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February 13, 2010


1. The numbers 5 and 6 are in the midst of 1 through 10. The word midst adds 65, the mirror image of 56.  The word every eye adds 110.

Eccliastes 1:15, THAT which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered. THAT is Gods name. See the verse in this context. If you start with the number 115, the d in crooked adds to 314. God says his name is I am THAT I am. It is in Exodus 3:14. The ten words  and god said unto moses I am THAT I am adds to 314. By taking the chapter number and the verse number (115) plus THAT (49) which (51)is(28) crooked (71), it adds to 314. Meaning I went about it crookedly and it added up. Point being, you cannot contrive this. The voice to skull harassers like to take credit for everything no matter what, and they will say the illuminati have controlled everything for thousands of years. Uh , oh really! Then why couldn’t they keep me from proving by measuring, that god exists while they were subdividing my every thought .

On 929 2002, I saw a dark gray sphere. Never seen anything weird before. Put the account on the national ufo reporting agency. You can see the account on my blog in a coupla places. Speculation : They don’t make people see stuff so they can justify voice to skull harassing them do they? I have to consider many things. There are only so many variables. I’ll just bet that if anybody saw a ufo they were voiced to skull harassed shortly afterwards. They like to make it look as though the reason their doing this is because it is your fault. There isn’t really any way to describe these people except for ravening toilet fiends. And THAT which is wanting cannot be numbered.  115 plus THAT which is crooked adds 314. 

 The first word in the bible is in, it tells you everything. What is the difference between IN(23) and words(79). 79-23=56. There’s that number 56 again. What is the first and last word (in all the borders round about) add to In (23) plus amen(33) =56.    What is the first measure when reading the words= (In)23(the)33=56.  The first two words in the bible in and the – In the. The word (the) adds to 33, the word thirtythree adds to 156.  O there’s that 56 again. The 5th and 6th word in the bible are (created the). The word created is the first word to add to 56.  God says his name is I am THAT I am. The first reference to the word THAT is the 56 th word in the bible. O there’s that 56 again. The 156th word in the bible is God. O there’s that 56 again. The 156th verse in the bible is Genesis 6:18, sort of the mother of important verses, But with thee will I establish my covenant.  The words dark gray sphere add 156. Yes later they came out with a movie called 23. Jim Carrey has a thing for numbers isn’t that special. What are they suppose to do. misdirect dilute confuse whatever they can get away with and if you saw it in a movie well it just can’t be right?

The 156th reference to round is Psalms 18:11. His pavilion round about him were dark waters. A dark gray sphere. Holy GRA el adds to 103. If you count to the 103 word in psalm 18 it is HEARD, 103 words later it is DARK, 103 words later it is WATERS. HEARD DARK WATERS adds to 156. Psalm 18 verse 12 says at the brightness THAT was before him his thick clouds passed.

Your not suppose to invade the innermost beings of others! Did you think there wouldn’t be any repercussions for this. Voice to skull harassers have a thing for words. Go figure right because they use words to drive you nuts.

How old exactly are the words DAM SEL IN DISTRESS?

There are 12914 references to the word THAT in my concordance. 12858 words. Whats in between? I mean the words are THAT right? The difference is 56. The number 56  represents your innermost being. 6 is generally known as the number of man. The word heart is a five letter word. THATS all I need to know.

Look mark of the beast is the one THAT can prove to voice to skull harassers by measuring THAT God exists. The Beast is Gods wrath for invading the innermost beings of others. The Beast is the one THAT runs over everybody’s crap. It is a sword THAT turns every way to keep the way of the tree of life. A sphere turns every way. SPIRIT. The words – The book of measures- adds 333. Gray is the 333rd G word in the concordance. A thing for words. Concordance- See sphere In, see sphere are, DANCE. In the latter days they shall consider this perfectly. Jeremiah 30:24

 The 56th word is the 57th reference to the word adds 666.  Let me explain- The 56th word is the first reference to Gods name THAT , so are the 55 words THAT preceded the 56th word, but it doesn’t have any meaning without your innermost being the final component or the 57th reference. The words – The fiftysixth word is the fiftyseventh reference to the word – adds 666. I didn’t even have the chance to put the word THAT in there because 666 is THAT. It is a sword to keep the way of the tree of life. God is the tree of life. Your innermost being or spirit is the way of the tree of life.

The Bible , Koran or any other book THAT magnifies Gods image in your innermost being takes two to tango. It doesn’t mean anything unless you see it. The definition of man is the every eye. Why does man have such an ability to perceive things. Some of those verses in the Bible are real Buddha dot poppers.

The definition of now-and now it came to pass after these things.

Even into his ears. Think about these four words. Your head is in the midst of two ears. Your brain has two hemispheres. When God answers prayer. Your reading the words →EVEN← into his ears.

The number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

Performed the intents of the heart. I don’t know if you know it or not reader but this is exactly the definition of thinking. Not only that but if you can imagine reading the words performed the intents of the heart, this is exactly what the reader is doing for the writer. Also, each thought is per….. formed. Per is you. Drawing images based on perceiving the writers words. Who gets the credit? No innermost being to perceive…. no nothin. Its a mirror. That which you perceive, guess what, thats you. It didn’t happen 2000 years ago. It happened as you drew it in your mind, from reading their words. Believe me I got alot smarter just from reading the Bible and seeing performed the intents of the heart.

 Genesis chp.9 also talks about seeing someone naked in their tent, as a result their sun was cursed. Notice how I have changed the word son to sun. I have advertised my blog on the back of my car in front of my house 157 times as of this writing. If you are a targeted individual feel free to drool at the prospects of toilet fiends hanging naked in the public domain. You know they treat your brain as though it is in the public domain and you are a laughing stock and they find it amusing because they can. Or- you try to hang Igor in the public domain but Igor hang you. Yeah Van Helsing.

and finally- as the appearance- of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain. AS THE APPEARANCE. You are only responsible for what you know. What do you know now? New Miracle-Numerical. The evidence of things not seen. Do you see it? And if so wear.

Every persons innermost being is THAT. Your driving. O