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#26 Say goodbye Surely

January 24, 2010

I was reading the story by Edgar Allen Poe- The Tell Tale Heart. Question- how long have they been voice to skull harassing people? Because the Tell Tale Heart was written in the middle of the 18th century 1850. The first thing I noticed was how a 1. A man was vexed by an eye.2. One eye, meaning singular in purpose. The Title starts with the word Tell. The voice to skull harassers use the word Tell only in the sense that you are playing poker. If you flinch its a tell. 3. The word Tell.  The next word in the Title is Tale. The Tell Tale. I mean if it was voice to skull harassment jeopardy, the answer would be – What is the Heart. Your heart is a living history of all that has transpired… and its quite a Tale for voice to skull harassers. Not to mention they follow you and undermine with gangstalking. Consider these words after being voice to skull harassed- undermined- damsel-Implied-infiltrators-inhabitants. Or how about the classic monsters? Frankenstein- their frank and they will fill your cup up. They like to throw – I am going to wear you- Werewolf. I find myself trying to prove to the blood suckers with a calculator that God exists with facts-Count Dracula, oh and he has no mirror image. The mummy looks a little wrapped up. And finally what is a voice to skull harasser- The IN Visible Man.

Now back to how long have voice to skull harassers been hear. The Tell Tale Heart 1850’s. A story about a guy who is vexed by an eye into entertaining thoughts of murder. You know if you are porky goaded all day by voice to skull it only makes everything out to be a much bigger deal than what it should be under a constant barrage of pressure. So much so that when you are writing down the picture numbers of the pictures of the house you just took, because its your job when, the teenager pulls up behind you and tells you to leave because you are making the children across the street at the park nervous- Please just leave your making the children nervous. When I saw his tinted windows and his Elton John glasses- porky goaded I just went apeshit. And thats why they do it, to drive you efin nuts. I’m not doing anything. Crap I was parked momentarily on the side of a street in America and some gooner comes up and I’m not doing anything please just leave your making the children nervous. THATS THEM.

So the next thing I noticed about the similarity between voice to skull harassment and the Tell Tale Heart was How the Author describes stealth 4. When the main character ever so slowly creeps into the bedroom5. A beam of light shines on the old mans one eye and freeze. Freezin at any sign of caught is what they do best. And they go into the best of appearances mode or what I like to call Labor Ready. I’d describe this for you but you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it for yourself. If I told you you would think that there was something wrong with me and thats their number one psychological objective. They Literally use children as a vehicle and a shield.

I’m not doing anything I have children. Psychology is what they are all about and they have had alot of practice figuring out what works and what doesn’t on people to fullfil their agenda’s. These assholes with their technology are totally unbridled and have no bounds except for defensive purposes. So the main character is driven to murder being vexed by this one eyed willy. The 6. victim before he dies struggling makes a sound.7. The neighbors hear and call the police.8. The crime is concealed.9.And Now there is an investigation. The whole time flip the pedo will act as though you are being investigated. Incidetally invading the innermost being of another using technology might as well be called subject to the Soul Pedo. Its almost like being in the punk bitch version of funny games. 10.So the main character hides the body under the floor boards. There is a song called under the house by Public Image Limited. There is a movie called people under the stairs. Still don’t see any similarities? 11.Now the police have arrived and the main character is so over confident he puts where he sits, his chair, right over the crime and sits down and FACES HIS ACCUSERS. The story of Medusa- A hero is walking along but then something causes the hero to stop he bends picks up his rock and turns to stone. Now they have you and they are stealing your every moment. Polish your shield hero and cast their reflection back upon them. This is the only way to kill the GORGON. Which of you without sin cast the first stone. I have advertised their crap 115 times as of this post, on the back of my car in plain view for all my neighbors to see.

12.The main character is being investigated and he starts to hear something in his ears. 13.It begins to drive him insane.14 He snaps, jumps out of his chair and completely goes insane, rips up the floor boards and reveals the crime and confesses because he can’t take it any more.

1850 The Tell Tale Heart has all the earmarks of voice to skull harassment. Or maybe its just 20 coincidences. My logic is undeniable. Flood of many waters.

On 929 2002 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. The circle or the word O in the concordance has 1086 references. You see a Dark Gray Sphere and later is when.

I looked for the number 929 in the references- before and after the circle. 209 words after the circle the number 929 appears under the word OVER. 13 words before the circle it appears under the word Now. NOW O OVER. I am the first NOW3 I am the last OVER4 I am in the midst O1. 314. Pie 3.14. I am that I am is in chapter 3 verse 14. The ten words and god said unto moses I am that I am adds to 314. The first word in the Bible to add to 56 is created c(3)rea(1)ted(4). 3 letters now 1 letterO4 letters OVER. Now the birth of Jesus Christ adds 314.

The sentence→ I saw a Dark Gray Sphere← adds 209. 209 words after the O in the concordance 929 makes an appearance under the word over. On 929 I saw a Dark Gray Sphere. Gee who else is going to do this kind of stuff- how about the guy who saw a dark gray sphere. ME.



