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#29 Let Their Table Become

June 19, 2011

Sew much for numbers. Lets see you get this wrong. With-width. Not Knot.
After seeing a Dark Gray Sphere ,I now perceive the words in the bible more clearly.

1. The days of old, The daze of old.
2. I do err in my heart, Eye dew air in my heart.
3.I am ….as… a wonder unto many. Tell us about a dark Gray Sphere.
4.Even thou. What is a dark gray sphere.
5.The waters saw thee.
6.For I know not. For eye know Knot.
7.And was still. I saw a Dark Gray Sphere.
8.Let their eyes be darkened that they see not. Let their eyes be darkened(gray means wisdom)…. that….(that is gods name) they see(sea, means waters waters means thought) knot. Knot- the one image that ties all things together. A Dark Gray Sphere.

9. →Because← for thy sake I have borne. The number one because is eve. Because she was the mother of all living. They mention living 5 times before they tell you she was the mother of all living. Woman is the only word that gets 360 references in the bible. Because she more closely represents all the other words all encompassingly. 360 is round. Round has 320 references. Eve is named in chapter 3 verse 20 →and← her name adds to 32. Because for thy sake eve, Eye have borne. The one that talks about their mom the most wins in my book. My mother was a hero. If it wasnt for the lovingkindness of my mother, I wouldnt be conveying this to you. I’d be too busy frothing at the mouth because of the voice to skull harassment.

10.But do thou for me. I counting the verses to see which verse was the 156th verse in the bible because the words dark Gray sphere add to 156. The verse says “but with thee will I establish my covenant”. The first word is but. But dew (waters means thought) thou for me.

11. Eleven- what is a Dark Gray Sphere.

12. Holy Gra El-what is a dark gray sphere.

13. Flood of many waters-what is a dark gray sphere.

14.Spirit-Sphere It-what is a dark gray sphere.

15.He turneth the wilderness into standing water- What is a fancy way of saying they saw a dark gray sphere.

16.fountains abounding with water. fountains →abounding← width water. What is a perfect damn-and there was no damn-a dark gray sphere. A dark gray round cloud abounding width water. You may have noticed that I have measured and placed d in the midst of with. A d every eyers is half a circle or 180. Can you guess what the other 180 is, that which is already made available. All the words in the bible are to be perceived positively, because God is good-even the word damn-what is a dark gray sphere and I didnt see a damn, all eye saw was abounding width waters perfectly. All the words are to be turned positively.

17. A veil to hide his shining countenance. The last reference to round in the bible is and all the angels stood round about the throne. Meaning if the dark gray sphere was any closer when I saw it-mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all. The vanities of vanities. I would now be in love width death.

But from a distance-The cloud the garment thereof. Dark Gray Sphere- a round cloud. A gray cloud signifying wisdom. And all the angels stood round about the throne. Those are the parameters. God in the widthout form. Now watch how everything in the bible equates to this. My innermost being is as-

18. They standfast for ever.

19.That they may know this is thy hand-what are the words in the bible.

20.Like as with his garment-If you watch a movie and relate it is as. If you read a book it is as. You are the one that paints the words. You are as if you were in the movie. You get out of it what you put into it. I saw a dark gray sphere, now I am reading the bible and I see the words- Like as width his garment.

21.Behold-what is a dark gray sphere.

22. They gather themselves together they mark my steps-what is all the angels in all the borders round about.

23. All the ends of the earth-what is God in the widthout form.

24.The set time is come-What is seeing the author of time.

25.Who covereth thyself width light as width a garment-What is a dark gray sphere conveying wisdom.

26. Who layeth the beams of his chamber in the waters. 

30.Ark- Its kinda curvy-D→ark← Gray Sphere. Arc.

31.Thou →art←clothed width honor and majesty.Who’s art, the dark gray sphere or the one that see’s the dark gray sphere. You mean I was created to see a dark gray sphere, I am a work of art. It’s a circle. Sir Call. See All.

