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Could you be mine

November 13, 2011

The word for god adds to 26. The horizontal mirror of 26 is 62. On your calculator vertically mirror and the number is 92. Horizontally mirror 92 and you have 29.  26 +62+92+29=209. The word see adds to 29. If you can think of a better word that adds to 29 than see, use it. For me 29 represents the word see. See anything when you see the number 209. Theres a circle in the midst. If one were to see a dark gray sphere , which is round, what would this symbol mean O. The Horizontal and vertical mirror. The cross. I just horizontally and vertically mirrored the number for God 26. The cross is horizontal and vertical. You cant horizontally and vertically mirror the number for god without thinking about the cross. How is it that we even know about the cross? Jesus Christ- The sun of God.  The words Jesus Christ add to 151. SEW 209 plus the MARK- Jesus Christ- =…………..drum roll……………360. Sounds round dont it. Lets see now , the circle is 15 on the alphabet table. The word gray adds to 51 the mirror of 15, and the words Jesus christ adds to 151.  After horizontally and vertically mirroring the number for god 26 leading to 209 and adding the mark, Jesus Christ, which adds to 151, my total is 360. Just so that you know, this is the first time I have ever horizontally and vertically mirrored a number to honor God and look at my reward. The number past arguing for round, 360. Figures huh?

Speaking of FIGURES. God says his name is I am THAT I am. There are 12914 references to the word THAT in the Bible. The circle or the word O has 1086 references. And the word OH is the 80th O word in the concordance. 12914+ its mirror41921 adds to =54835. 54835+ its mirror 53845=108680. The word O has 1086 references. Mirror image. Round. 360. Numbers have meaning.

The word Figure numbered 1 thru 6 because it is a 6 lettered word, and its a big word. 1.F(6)  2. I(9)   3.G(7)   4.U(21)   5.R(18)   6.E(5). 16+29+37+421+518+65. Figure numbered 1 thru 6. The total is 1086. Figures huh. The circle  or the word O has 1086 references in the Bible. Figure O.

If you start with the number 360 and add the words in the bible, when you get to the 16th word form, at the m in the word form your total will be 1086. Form O. Figures huh. While wiley coyote is wiling your every second via voice to skull harassment at the seat of your operating system your, figuring huh, what was that, you say something?I was not hear you did not see me.

And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters. How many different meanings does this buddha popper have. In all the borders round about. What if you see a dark Gray sphere. What if you found out that the last reference to round was Revelation 7:11-And all the angels stood round about the throne, and you saw and the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters at the beginning of the bible.

What if….. you were to add these words-and the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters from the first part of genesis plus and all the angels stood-from the last book revelation. In all the borders round about hmmmmmm. A dark gray sphere hmmmmm. And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters, If you see a dark gray sphere it will make you think.

And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and all the angels stood adds to 711. Revelation chapter 7 verse 11. What do you think and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters means. Heres a clue, and all the angels stood. Now what would be the odds of  THAT.

I’m smiling.

And now a word about Apoca…LIP….Tow. The Aztec King knows about the eclipse the dark gray sphere. Others throughout history apparently from reading the Bible have seen the Dark Gray Sphere. And all the words work for this and against this. Joe versus the volcanoe- you have a brain cloud Joe. Flock of seagulls-a cloud appears above your head a beam of light comes shining down on you. The movie Knowing- Numbers cults are a dime a dozen its clouded your judgement. Seen a Dark gray sphere c it y. Tell us about your mother. So if youve seen a Dark gray sphere they already have things in place to negate it. Mirror imaging huh, oh you mean like god mirrored is dog. Oh you mean like the word devil mirrored means lived. Even the word sphere has the covert word fear in it. Apoca….LIP…tow  likes to take credit for everything. But I’m the one that has seen the Dark Gray sphere. And now I convey this to you.

The word face ultimately means when you see a dark gray sphere. In the concordance the next word is faces. Tell us about your take ….as….. after having seen a dark gray sphere. Mold shape,speak on its behave. Plain, lathe, measure-faces. And then……… Fade. Tell us John who it was that you had to face. I had to face fade, The Dark Gray Sphere. GGGGGGGGGhost! You Know seeing a dark gray sphere in the sky is the least disturbing of all images one might see floating in the sky. If it were anything else I’d be wearing that white coat known as the hetero jack ate. You know you cant drive a crazy guy crazy, but you can drive a strait guy crazy. She’s got the jack huh. You know what its like connecting the dots of your voice to skull harassment language. Its like being punished for having a brain. Anyway it could of been a banana floating above a straight cloud and it would have been more disturbing than seeing a Dark gray sphere. Finally the word after fade is fadeth. If you see fade, what does this mean-fadeth. Lets all say it together shall we. Lets draw the word out. Fadeth,fadeth,fadeth. Hear anything. Lets see no Dark gray sphere-question-end? See a Dark Gray Sphere-AND. Fade Death.