January 18, 2009

Hello, my name is john. I am 52 years old. I have a high school education., I noticed my neighbors were acting weird, yelling stuff out, so I started listening. After 2 years of reading about gang stalking and voice to skull harassment, I have come to realize that I am a targeted individual. They have a thing for words and everything that they say will cause you to think where they want to lead you to. They use your inner ear. It assumes all incoming sound, and for the greater ying yang, they will introduce God into the mix. They have no conscious bounds. They will throw sound 24/7 into your inner ear to interrupt your every thought and will do anything to capture your attention, hold it. One thing I have noticed is the psychology involved. To wipe you out, piss you off and to make you go postal. After listening to there crap all day, all you’ll want to do is take a nap. They will make you paranoid and anchor you to everything from children to airplanes. Anyway, I have read article after article as to what is what and a lot of it looks like misdirection. They use your inner ear. If the loudest sound is coming from outside, that’s where the voices seem to be coming from. If the loudest sound is the fan, that’s where the voices seem to be coming from. It assumes all incoming sound. It’s a computer. Keep in mind, they will act like your being investigated as if they have a right to be there and turn around and act like the very thing they are investigating you for.  Here are some of the reasons why they are here, in your head. We’re hear to steel your every moment. We’re hear to wish you a happy birthday. Some of us want to know why you prefer to be alone. Some of us think you know Jesus. Your being investigated for being a p…….e. We’re hear to play everything you do. This is all about the way you’ve treated your mother. We do this to give your life more meaning. You don’t know how lucky you are. We’re hear to teach you to shut your mouth. You need to take on more responsibility. This is all about your smoking. You have to be stronger than the whole world. This is to show you that life is unfair. This is to show you that the power of God isn’t enough. We do this to everybody just before they become great. This is to teach you to focus. No one is going to compile that which follows unless they’ve had to listen to it 4 to 6 lines every 10 seconds every day for the last 33 months. They play with your dreams too. I have had vivid dreams all night, every night. The graphic words, I will shorten but you get the idea. They use mostly women’s and children’s voices, interlaced with O my God and O Jesus. Probably because I am a man. They will play your manhood against you otherwise where’s the fun in it. I don’t know if it is a implant. The sound follows me around every where I go.  Only the floods of ungodly men. Keep in mind that there are only so many things you can say to a person to make them go crazy, and they know every one there is. They have  been driving people insane for decades, and have had a lot of practice at it. The key to driving a person insane via sound is to play their HUMANITY. If you were a self serving ,cold hearted, ruthless asshole, with no sense of honor or integrity, perhaps you would be able to completely ignore these lines of sentencing. Along with the fact that people are being tricked and goaded into committing crimes they otherwise wouldn’t commit. After you have had to listen to what is possible via sound. You will consider yourself a hero and spare others the same horror by going postal and committing murder. Not me. I only wish to instill the worst of repercussions, for crossing Gods line. God. I warned the voice to skull harassers that if they didn’t stop I would post what they say on the internet. I got these 250 lines of sentencing from 26 pages,written on both sides. Every once and awhile I would sit down and write down what they were saying. Here (HEAR) is the bulk of what I have had to listen to all day for the last 33 months.    You’ve been terrorizing the neighborhood for years. Please John just get out. Okay you’re clear. Please John just shut up. Can you tell me why now he is ignoring us. I am going to steal your every moment you puke. Were going to play everything you do. John I see everything you do. If you do anything I am going to call the police on you. Because he is still sick. I thought I knew this guy. This guy is driving me crazy.. Were going to make you look like a p… no matter what you do. You can no longer do what you want to John. That shows you that this guy is not a genius. John you’re my kind of guy. I hate you you basta… John you need to figure something out. No kidding. Because he can’t. John your wonderful. I told you, you a.. hole. John get into a accident now. John you know fear now. John I think this is funny. I mean it. I am going to continue to place you under pressure. I’ll do anything to get this qubait out. We’ve all decided that you should brush your teeth. Why do you do anything for. I love qubaiting this a.hole. John this is all about the way you’ve treated your Mom. John did you know your being investigated for being a p… We know your good with your peripheral John. That shows you that he did. We only want you out John. Oh absolutely this guy is a p… This is your worst nightmare isn’t it John. John, I worned you. You better stay away from me and my family I’m warning you. He can’t help himself. Please don’t beat your m… John. I promise you One day I will shoot you. Please just pull the cameras out. This P…….. will never figure it out. John your nothing but an a..hole. John I can give you cancer. Qubaiting this guy is great. I do this because I find it amusing. John tonight I am going to see to it that you don’t sleep. I am going to continue to place you in danger. I’ve known you since high school. We’ve been trying to clear you for years. John you don’t think you’re in danger but you are. We’re beyond humiliation. How does it feel to be abused. I can change you. John think of your mother. You better not come after us you puke. John you’re beautiful. Excellent. I can’t stand you anymore. I know your every secret. Please just calm down. I can shoot you right now. I want this a..hole out. How could this guy ever be a p…… John