SEW lets see you say, I don’t understand now assholes. There is no way you can get this blog wrong.

If you are a targeted individual who is being voice to skull harassed and you need proof so you can sue the shit out of these assholes, feel free to use the 260 lines of the autopunk sentencing and just put your name where my name is. They can’t really get it wrong now.

How do you know it isn’t the chinese? None of the gangstalkers that took a stab at me to get me to listen, in the neighborhood, look like there from china to me. I now have advertised my blog on the back of my car, a focus, 564 times. I really like that number, as the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain adds 564. Sew no matter how many times I advertise my blog on the back of my car, it will always now be 564 times. AS THE APPEARANCE. Well sometimes I was as the appearance.

Update- Saturday april 10th. I woke up 2 weeks ago , stretched, grit my teeth and cracked a tooth. The pain was the most excruciating thing I have ever felt in my life

The tooth was second from the bottom right with metal in it. Why do I bring it up. I had the tooth removed and my behavior changed. I don’t feel like responding to the voice to skull harassment anymore. Meaning it was like a cattle prod tooth stimulating my brain and causing me to react to things that I no longer feel compelled to react to. I feel more set. Less anxious. My responding to their crap has been cut in half and the quality of there sound is virtually nill.

They were stimulating my brain to react via the metal in my mouth. Don’t believe it? If you are a targeted individual who is hearing voice to skull harassment, have the metal in one of your teeth at the borders of your mouth removed and replace it with porcelain. Sometimes the most obvious answer is it. The metal in your teeth.

There is a movie called skeleton key.  The climax is when the main character starts believing in what others bring before her- hoodoo. She performs a ritual encircling herself with chalk hoping that this will protect her only to find out that she has caused herself to be held in place so the bad guys can force their mirror on her and steal what time she has left. The movie is called the skeleton key. A piano has keys. If a piano has keys then what would be skeleton keys……………your teeth.

Get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth, get the metal out of your mouth.

I busted 4 teeth all at the same house. Never busted any teeth before that. All the teeth problems that I have for the last 27 years have  all stemmed from eating at my   girlfriends parents house . Chewin on a piece of meat and oopppsee, finding a bone a cracking a tooth. 4 times. 4 different teeth.

Geeeeeeee… I wonder who is doing this.

So in my blog I talk about how the only (own lee) child gave me the asteroid speech. It sort of went like this, well when galileo discovers the laws of relativity and christopher columbus discovers america and when they land a man on the moon, when the asteroid comes you better be ready.

So does this mean the necromongers are always preceded by a asteroid speech. Because shortly after the asteroid speech from the only child, my girlfriends sisters husband, I was voice to skull harassed. This april is 4 years where I have had to listen to 4 to 6 lines of sentencing every 10 seconds, in my head, in mens womens childrens voices, commenting via a supercomputer on my every thought and move in a negative psychological fashion. You can see the list of what they say in 3 different places on my blog. They say even more psychological stuff now, but you can see that they are only trying to dilute the facts so that it will have less impact. Same thing with the gangstalking , it’s generic stuff with I’m not doing anything why don’t you talk about it. That which has already been written should be enough.

Get the metal out of your mouth unless you like being spied on and your every moment ruined. God is only a issue because my innermost being has been invaded.

Despite what anyone says……. any 5 year old can crush your balls, how tough are you now naked.

My problem is this, God is simple to understand, the bible after much study has voice to skull harassment in it-Psalm 56, verse 5 and 6. It also has a hidden thing for numbers that have meaning. When you see the numbers and the equated fathoms , you will see mental genius and beauty like never before. But you are the perceiver. It also has the ugly and will force you to either choose or be confused. To fathom anything of god reader you must first see it from gods point of view. But wears gods point of view, reader?

Corinthians- We write none other things unto you than that which ye read or acknowledge. And then later in Corinthians- prove your own selves, know not your own selves.

From gods point of view I have determined that at know time in history has god asked someone………. to prove that you love me. For if he were God then he would already know.

Your not suppose to invade the innermost beings of others, to do so is to claim that you know everything. If you knew everything, you wouldnt be invading the innermost beings of others.

Now you know what I know, who are you. To me you are more or less like I am. Less over here, more over there, more over here, less over there, more or less. Because I respect myself, I already respect you. Because I have feelings I know you have feelings to. Generally I don’t have to convey SEW, in the form of written words. 

EVEN SEW. The laws of god are written on the tables of mans heart. In terror gated. They have a thing for words and psychology.

One final point.  God says his name is THAT.

The fiftysixth word is the fiftyseventh reference to the word =666.

666 is the number of the beast.

The 56th word in the bible is the first appearance of gods name. That means everything. Including the 55 words preceding the 56th word. Plus the innermost being that fathoms it. Meaning 55 words plus his name that plus the most important part your innermost being. 57 REFERENCES.

666 IS THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST. The beast is the wrath of god for invading the innermost beings of others.

For me to read the bible and to correctly fathom the number of references in the form of sentencing so as to add to 666 just before his name means…….. that…… at that moment I was all. Oh and I did it the first time.

I am That I am. You are not suppose to invade the innermost beings of others. To have your innermost being invaded is the cruelty of cruelties.