Now your drunk with power. What else, what else, should be good enough huh. No I want more tell us what the next words are- fail faileth failing, something like that, it sure is funny huh.

When God speaks in the book of Job after job was griping chapter after chapter, when you read the words…. as… who is speaking. Is god speaking as you read the words or are you speaking for god. Tell us ….said… how it is that you know who god is when you speak for god when you read the words. Your not mirror imaging are you? Well then you must be the sun of god. Congratulations.

Would’nt it be nice if every one could just monitor there own behavior instead of midirecting from themselves and pointing out others.

Apoca….LIP….tow. Everyday they wrest my words. Psalm56 verse 5.

Keep you busy, keep you quiet. Want an example of how the psychological wizards prep you for ying yang the atre (the eater). Macys day christmas parade on national television. Seen by 100s of thousands. Young girls twirling batons like a korean exhibition of conformity overshadowed by a big giant billboard of a woman wearing a big giant white bra. Yeah thats right the whole parade was overshadowed by a giant woman wearing a giant white bra. Makes you want to be careful don’t it. I’ll just bet you that not one person pointed this out. Careful. Its almost like being punished for having a brain.

So who ever contrived the english language, Apoca….lip….Tow, is responsible .

Whoever is doing this doesn’t work for the government or the police department, or the church, but if you try to point out that people are being driven insane remotely via technology and they have a thing for words, all the words point to these bastions of authority. And fluffy doesnt do anything if there are repercussions, so fluffy the voice to skull harassers think they have all the bases covered. You don’t. I now have a thing for words too. My only concern is mowing my lawn and oh yeah killing the voice to skull harasser.

Prison- Pry-sun. Huh must be a coincidence.

In mate- huh must be a coincidence.

In spectre- huh must be a coincidence.

Paddy wagon-sounds like love-huh must be a coincidence.

pol ice-sounds chili palmer.

just ice-brrrr getting cold.

Sent tense- Oh no theres no voice to skull.

Stripes-huh must be a coincidence that ripe is in that word.

Share Iff-What if I point out first that whoever contrived the english language has been working and planning on driving people remotely via porky goading there sense of honor to insanity and crime for a long time.  The bible would lead you to believe that they have always been able to do this for a long time. Example-crown of many thorns-a noisome and grievous sore-why do you reprove the wind-the sea encompassed me even unto my soul-in one day merchants will no longer trade in the souls of men, etc. But that would mean that they were able to read the minds of others for thousands of years and then they invented the diaper. I believe that they have been working towards this goal all this time-reading the minds of others, throwing sound into there heads so that the one day that they could finally do this it will look as though they have been doing this the whole time giving the appearance that they are more powerful than what they really are causing you not to even think of efin with them.

Church-Like the police its not the church-whoever contrived the language and is voice to skull harassing people in the backround is responsible.

But once your voice to skull harassed you see all these things and it places the targeted individual under the responsibility of doing something about it but you can’t.

My last name is Brooks. Got a thing for words? Because I have the ability to convey meaning across the waters.

They have a thing for words-Forked Tongue- At church you kneel on a Pew.

The podium is also known as a PUL PIT.

The tithe plate-Tit he

Are you sure the pastor is past her.

Are you sure the profit isnt soley for monetary gain. Prophet.

Go tell it on a mountain. Sounds like lose some weight.

Get thee behind me satan. uh  what is satan on your butt.

Can you say amen-am in.

Alter natives- or maybe its just a coincidence.

The underminer has a thing for words. How do you like me now apoca……lip….tow.

Number one phrase for remote transmission is roger.

You remember Mister rogers don’t ya.

Voice to skull is wear they wear you remotely and place a mote all around your castle where you sit your innermost being. Nay is king james for no. Bore is a term for mining. And when your voice to skull harassed there boring and mining and inquisitioning via your innermost being and slobbering on you all day. Now remember if you say anything they will try to make you look as though you are mentally defective. But the truth of the matter is Brains versus I dont understand so you have to explain and explain and they just dont seem to get it. So its in your face and you can do nothing. OOHHHH really. Then it must be a coincidence that roger is acknowledgement for remote transmission. It must be a coincidence that the words are- Its a beautiful day ….IN …. the no I’m not boring into your brain. Could you be Mine.

Like a good(jewed) neighbor state farm is there.

They use the metal in your mouth.


Fill INg

InDENTURED servitude

Your head is a crown.

Dental DAMN. Must just be a coincidence.

And now for the testimony to there great power. So far you have hung naked on the back of my ford focus in my front yard advertising my blog now for 17 months. I’m going to kill you with a sheet of paper.

You know they make that money out of the trees, just like they do the toilet paper and then they act like there all that. I’m going to kill you with a sheet of paper.

Remember when you stand before God to list the things that you could of done that you didn’t do.

I didn’t kill them with underwear.