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#26 Say goodbye Surely

January 24, 2010

I was reading the story by Edgar Allen Poe- The Tell Tale Heart. Question- how long have they been voice to skull harassing people? Because the Tell Tale Heart was written in the middle of the 18th century 1850. The first thing I noticed was how a 1. A man was vexed by an eye.2. One eye, meaning singular in purpose. The Title starts with the word Tell. The voice to skull harassers use the word Tell only in the sense that you are playing poker. If you flinch its a tell. 3. The word Tell.  The next word in the Title is Tale. The Tell Tale. I mean if it was voice to skull harassment jeopardy, the answer would be – What is the Heart. Your heart is a living history of all that has transpired… and its quite a Tale for voice to skull harassers. Not to mention they follow you and undermine with gangstalking. Consider these words after being voice to skull harassed- undermined- damsel-Implied-infiltrators-inhabitants. Or how about the classic monsters? Frankenstein- their frank and they will fill your cup up. They like to throw – I am going to wear you- Werewolf. I find myself trying to prove to the blood suckers with a calculator that God exists with facts-Count Dracula, oh and he has no mirror image. The mummy looks a little wrapped up. And finally what is a voice to skull harasser- The IN Visible Man.

Now back to how long have voice to skull harassers been hear. The Tell Tale Heart 1850’s. A story about a guy who is vexed by an eye into entertaining thoughts of murder. You know if you are porky goaded all day by voice to skull it only makes everything out to be a much bigger deal than what it should be under a constant barrage of pressure. So much so that when you are writing down the picture numbers of the pictures of the house you just took, because its your job when, the teenager pulls up behind you and tells you to leave because you are making the children across the street at the park nervous- Please just leave your making the children nervous. When I saw his tinted windows and his Elton John glasses- porky goaded I just went apeshit. And thats why they do it, to drive you efin nuts. I’m not doing anything. Crap I was parked momentarily on the side of a street in America and some gooner comes up and I’m not doing anything please just leave your making the children nervous. THATS THEM.

So the next thing I noticed about the similarity between voice to skull harassment and the Tell Tale Heart was How the Author describes stealth 4. When the main character ever so slowly creeps into the bedroom5. A beam of light shines on the old mans one eye and freeze. Freezin at any sign of caught is what they do best. And they go into the best of appearances mode or what I like to call Labor Ready. I’d describe this for you but you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it for yourself. If I told you you would think that there was something wrong with me and thats their number one psychological objective. They Literally use children as a vehicle and a shield.

I’m not doing anything I have children. Psychology is what they are all about and they have had alot of practice figuring out what works and what doesn’t on people to fullfil their agenda’s. These assholes with their technology are totally unbridled and have no bounds except for defensive purposes. So the main character is driven to murder being vexed by this one eyed willy. The 6. victim before he dies struggling makes a sound.7. The neighbors hear and call the police.8. The crime is concealed.9.And Now there is an investigation. The whole time flip the pedo will act as though you are being investigated. Incidetally invading the innermost being of another using technology might as well be called subject to the Soul Pedo. Its almost like being in the punk bitch version of funny games. 10.So the main character hides the body under the floor boards. There is a song called under the house by Public Image Limited. There is a movie called people under the stairs. Still don’t see any similarities? 11.Now the police have arrived and the main character is so over confident he puts where he sits, his chair, right over the crime and sits down and FACES HIS ACCUSERS. The story of Medusa- A hero is walking along but then something causes the hero to stop he bends picks up his rock and turns to stone. Now they have you and they are stealing your every moment. Polish your shield hero and cast their reflection back upon them. This is the only way to kill the GORGON. Which of you without sin cast the first stone. I have advertised their crap 115 times as of this post, on the back of my car in plain view for all my neighbors to see.

12.The main character is being investigated and he starts to hear something in his ears. 13.It begins to drive him insane.14 He snaps, jumps out of his chair and completely goes insane, rips up the floor boards and reveals the crime and confesses because he can’t take it any more.

1850 The Tell Tale Heart has all the earmarks of voice to skull harassment. Or maybe its just 20 coincidences. My logic is undeniable. Flood of many waters.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. The circle or the word O in the concordance has 1086 references. You see a Dark Gray Sphere and later is when.

I looked for the number 929 in the references- before and after the circle. 209 words after the circle the number 929 appears under the word OVER. 13 words before the circle it appears under the word Now. NOW O OVER. I am the first NOW3 I am the last OVER4 I am in the midst O1. 314. Pie 3.14. I am that I am is in chapter 3 verse 14. The ten words and god said unto moses I am that I am adds to 314. The first word in the Bible to add to 56 is created c(3)rea(1)ted(4). 3 letters now 1 letterO4 letters OVER. Now the birth of Jesus Christ adds 314.

The sentence→ I saw a Dark Gray Sphere← adds 209. 209 words after the O in the concordance 929 makes an appearance under the word over. On 929 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Gee who else is going to do this kind of stuff- how about the guy who saw a dark gray sphere. ME.