32. O thou fairest amongst woman. I am Knot worthy to comment. Is it me or is there alot of circles in that verse……THAT verse. You know the number one w word in the bible is waters. It means thought or to think. Thought or to think means feelings.

33. Call upon his Name………..make known.

34.These weight →all← upon-what are the angels in all the borders round about a dark gray sphere.

35. Reason for being- I saw a dark gray sphere. It was above a straight white cloud. There was a cumulus cloud at the left. Three clouds , and I was there. One two three four. If you dont see it it is not there. Reason …..for……being.

36.The generation of the upright. I saw a dark gray sphere, it was in the sky, look at what I am talking about ……..Which of you by taking thought…. can add one cubit unto his stature. I can after seeing the generation of the upright and perceiving the words.

37. Yet setteth he the pour.

38. A divine sentence.

39.His favor is as a cloud of the latter rain.

40. Cast in thy lot.

41.Mirage-they think they see water.

42. Mermaid, mersea,miracle

43.I delight to do thy will. Eye delight to dew thy will.

44.The angel of the lord encampeth round about-what is a fancy way of saying they saw a dark gray sphere.

45.When shall eye come and appear before god.

46.Behold the eye of the lord.Behold -what is a dark gray sphere.

47. Even the Lord-what is a dark gray sphere.

48. The glory dew.

49.and saw my work. All these verses are multi speaks of genius. The word →and← is another name for God.

50. Harden not your heart. Harden Knot your heart. What is gathering themselves together. What is the writer saying show me a dark gray sphere again. 

51. Widthdrawest. What is seeing a dark gray sphere and reading the bible or koran or any other work that magnifies Gods image.

52. The last supper. Let there table become. My cup runneth over. And it lasts forever.

53. The mirror of image- What is seeing a dark gray sphere.

54. Clouds and darkness are round about him.

55. Show forth his salvation. To make a long story short, the bible is contrariwise. It is up to you to see God and to transpose the words to magnify his image your innermost being. The word flattery. The words on the page are flat, but knot my innermost being.

56.I am That I am. The 56th word in the bible is THAT. 5and6 are in the midst of 1 thru 10. Your brain, your spirit, your heart, your soul is in the midst.

57. I am the first and the forever.

58.Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth.

59. The ancient of ancients.

60. My days are like a shadow that. My daze are like a shadow THAT. Wonder of wonders.

61. The mirror of see. What is a dark gray sphere.

62.AS for hid treasures.

63.Even Sew.

64.A weavers beam.

65. In the day of rain.

66.And now it came to pass.

67. The sum of.

68.I delight. and suddenly a bright light shone round about.

69.Fact of the matter. Wow !

70.Evidence of things knot seen.

71.The living waters.

72.All his might.

73.Whoseweth for ever.

74.O live branch.

75.Knights of the round table.

76. Surely the mountain.

77.Wind ow.

78.Fruit of the tree of knowledge.

79.Sand of the see.

80.And the sea(see)arose.

81.That it.

82.raiment-Rain meant

83.Whereas our SUBstance.

84.Acquaint →Now← thyself. Man is subject to time being clothed in the flesh. If you dont know what time it is-it is now. Another name for God is now.

85.The law FROM his mouth. Evolutionists say that once there was nothing and then poof there was something. Nothing comes from nothing. Something comes from something. For control purposes, they will say that the universe comes to a point where all matter no longer functions according to the laws of physics , its havoc and mayhem and then theres nothin but empty space. Or it goes on forever and its stars and planets stars and planets forever. I was set up FROM everlasting. FROM the beginning. Thats what the bible says. Cool ,what was at the beginning, from the, no I mean before that, from the. What was the beginning,from the. The law FROM his mouth.

86. For he →Performeth← the thing…..THAT… is appointed for me. Me in the form of numbers is 135. Image adds to 35. One image.

I wouldn’t read psalms or proverbs if I were you unless you want to pop your noodle and see thousands of different ways to say a dark gray sphere. Happy now voice to skull harassers. Yes but you have the opportunity to turn……around.

You have Knot heard his voice nor seen his shape.