Now if the soul invader can only explain how the above 666 is even possible. And yet it is a fact.

Its a little difficult arguing the facts.

Now you can prove to me That voice to skull harassment and gangstalking do not exist. What do you mean? I don’t understand.

Only That I don’t have to explain a efin thing now when I go lily postal apeshit on your ass.

Seeing as how I just explained that.

Its genius like this- performed the thoughts of his heart.

Its genius like this- Because she was the mother of all living.

Its genius like this- Even into his ears.

I saw a dark gray sphere on 929 2002. 929+c(3)+u(21)+p(16)+929. The bible says in all the borders round about. The bible says I am the first and the last. 929 plus the word cup plus 929=1898 mirror 8981=10879 mirror 97801= 108680. A dark gray sphere is round. The O in the concordance has 1086 references. Numbers are facts.

You can’t really argue the facts. It is a sword to keep the way of the tree of life.

Again the recipe for perception is depending on the all encompassing gravity of a word will indicate what the number is.

Example if tree of life adds to 101. Then 101 represents the tree of life. If you can find a more all encompassing concept bigger than the tree of life , and you won’t, then that word or concept represents 101.

God adds to 26 so 26 represents god.

Everlasting adds 132 so everlasting is represented by 132. If you add something in the bible that adds to 132, you are suppose to think of it in terms of everlasting. Unless you can find a bigger concept or word that adds to 132.

I am that I am is in chapter 3 verse 14. So 314 represents I am that I am. 3.14 is pI

We have ten numbers after that all numbers are a repeat. Every eye adds 110. Do you see 1 thru ten in 110.

And god said to moses I am that I am. Ten words (one sphere), that add to 314. Getting the numerical picture yet?

The 56th word in the bible is the word that. The first word to add to 56 in the bible is the 5th word- created. In all the borders round about I am the first I am the last.

I am the first c(3) I am the last d(4) I am the midst a (1) created -314. That I am.

You are not suppose to invade the innermost beings of others.

Spirit 91,love 54, heart 52, image 35,circumference 123, waters 86, gray 51, O 15, Gray is the 333 g word in the concordance.  Bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain.

I have highlighted the word brain. All the letters in between add 333. Gray is the 333rd g word in the concordance. This is to instill fear so others will get a clue that you are not suppose to invade the innermost beings of others.

 If you knew everything then you would not be invading the innermost beings of others. The things on my blog magnifying gods image are only a small portion of  all the nu mericals.

I am the first, I am the last=236 mirror 632. 236+632= 868 The word in (I9 n14) the first word in the bible, tells the whole story. 868 + I am IN= 914

There are 12914 references to the word that. The word in, in the form of numbers, is 914. Nu merical. Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature.

I am the first, I am the last, I am in.=914. The word in – in the form of numbers, is 914.

Ask your doctor if pretending to be god is right for you. Anybody have any Idea how difficult it is to pretend to be god.

Update october 23 2010. Well its several months later and now that I have a little more room to breath. It won’t stop for anything.  Thus far targeted individuals I have hung my blog with all its proof 788 times on the back of my focus for all to see.  The thing about voice to skull harassment is unless you can prove that god exists there is no way out. Its almost as if they are trying to prove that God doesn’t exist because look at what they are getting away with. Your not getting away with anything this time porky.

I really appreciate how all my lovely neighbors (nay bores- no, im not boring you) have hung naked proving that god exists 788 times. Isn’t that special. I feel like calling it di agnostics. Oh the power!. You know if they can do anything to get you they will. How does it feel to be at a loss as to what to do with no way out beanstalkers. Lets take a vote and see what everybody else thinks. All those people that were takin to jail over the years were crying out that they were framed.

How does it feel to be framed gangstalkers by god.

I’m not doing anything. Prison- Pry sun. They have a thing for words. Intention-In tent shun. Chp. 9 of genesis , with 29 verses, where the covenant is established, there is also the story of Noah being seen naked→ in← his tent and how his sons son was cursed.

They just threw you know john you act like you didnt do anything. Cool →Hows← my makeup.

→Hows← it hangin.

Was this part of your great master plan.

Im not sure if I mentioned this but people are more important than books. I learned this by reading the genius in the Bible. It is a mirror of your perception. Your perception is the most important. What does it tell………YOU.

Are you sure it doesnt have anything to do with round and the mirror image. If you start with 360 and then add the words in the Bible, at the m in the word form the 16 word from the beginning, it is 1086.

The word O in the concordance has 1086 references. Your midst is all important. You have your whole life to see God. If through technology gangstalkers are defiling constantly the souls of others, then lets prove factually that god exists in such a way that clucky can’t get it wrong.

I wonder what That means for clucky the voice to skull harasser.

The →last← thing you want to find out is that god exists. With out form. No look at without form again. No look at without form again. Who is going to focus on the words without form. How about the guy that saw a dark gray sphere. Look its god in the without form. The one image. The fruit of the tree of knowledge. Why else would I look through the concordance to see which word if any out of the 12858 words has 360 references. The word woman has 360 references. No other word in the bible more closely represents all other words in the form of round than woman. Love, That, Heart, woman already all encompassingly more closely represents all of these things. The standard for the 360 is woman. Love-see woman, that-see woman, heart- see woman.


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