you have to be stronger than the hole world. I’ve ruined every job you’ve ever had you puke. You’re not special. This guys boring. I love this a..hole. I can’t believe I ever loved you. Whatever keeps John smoking. John I need your genius. John these are descent people. I didn’t do this so that you could be evil. I just wanted you to know you are my favorite qu..bait. Isn’t he neat. Isn’t he. If you had Johns face what would you say, ow. I am going to do whatever it takes to drive this guy insane. Why do you think I did any of this for. I’m trying to rescue you. I am hear to test you John. You don’t do anything you puke. Just be a good boy. What if we kill inky the cat? Actually right there. I’m hear to erase you John. What if he can’t. John this was all about getting you to quit smoking. John doesn’t quit anything. John all you have to do is cancel. I had no idea that it was going to be like this. I’ll do whatever it takes to beat you up. He won’t shut his mouth. John right now you are being so stupid. He won’t give up. John you’re a liar. I don’t like John like this way. I want that p…..le out of hear right now. You know this is designed to wipe you out. Johns clear you bastrd. I told you I am going to erase you you bastrd. He’s the new Jesus. John I’m sure going to miss you. No matter how many times you prove that God exists he’s not going to save you. John there’s no way you can win. This is to give your life more meaning you puke. I really feel sorry for you punk. Let him clean up then we’ll swoop in for the kill. I did this because I feel sorry for you. John I think you should sleep. John don’t breathe. I can put you out of a job. John think of what you can do. What can John do? By the time we’re done with John he’ll be a well oiled machine. We’re hear to show you the power of God is not enough. None if us are going to leave you alone. John you know I am going to set your house on fire. I told you that. I love this a..hole. Johns whole life has been unfair. John there isn’t anything you can do. Oh John thank you. Bless you John. John you act like you are retired. You’re nothing but a big baby. John I’ll race you. John speed up. John you have no idea what I can do. This guy never lets anything go you a..hole. John remember, I am hear to clear you. Until he doesn’t care about anything. John you know your nothing but a hassle. We’re gonna qubait you until your dead. I’ve been trying to get you out of hear for years you a..hole. How good are you at argueing. I am going to remain hear until he’s clear. He aint no p…  Did you know we helped to kill all of your cats. You’re too easily manipulated. I’ll do anything to give you cancer. I am going to do this until you stand up like a man. He’s drinking water the bastrd. This guys a physical genius. I hope I’m not boring you. Until he gets out. Qubait, I want you out. Can you believe that. I’ll do whatever it takes to wipe you out. Please John just don’t say anything. John you sure are a shthead. John you’re alright. This is stupid. Please he is going to be evil. He’s gone. Please don’t talk. John there’s something you don’t know. Don’t speak or they will own you. Close your mouth and you can do whatever you want to. By now John must have figured out that there is something wrong. God has cursed you. God has led me right to you. Are you sure this guy aint homo. That’s it get up. What else is John suppose to do. What can John do? John just think baseball. John look behind you. I can’t wait to see John start throwing everything out. John you better not come after us. John I own you. John I’m here to test you. We only want to take a picture of your brain. John you don’t do anything. John it’s not too late. John you’re too old. John is too old for this. I am going to continue to chase you. I like John just like this. Get off of me. John if you go to the police I promise you I will shoot you. I know he is. Oh please. You ready to get hurt bud. How does it feel to be abused? John did you know we want you to go to the police. Can you imagine how pissed he is. Watching you is so funny Qurbait. Honestly there’s nothing you can do you a..hole. John I don’t see it. You don’t know how lucky you are you bastrd. John I like watching you get mad. Now I see it. He’s good. I told you John’s unusual. You better get use to it. Johns been scared his whole life. That shows you that he scared. Were going to qurbait you no matter what you do. Are you sure he can hear. Mommy! John if you get out of here you win. If he doesn’t give up its because he’s evil. Praise God. Until this guy needs a doctor. I promise you he won’t. You better get out of here and I mean it. This guys crazy. Oh I know. Uh oh. Until he comes after me. Whatever it takes to keep this sob sitting down.You see. What’s wrong with you. I thought he was good. Don’t worry I’ll do it. John I want you. That’s clear. What does John do? Whatever it takes to keep him from breathing. I promise you one day he will. Think of Jesus. John you know we already own you. I told you that. Good boy. You’re not a genius you puke. He’s beating the sht out of us can you believe this. I hate you. John I am going to continue to place you under pressure. My kid is stronger than you. John you better be careful. I’m going to do this to you until your too old. Did you know the machine is designed to confuse you. I’ve been here for every episode John. John now look how smart you are. F u you a hole. This will either cure you or kill you John. John what side of the street are you on. End. So, now you have an idea of what they say to people remotely, with no repercussions and no rule of law. Someone is using psychology and technology to cause me to lose heart.  Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature. I will instill repercussions for this abomination from which there is no return. Eze:447 In that ye have brought into my sanctuary strangers uncircumsized in the heart and uncircumsized in the flesh even my house to pollute it. Corinthians 3:16   Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 
  1 Corinthians 3:17   If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye  ARE.  Hey perp, how you gonna roll back down Gods hill, punk.   

There are 275 reasons on this post that proves voice to skull harassment is a fact.